Walther PDP – a new Walther pistol? Well, almost … a non-lethal pepper spray gun by Umarex

Walther PDP (Personal Defense Pistol) is a non-lethal pepper spray gun manufactured by Umarex (Germany). They introduced it earlier this year at IWA 2016.

Umarex manufactures airsoft, blank firing and BB guns, as well as a number of defensive products. They make non-lethal licensed replica guns of many famous firearm brands such as Colt, Browning, Heckler & Koch, Smith & Wesson and several others. They also make Walther branded products, however their connection to Walther is a bit different than licensing. In fact, Umarex acquired Walther back in 1993 !

The gun features Walther grip texture, it has a grip safety and comes in three color options – black, white and pink. The overall length is 4,92″ (125 mm), height is 4,72″ (120 mm), and it weighs 3.77 oz (107 gram).


Color options of Walther PDP.

It is a break-action gun using pepper spray cartridges, which come in three different types – conventional pepper, gel pepper and training. The cartridges are color coded and the gun itself has a viewing port to allow visually identify the loaded cartridge type.


Three versions of pepper cartridges.


Below is Umarex’s video about the Walther PDP and a couple of other new offerings:

This product is available in Europe at average retail price of €50. I contacted Umarex USA to ask if the gun is available in USA. The contact person answered the following:

This gun is not imported into the US. I do not know if this gun will ever be made available here.

There are three other pepper spray guns available in the market: Mace Pepper Gun, CAA Lady Jean and Kimber PepperBlaster.

I think pepper spray guns are better alternative to cans in terms of ergonomics and effectiveness. They also look like a real gun, which can be beneficial in a defensive scenario. And if for any reason a non-lethal defense tool is the only option, then carrying one of these should be a good choice.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
Should you need to contact him, feel free to shoot him a message at TFBHrachyaH@gmail.com


  • codfilet

    My nephew was subjected to a blast of pepper spray to the face as part of his Marine Officer training-the object was to see how well a candidate could function, given a task while trying to fight off the effects of the spray.
    He noted that the “darker” the sprayee was, the less the pepper spray affected them-something a user of this toy might want to think about.

    • I doubt that’s true. Skin is skin no matter what the color is. During training we were subjected to not only spray but a fogger with a two-stroke engine that just covered you from head to toe.
      You can get used to it the more you’re exposed. Our SRU team had white officers, black officers and one officer of Japanese descent and we all seemed to suffer about the same amount.

      • codfilet

        All I know is what he reported from observing the other candidates.

      • Zee

        I’ve only seen one guy barely react to OC, and he was about one shade darker than albino. At least prior to the spray. He was kinda orange afterwards.

    • Bierstadt54

      I have been told that some people are not affected by pepper spray, though I have no idea if that is true.

    • valorius

      Let me shoot you in the face with this toy, see how well you react.

      I’ve pepper sprayed numerous highly irate individuals over the years. It works.

  • Anonymoose

    Can I get one for salt spray too? And an Old Bay version for my friends from Maryland…they would love that for Christmas!

    • Gary Kirk

      That would add a new level to cooking crabs.. Better get them cartridges in bulk

  • snmp

    Umarex Sportwaffen GmbH & Co. KG own Walther Arms

  • derfelcadarn

    Less than lethal, all objects no matter how innocuous can be lethal under the right circumstances

    • RocketScientist

      Ummm… then wouldn’t you want to say “less lethal”? “Less than lethal”
      implies it does not meet the bar for being considered lethal, ie its non-lethal. Basically “less than lethal” means the same as “non-lethal”. Alternatively “Less lethal” still implies some level of lethality, but a reduced one compared to something else (presumably firearms).

      • Anomanom

        Ok, less-than-lethal when used as intended. Not used as a bludgeon to beat someone with or inserted into any bodily orifice.

    • codfilet

      Exactly-when you use this toy on some attacking thug, you may just make him angry, and he will beat you to death with it…..

      • valorius

        So you should just comply?

        Do you work for women against rape?

        • codfilet

          I’m more in favor of carrying a real firearm, instead of a make-believe firearm such as this.

          • valorius

            in many places in the US, that is simply not possible.

  • thedonn007

    I would buy these.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Typical Umarex garbage most likely. Walter brand is TYPICALLY very good, but t I have never seen an Umarex part that wasn’t outright bad.

    I saw the link and was hoping for something like the JPX ballistic pepper spray gun, then I remembered it’s Umarex we’re talking about. Best I’d guess is an unreliable device that mists the user with their own weak pepper spray cloud, no thanks.

    • Tinkerer

      We wait with baited breath for you to tell us which Umarex products you have owned and/or used, and explain to us in detail in which way those products have failed to perform.

      • Nashvone

        I’ve got a Walther CCP sitting in the back of my safe because it jams with FTEs after a couple of mags any time I’ve ever taken it out. It’s been back to Walther and they’ve changed all the springs. It was better for about 50 rounds.

        • David Harmon

          So a sample size of one…..

          • Nashvone

            Just do a Google search of Walther CCP reliability. You’ll find plenty more.

          • David Harmon

            Mine works fine. Anecdotes are anecdotes.

        • valorius

          I had a walther branded PS-22 red dot sight. It was bullet proof. A single AA battery lasted months turned on. And it was like $70.

  • Brick

    I hope they offer it here.

    The Pepperblaster II is nice but is not reloadable and has a 2 year shelf life.

    Assuming the price of a reload is cheaper than a new pepperblaster.

    • valorius

      i agree.

    • Rob

      Yeah, they are kind of neat but don’t know if I would feel comfortable with it. Those tgat eat lots of hot pepper may be immune to it. The wind could be against you, then what?

      I want stomping power and don’t want to rely on something that looks like a gun but not a real gun.
      I carry a Glock Mel 30. That is 45 cal with RIP bullets. See I do not care about non lethal. I just want the threat down on first shot!

  • Wild Bill

    If you want to carry pepper spray, a container that does not look like a firearm would be a lot safer. How long will it be before a policeman is confronted by someone holding a Walther PDP mistakes it for a firearm and shoots the holder dead?

    • billyoblivion

      That is my first reaction to.

      On second thought, the sort of person who chooses *pepper spray* is likely to drop or put away the pepper spray as soon as a police officer shows up.

      • Wild Bill

        True, but what if the person pulls out the PDP and the person that is threatening them also has a firearm?

        The pink or white colored versions might be better, however with folks painting real firearms also sorts of colors it becomes complicated for both the police and CCP holders.

        • billyoblivion

          > True, but what if the person pulls out the PDP and the person that is threatening them also has a firearm?

          Get off the X, squirt them in the eyes, close the distance and bludgeon them.

          • valorius

            or run away zig zagging. As someone who’s been pepper sprayed, i assure you that aiming is not going to be easy.

        • valorius

          if you pull out the PDP you’re ALREADY facing a lethal threat.

          WTF, over.

          • Mark Wynn

            Not necessarily. Hence the term, non-lethal pepper spray. When I was younger I would “with the courage of youth” get into situations that led to fisticuffs. However, nowadays, with the influence of television and movies, there are no “fair fights.” Thugs will kick you in the head, stomp on your ribs, beat you until you suffer serious injuries. At age 70 I don’t want to spend the rest of my days in a nursing home, nor do I want to go to prison because I shot an “unarmed” person. There seems to me a legitimate rationale for pepper spray as well as concealed carry.

          • valorius

            If you’d pull a gun or pepper spray in a non potentially life threatening situation, you really shouldn’t be carrying either, IMO.

            If you’re in a situation where you’d be legally justified producing your gun, you are in a situation where you’d be justified producing your pepper spray.

          • Mark Wynn

            No offense, but I feel your first opinion simply doesn’t hold true.
            Why do you insist on lumping a gun and pepper spray in the same, lethal, “life threatening” category? One is a lethal weapon, one is not.

            There are so many examples where a pepper spray would be useful and legal, but a gun would not … I don’t know where to begin. Well, here’s one: A woman’s walking down the sidewalk at night, or, walking to her vehicle in a supermarket parking lot, and a teenager approaches, intending to grab her purse. Do you shoot the kid, let him grab your purse, or ruin his day with marking pepper spray?

          • valorius

            If you just pepper spray a teen who has not (yet) committed a crime because you feel threatened, you are guilty of assault.

            That’s the law.

            Do i agree with the law? No, not really, but it is the law. Pre-emptive self defense is not really recognized in US law.

          • Mark Wynn

            Now you’re just being argumentive, implying the woman was not under immediate attack, but just sprayed him for the hell of it. Duh! We’re done here.

          • valorius

            No, im not saying that at all. I agree that a woman who feels she is about to be attacked should be able to pre-emptively pepper spray someone, but that’s not the law.

            I agree with you in principle, but reality is something else. 😉

    • 11b

      Here’s the thing: if you have to draw pepper spray, use it. Same as a firearm. If/when police arrive put it on the ground beforehand, again, same as a firearm. If there are cops around already then you don’t need to pull it out. Pretty common sense stuff.

      • Wild Bill

        If you draw the PDP on another person that is armed they, like the police, will see a gun and respond accordingly.

        • AMX

          Is that the “you should not try to defend yourself, because then the person trying to rape and murder you might also get angry” argument that’s usually used against firearms?

          • Wild Bill

            No, it’s the “Better to carry a real firearm to defend yourself, not a firearm look alike that might get you killed.” argument. Followed by, if pepper spray is all you can carry, don’t carry pepper spray that looks like a firearm.

          • Machinegunnertim

            The grip and the fact that you can sight/point more naturally with this gives it huge advantages over a regular pepper spray can.

            I can’t get my wife to carry a handgun, but i might be able to get her to carry one of these. She wouldn’t be fishing around for a can in her purse if this was in a holster mounted inside. I’d also make sure she knows that once the threat is over, get away and/or holster the gun.

            By your way of thinking, using a firearm to defend myself might get me killed. Not all of us are so stupid sir.

          • Mark Wynn

            There are pepper sprays that are “aimable” and ergonomically instinctive … that don’t look just like a pistol. When you deploy a pistol you need to know it’s a pistol. When you deploy a pepper spray you need to know it’s a pepper spray. You’ve trained with each type of device so that you don’t make a mistake … or someone else makes a mistake, in the heat and fog of an encounter.

          • valorius


          • billyoblivion

            No, it’s “understanding the battle space and how to operate in it”.

          • valorius

            So if your alternative is to be unarmed, you suggest that then, eh?

        • valorius

          If you’re pulling it’s cause you fear for your life ALREADY.

          Aiming with a face full of pepper spray is not what i’d call easy.

        • Mark Wynn

          And when the perp and the police are standing over your body, the guy will insist he thought you drew a gun on him, and his life was in danger.

    • Bierstadt54

      I consider this an interesting question. My take is that pepper spray that looks like a firearm would likely be somewhat more effective than can-form pepper spray, but I would not recommend it over a can of pepper spray that is more compact and more likely to be carried, or going the full distance with an EDC firearm and the training to safely use it. This makes much more sense in a country with more restrictive self-defense laws – which probably why it is not coming to the US.

    • m-dasher

      …..why are you trying to pepper spray a cop in the first place?

  • john200

    Here’s my zany opinion. This is a STUPID idea! If you want to carry something that looks like a gun….CARRY A GUN! And train with it, learn it, be good at shooting it.

    Pretending to have a gun will just get you killed quicker. Assault is not a joke or a matter to discuss over coffee, it is a fact…deal with it how you will.


    • valorius

      what if you live in a place with no shall issue law, or no gun carry at all?

      This gun has a niche in those places.

  • Edeco

    It might be used by malicious pranksters! Ban it.

    Kidding of course. Seriously it would point better than a can for me and probably be more clearly menacing to an assailant, so yeah. I’ve never found cans confidence inspiring, too much potential for farting around getting it pointed right and the safety off.

  • valorius

    Got the kimber pepper blaster for my mom and fiancee. They both like them, though the ergonomics could be better.

  • ft

    Not impressed at all.
    Its only another delivery system and looking like a firearm could get someone killed by a jumpy cop. Too big also compared to a canister.
    I always carry pepper spray anytime I carry my pistol for a less than lethal option. I have had to use it about three times, on dogs, which doesn’t upset dog owners half as much as shooting someones dog. Takes up almost no pocket space or wherever you carry it.
    As a former pepper spray instructor for a decade, I have sprayed close to 800 people or so and very few have ever been totally unaffected. I mean like 5 or less. If it only closes the persons eyes, its a chance for you to escape to safety.
    If your going to carry a gun, I recommend carrying a pepper spray unit as well so you don’t end up in a mess for shooting someone and getting arrested or sued in civil court by some dirt bag who deserved to be shot anyway.
    Nothing is 100% effective, not even bullets, but pepper spray is effective on about 95+% of the people to some extent. All you need to do is escape to safety. You don’t need to make an arrest or subdue anyone unless you really feel like holding them for the police. Your decision.

  • buzzman1

    Screw this, I can carry legally a can of hornet spray anywhere in the US and it has a 30 foot range with no blow back. I even take it hiking. Its cheaper too,

  • Mark Wynn

    Other devices that look very much like actual firearms are fraught with pitfalls. If you follow the news you’re familiar with these pitfalls. Just saying ….