Brass cartridge cases and Glock magazines by Jagemann Sporting Group

Jagemann Sporting Group is a manufacturing company, which makes brass cases and polymer magazines.

It is a family owned business with two facilities and headquartered in Manitowoc, WI. One of the facilities is located at the company’s headquarters and this is where they make their brass cartridge cases. The second one is in Murfreesboro, TN and houses plastic injection molding machinery for producing handgun magazines.


Jagemann’s brass case offerings include nine most popular handgun calibers: .380 Auto, 9×19 mm, .357 SIG, .40S&W, 10mm Auto, .45 Auto, .38 Special, .357 Magnum and .45 Colt. However, the rifle cartridge case product line is somewhat unusual and includes only two products – .300 BLK and 4.6x30mm !


4.6x30mm brass case

The cases pass Vickers hardness testing, dimensional inspection and they also offer cartridge case customization, which allows to fine tune the case for a specific weapon or projectile.


Jagemann also makes four types of polymer magazines. Two of them are called Jag 17 and Jag 19 and are designed for Glock 17 and Glock 19 respectively. Other two are 9mm and .22 LR magazines for 1911 pistols. Latter is compatible with a number of 1911 .22LR conversions such as those made by STI, Kimber, Night Hawk Custom, Advantage Arms and several other companies.


Jag 19 magazines for Glock 19


Jagemann .22 LR magazines for 1911 pistols

The magazines feature redesigned feed lip geometry and reinforced automotive grade engineered resin construction. The video below shows their magazine testing process:

Considering that this company has pretty impressive manufacturing capabilities, it is interesting what will they grow into in the firearms industry.



5757 West Custer Street
WI 54220
United States

Phone Number:

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  • Younggun21

    Uh okay. The brass is cool but Glock mags? Are they going to be better/cheaper/more available than OEM Glock mags or Magpul mags?

    • A.WChuck

      Glock mags are great way to get your company noticed. Hopefully they can meet at least two of your three metrics.

      • Younggun21

        Absolutely I love to see competition and if they are good they can expand and make some more mags that are in higher demand (no one wants to spend $40 plus on CZ rifle mags, sig handguns mags etc). I am just generally wary of people getting into saturated markets. In other words, I think you get noticed more by tapping into an undeserved market. Very few people are making cheaper, reliable aftermarket sig or CZ rifle mags.

  • A.WChuck

    I hope they make affordable AND reliable CZ rifle magazines. $40+ for a single 10 round mag got old quick.

    • Younggun21

      Exactly this. I think they would make a biggers ‘splash’ if you will by producing something for which there is a demand. I don’t think there is anyone with Glock handguns that are struggling to come across G17/19 mags in any local gun store. Furthermore OEM mags and Magpul mags are known to be reliable and both are fairly inexpensive when compared to competitors magazines (such as Sig, S&W, Walther etc). If you produce an inexpensive, reliable magazine for Sigs that are currently running 45$ (and over 50$ shipped) for P320s they will sell like hotcakes.

  • AC97

    Glock magazines? I’d be skeptical on that one…

    • Henry C.

      I have one of their G19 mags. It’s lightweight and has held up pretty well. Would definitely be a good option for target practice, reloading drills, competition, etc.

  • PK

    They make much more than just .300BLK and 4.6x30mm brass for rifles, and many more pistol cases than their website shows as well.

  • PK

    I’m looking forward to giving the .308 brass a try, and the moment I find 10mm black nickel in stock anywhere, I’ll be buying a bag or two. Very interesting offerings, for certain!

    • Girl and gun

      Let me check and see if I can give you a recommendation for the 10 mm in black nickel. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Jon

    Anybody know if the .22 mags can be easily disassembled to change out springs, etc.?

  • I was very interested that you make 4.6×30 brass; have you considered making 5.7×28 brass? Currently there is no ready supply of new brass for reloaders,

  • SD

    Manitowoc, WI? You mean like the same Manitowoc from “Making a Murderer” on Netflix?