New Gun: Colt Combat Unit Carbine

Colt Combat Unit carbine

Colt’s Manufacturing Company announced its first M4-style rifle with a mid-length gas system. Called the Colt Combat Unit carbine, this new gun features a number of popular features in addition to the mid-length system. The gun’s SKU is LE6960-CCU.

“Producing a mid-length gas system was the logical next-step for us, and it’s long overdue,” said Justin Baldini, Director of Product Marketing for Colt. “Shooters will find that by moving the gas block closer to the muzzle as this mid-length gas system does, the felt recoil is more constant with what is fielded by our troops carrying a 14.5” barrel M4.”

Colt Combat Unit carbine

The carbine is part of the Colt Combat Unit line of firearms. These guns are made based on the information the company receives from sponsored shooters and product advisers. According to Colt, this rifle was designed with input from a number of firearms trainers including Ken Hackathorn, Mike Pannone and Daryl Holland.

Chambered in 5.56 NATO, the carbine has a 16.1″ barrel with a 1:7″ twist and lightweight profile. The trigger is a single stage model. Various Magpul parts are used including the MOE SL pistol grip and buttstock. An M-LOK compatible Centurion CMR free-float hand guard is standard. The safety is ambidextrous.

Colt Combat Unit carbine

According to the company, the new Colt Combat Unit carbine will be available through TALO Distributors only. The suggested retail price is $1,299.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • BlueMarlin Blues

    Is Colt ever going to do something original? Seems like their overpriced AR’s and extremely overpriced 1911s are starting to catch up with them.


      Only after a foreign manufacturer wins the contract to develop small arms.

      Maybe in the year 2055, Colt will find the resolve to move past Stoner’s design.

      • Billy Jack

        You optimist. They’ll have to go out of business and have the name bought by someone else with a desire to make money for that to happen.
        That said, Colt = gold in the Hillpocalypse

    • Well, they did bring to market the All American 2000. Technically it wasn’t their design, but they did change it enough to make it even more wretched…so that’s sort of original, right? It is probably the only Colt pistol called “sad and ugly with pathetic accuracy” by Massad Ayoob.

  • BlueMarlin Blues

    Why are my comments being deleted?

    • Kefefs

      This one?

      “Is Colt ever going to do something original? Seems like their overpriced AR’s and extremely overpriced 1911s are starting to catch up with them.”

      It’s still there. Probably a problem with Disqus, sometimes you can’t see your own comments after they’re posted.

  • Kefefs

    How long until they discontinue this? I was excited to see they had a ton of new 1911 versions, including a bunch in 9x19mm, earlier this year. Checked a few days ago and their catalog is gutted with most models now gone, including all the ones they just introduced. They’ve done the same thing with quite a few things lately. I don’t even know if they produced any of them, or just announced them and then changed their mind. Either way they’re probably going to need more than mid-length ARs to save the company.

    • BlueMarlin Blues

      It’s because people who are going to spend that amount of money on a pistol generally know that a manufacturer who puts plastic and mim parts on a two thousand dollar 1911 is usually just selling a name. I’ve seen a lot of guys at the range with broken colts come back with Dan Wessons.

      • Bill

        Why not? After all, it worked for S & W, didn’t it?

        • BlueMarlin Blues

          i don’t know enough about the build quality of s&w 1911s to say otherwise, but I’ve never really heard them come up in any sort of discussion with pistols in the “semi-custom” price range

          • Bill

            What I meant was that S&W went the MIM route with its revolver action parts and cut enough other corners that Taurus, who they used to trounce, started to look good. A few years back I ordered a Turnbull case hardened Special Edition Model 40 Centennial from them through my local shoot n’ shop and was really excited until I got it home and wiped off the excess oil to find the worst finish I’ve ever seen on a production revolver. The grips were some sort of pressed wood product, the bluing was cloudy, the cylinder had a dished in belt all the way around it from someone falling asleep at the polisher and the MIM action was to cry for. The only thing on the gun that was worth anything was the case hardening, which was so much better looking than the rest of the finish that it looked like it belonged on another gun. For $600, I got raped. That was the last new Smith I ever bought. After that I hunted up a 1992 mfg. 640, fitted a spare 940 cylinder to it (or to be precise, dropped it into the gun with no fitting needed) and called it good.

    • valorius

      Colt has gone bankrupt so many times they should name their next model the “chapter 7”

      • William Nelson

        Oh Snap!

        • valorius


  • Harry’s Holsters

    Welcome to 2011!

    • BlueMarlin Blues

      the names of these guns crack me up. Colt Uber special combat tactical rail gun golden national match edition.

      • valorius

        Hey man, a c-clampin’ operatin’ tactical civilian needs a name that reflects how uber he is.

        • Uniform223

          You can blame Chris Costa for that.

      • Edeco

        Colt names have always been wretched. New Police, Official Police, Police Positive. I have one and I forget which it is.

        • Bill

          All American 2000! Anyone remember this squirt gun-looking thing with the roller trigger?

  • alex waits

    1300 MSRP?
    Am I missing something?
    And as far as recoil goes, I cant “tell” the difference between a mid and a carbine, but that might just be me.

    • Nicks87

      These rifles will be on the shelves for around $1K, until Hillary gets elected anyway. Also, mid-length gas systems are far better in many ways than carbine length but I guess if you cant tell the difference you probably don’t need the mid-length anyway. I think this rifle will be a big seller for Colt.


        If you think that Trump getting into office is a victory for the 2nd Amendment, then you’ve got another thing coming. Trump’s not a true Republican and is a New Yorker who has no stakes or interest in firearms. If you think his sweet kisses to the NRA actually meant something, then you’re behind. It’s status quo for a Republican candidate to back the NRA in artificial ways.

        The next four years is going to be rough for gun owners.

        • ARCNA442

          Trump Jr. seems to be pretty pro-2nd and even gave an interview with Silencer Co. Hopefully, he would be influencing a Trump Presidency.

        • HSR47

          While I don’t want to get into a drawn out political discussion, my short answer is “No, I don’t think that Trump is God’s gift to the RKBA.”

          That being said, of the two major party candidates, one is avowedly anti-gun, whilst the other has been making overtures at being pro-gun. Those overtures include putting forward a list of potential SCOTUS picks that look far better than the sort of people than his opponent is likely to put forward.

          In other words, it’s the difference between playing Russian Roulette and just straight up suck-starting a 12 gauge: In one case, there’s a possibility to come out the other end alive.

          • Bill

            “In one case, there’s a possibility to come out the other end alive.”

            If by “alive” you mean sitting in the dark trying to learn the Cyrillic alphabet by chiseling into the remains of our then-vacant freeway system, sure. The guy can’t run a hotel or casino, you want to give him our nation to play with?

          • HSR47

            I’d rather have peaceful commerce with the Sov-Neocoms than get in the kind of nuclear war that the democrat warhawks like Clinton seem intent on.

          • Bill

            Has she mentioned the use of nukes, or suddenly allowing nuclear proliferation. which we, and the Russians, have been working against for decades? No, she hasn’t. Trump doesn’t even understand that while the Russians may have more megatonnage than we do, both they and we can each turn the planet into a charcoal briquet and have warheads left over.

            And exactly what kind of “peaceful commerce” with the Russians do you want? We’ve sold them grain, do you feel the sudden need to buy a Russian TV? They don’t have anything to sell, except bad attitudes, vodka and rides to the ISS.

          • Old Vet

            And one candidate sold them uranium….case closed.

          • HSR47

            You’re right that we have numerous treaties with Russia aimed at reducing the nuclear stockpiles of both countries. Russia hasn’t exactly kept up their end of those agreements though; they’ve engaged in serial violations of virtually every nuclear treaty they’ve ever signed with us.

            Also, you’re entirely correct that Clinton hasn’t been the one to threaten global thermonuclear war: It’s the Russians that have done that over our involvement in the Syrian conflict. They’re basically throwing down the gauntlet to make us decide between getting out of that conflict or going to war with Russia. Given that we’re the two countries in the world with the most nuclear weapons, do you honestly think such a war would be likely to remain entirely conventional? Do you honestly think that Clinton’s desire to go abroad in search of enemies to destroy won’t lead to more conflict with Russia, especially given her predilection for cutting our spending on our military?

            “What kind of peaceful commerce do you want”

            Well, apart from the other things that you mentioned, they also export quite a lot of oil. While we don’t necessarily benefit from that, quite a lot of NATO does. They also have the ability to make quite a lot of guns and ammo that many people in this country would love to purchase (I’m not particularly a fan, but I know plenty who are).

            That also ignores the fact that commerce isn’t all about buying: It’s also about selling. There’s plenty of stuff that we make that they’d love to buy. I’d strongly prefer to engage in trades of goods and services for money rather than trades of bullets and bombs.

        • valorius

          Trump will nominate a conservative justice. Clinton will not.

          Trump is the clear choice for gun owners, hence the NRA endorsing him and running commercials for him.

        • ozzallos .

          Clearly a post by somebody who hasn’t done their candidate research. Trump has publicly stated is his support for 2a on a number of occasions, owns firearms and has maintained said support in print for at least a decade. About the only thing you have to complain about is falls under the header of Class III and the like.

          Do yourself a favor and actually read up on his stuff up or you’ll screw us all with your ignorance on Nov 11th.

        • Emperius

          Don’t vote then, go Johnson or Stein and feel better. Remember that Reagan passed an important gun law under his presidency as well.

          • Bill

            He didn’t pass it-he signed it. Big difference.

          • Emperius

            Oh wow really?
            Translation: He didn’t kill him, he murdered him.

          • Bill

            Sarcasm-that’s original. Read up on the American system of government and get back to me with your revised knowledge base.

          • Emperius

            Again, word semantics and tactics used by politicians.

            Murderers don’t kill, they murder. Law won’t pass if it’s not signed, pretty darn simple.

    • Bill

      If you shoot enough long ARs and then pick up one with a carbine length gas system you’ll notice the difference.

  • Uniform223

    Mid length has tube… what took them so long?

    • CS

      We’re Colt and stuck on tradition.

    • Anonymoose

      The Colt Competition line has had them for a long time, but this is sort of them bringing an affordable free-floated carbine to market. They’re trying to compete with FN’s free-floated carbines and everyone else’s budget free-floating lines.

      • CS

        Colt Competition isnt actually made by colt. It’s produced under license by a 3rd party (Bold Ideas Texas) using colt receivers or stripped OEM Colt (models OEM1 and OEM2).

  • Chris Cosby

    Price puts them in line with the bcm rifles(actually with them selling under msrp less), cheaper than DD, and cheaper than a lot of others like sionics.

    I’m actually kinda interested in this. I wonder how the trigger will be though. The PNT or whatever they are called triggers that others are using generally feel a good bit better than a stock style one.

    • DD and some BCM have hammer forged barrels. But not Colt.

  • Looks like its got the Colt ambi safety on it.

  • Wolfgar

    I’m glad to see Colt finally decided to go with the mid length gas tube and create a rifle more in the Daniel Defense and BCM class.

    • Bill

      Yeah-only took them a decade or so to realize that either gas system will fit on the same receiver. They could have just built bang switch delete M4s with middie setups that would have sold like hotcakes and saved God knows how much money. Aren’t they broke or something?

  • valorius

    The guy in the photo is so tactical.

    • Bill

      What-you didn’t like his C-clamp?

      • valorius

        Not a fan, no.

  • 40mmCattleDog

    Who buys $1300 ARs these days when you can build a complete “milspec” AR for under a G EASILY. Seriously this is the golden age of AR15s there are parts by the buttload, enjoy it, use it, take advantage of it and stop paying these ridiculous prices.

  • wetcorps

    So new, so exciting.

  • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

    So close Colt, but a swing and a miss. Pay attention to market prices please.

    • Bill

      This sort of disconnect is a tradition with Colt. I remember talking with a gun shop owner some 35 years or so ago and asking him if he’d ever seen a Colt rep ( we were talking about the then-new stainless Python and if he was ever going to get one). He chuckled and said, “They have reps?”

  • Gregory

    It is a DI gun and DI guns are pieces of crap. I just got done at the range today practicing with a department issued AR 15. I had three malfunctions out of the properly lubricated DI piece of junk.

    • AC97

      What brand was it? Also, just because you got a problematic gun doesn’t mean that the entire operating system is garbage.

      Saying that DI sucks because you had problems with a DI gun is like saying AKs suck based off of your experiences with an AK manufactured by IO.

    • Uniform223

      *Overwhelming sarcasm* Such a wealth of knowledge and experience found in this comment…

  • Gary Kirk

    Yeah.. While we as gun owners are constantly under attack.. We’re going to bring another “black rifle” to market, with “combat unit” in it’s name.. Really?.. This makes us AR owners look just wonderful.

    Thanks, but no thanks Colt.. Sink your own ship, don’t take the rest of us with you..

    • Wow!

      Never worry about the name or perception. Even if we called it “legal constitutional right model 2A” liberals will make up things. Just look at Trump. They made up huge amounts of lies without any attempts to hide it. Don’t be afraid of their opinion, stand strong for your stance and in your defiance, become that rock that cannot be swayed. If your stance is righteous (and ours is) people will naturally follow you since reality will encourage them. Look at Obamas presidency and the rise in large scale crime. If you went by the liberals perception of political correctness, people should be dropping guns left and right. But instead, people became gun owners. Again, don’t let them corrupt us in order to buy their tolerance.

      But yeah, Colts history with complying with gun control is why no one will miss them.

  • me ohmy


  • John

    How much longer are we going to be calling a 60 year old rifle “new” just because a manufacturer changed the gas system, or slapped some futuristic plastic furniture on it? Give the old girl a rest and try developing something that actually is new, reliable, and truly a 21st century rifle.

    • Bill

      Just make sure they don’t have a hand in designing it. See my comment about the All American 2000 for details.

      • John

        I had to look that thing up. What a wretched piece of junk.

        • Bill

          Yeah, I played with one once. It shot as bad as it looked.

  • Spear Fish

    Buy all the AR’s you can. After the Dems get in you’ll be able to double or triple your money.

  • Bill

    Actually, he isn’t. A militant 60s holdover feminist with narcissistic tendencies would be the-oh wait.

  • Wow!

    Behold people, an example of what happens when a company makes a deal with the devil called gun control. Colt is now doomed for failure and won’t be missed. Ruger and S&W would have gone down the same path but they fixed themselves fast. They will probably survive.

    Remember Kmart? They used to be big, but once they stopped selling guns and ammunition they now are obscure and the ones left barely has 7 people in store at one time.

    • Bill

      Ruger did go down the same path when their titular head got into bed with Bill and Sarah. If Bill Ruger had lived another decade his company wouldn’t still be around to be mentioned in the above post. Give no quarter for none will be given.

      • Wow!

        Oh yeah I am aware of that. That is what I meant by Ruger and S&W fixing themselves so they are now back into producing “black rifles” where as before they stuck only to lock stock and barrel “hunting” rifles.

        One of the big reasons I like Kel Tec despite the fact that the first runs are almost always lemons, they push the bill on producing more tactical weapons for the citizens and aren’t afraid of dumbing down their designs to look more appealing. I bought one of their handguns only because of the Zimmerman Case. If it is good enough for Zimmerman, it is good enough for me! 😛

        • Bill

          Yeah, my brother had one of the very early .380s, the one that loaded through the top without a detachable mag. Weird little gun with a coiled flat mainspring and a super heavy trigger pull. He detail stripped it and had to send it back to the factory to get it put back together. It always worked, though.