GoPro Body Armor? It At Least it Stops a .22!

Expanding from his myriad capabilities as a trickshooter, 22Plinkster has been evaluating what the .22LR can really do. He’s had a great series of videos looking at the formal penetration of the 22 through drywall (which is surprisingly dangerous, using drywall as a measure).

Upset with a malfunctioning GoPro, Plinkster has decided to terminate the unit with extreme prejudice. Using 36 grain Federal Champion hollow-point ammo and a Ruger handgun, he takes aim at the lens and proceeds to demolish the camera with a round to the lens. Turns out, GoPro’s are sturdy little devices physically even if the electronics inside them are not. The first round fails to penetrate through the camera unit.

As such, a second round was required to see if the first was a fluke. Taking aim at the LCD on the other side of the camera, the bullet proceeds to again fail to penetrate. As such, those wearing the GoPro on their head will find that it provides a (very) small measure of ballistic protection.

Perhaps GoPro should test their camera to give it a NIJ rating? It if can stop 2x .22’s so convincingly, I will posit it can stop a 9mm.

If only there was a “9mmPlinkster” to take up the mantle…


Nathan S

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  • BattleshipGrey

    NIJ Level 1a? Sounds good to me.

    • TVOrZ6dw

      Only if the shooter is as good a shot as 22plinkster… Otherwise that bullet is going through your other eye.
      Fun video to watch.

  • Major Tom

    Sounds like we need to make body armor out of the stuff they use to make GoPros. Just like how we need to make cars and planes out of the stuff they use to make airplane black boxes. =3

    • iksnilol

      Why not make the airplane out of what theyt make black boxes out of? Then you wouldn’t even need to secure the black box.

  • Ben

    A 22lr won’t penetrate the lion battery. Same thing happens with cell phones. The battery sure heats up after being shot. Wouldn’t want it touching my body.

    • Zeropoint

      Fortunately, the batteries in North American cybergame are typically smaller than lion batteries.

      • Ben

        I see what you did there

  • Lee Chee

    My ex “accidentally” shot my microwave in my apartment old apartment with a browning buckmark… it went thought the handle and ricocheted off the stainless sheetmetal door and impacted the wall and didn’t even break dry wall.
    Truth be told I’m not sure if the microwave truly saved my life or if it was an actual accident on her end…

    • Lee Chee

      just some food for thought, i think i have a picture lying around…

  • Lee Chee

    a lot of balls and vodka with a near fatal dose of hubris