This AR-180B originally had a polymer lower receiver. However it has been updated with a NoDak SPUD AR-180 billet lower receiver. The polymer lowers can break from hard use so a metal replacement is a much needed upgrade. The receiver is threaded for AR buffer tubes however the LOP is still rather long even when the stock is fully collapsed. The AR180B can take any AR-15 style magazines so it is sporting a SureFire 100rd magazine. Ontop of the upper receiver is a QD scope mount with a Nikon P223 scope. The only thing it needs now is removal of the flash hider and threaded for suppressor.


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    100 rds?
    Why didnt you get the big one?

  • Richard

    That’s actually not that bad looking compared to the few that I have seen in person.

  • M

    From what I gathered, even if the polymer lower was replaced with a metal lower the 180B series was of poor quality. Soft metals used and spotty heat treatment

  • ostiariusalpha

    They’re using an SL stock, which is longer than a normal adjustable stock. If they had gone with an SL-K then the LOP would have been very noticeably more compact.

    • Henry Reed

      I love my full-size SL stock. Allows me to get a more consistent cheekpiece and it looks badass

      • ostiariusalpha

        I like mine very much as well, they’re a solid piece of kit.

  • Mmmtacos


    I came across this one modernized AR-180 once at a gun store but the clerk kept calling it a “SCAR” or something.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Okay, I’m just going to say it: the SCAR doesn’t use the AR-18’s short piston stroke system. They are part of separate lines of development that do not overlap in any really significant way.

      So, now that I’ve spoiled the joke a bit, I’ll scuttle back into the shadows to await the next bit of humor that I can pointlessly nit-pick. ?

      • randomswede

        I’m so happy I’m not the only pedant around.
        In my defence, I’m aware of my issues and I do what I can to not exert my bessereswissen.

        • Nunya Bidniz

          Look, I know us uh-murricans? are always confusing Swedes and the Swiss, but what exactly are you supposed to be besser es than the swissen? Finnish your sentences! Oh wait, let’s leave them out of it, they’ll probably insist on us hashing this out in a sauna… ;-D

          • randomswede

            Wow, 5/7 full points, I went back and forth between “I HAVE TO CORRECT THIS” and “I’m being F-ing trolled… -_-” three times in that single paragraph… and I still feel the urge to say that “saunas are an occasional “spice-of-life” to most Swedes but a way of life in Finland” despite knowing full well that’s more than likely part of this trolling.
            Well played, my only regret in life is that I have but one like to give!

          • Nunya Bidniz

            Thanks, I hope you got a laugh out of it! 😀 But seriously, did you not expect some trolling when you use “bessereswissen” in a post? C’mon!

            It actually sounds like a good wind up for a joke: A Swede, a Swiss & a Finn went into a sauna to relax & talk about guns. Who died? The American, ’cause he couldn’t find any of those places on the map & wound up in Greenland where he was promptly eaten by a polar bear! Hahahahaha… I kill me! Stick around folks, I’ll be here all week! Tip your waitress & try the veal…. %-D

          • randomswede

            I did! I was all set up with how “bessereswissen” relates to “besserwisser” (another chance at being a besserwisser (purely for humor of course)) and then you come out of my blind spot and skewer me like it’s nothing!
            Good fun, would get trolled again!

  • Black Dots

    Oh, it this the British Army’s new rifle I’ve been hearing so much about?

    • Billy Jack

      Nope. Those are black powder.

  • Twilight sparkle

    I thought this was going to be another scar or acr inspired design
    Btw that’s a m223 not a p223

  • Uniform223

    Shame they never caught on. At least it’s legacy lives on in it’s has operating system.

  • guest

    Does anyone else wish you could still get newly manufactured AR180Bs?

    I know, Armalite is in business to make money. They only made a handful, and said that they didn’t sell very many (and they can’t sell if you don’t build them first).

    I thought they were a fascinating design, and noticed that street price was always far above MSRP, when you could find them at all, during that short period of time when they were actually being made.

    Would anyone else be interested in an AR180B with the NDS metal receiver, and a chrome-lined 1:7″ barrel? Maybe with a factory folder that was a copy of the original? I’m just saying here.

    • Jeff Smith

      I had the chance to buy one over Facebook for $400, but passed it up because of the receiver. Had I known that NoDak was making metal receivers, 8 would have jumped on it without flinching.

      • Cymond

        Dang dude, shoulda bought it. I just checked, and they’re going for 2-3X that on GunBroker. You probably could have flipped it for a nice profit. (Although buying a gun with the intent to flip it could be considered “engaged in the business”.)

        • Jeff Smith

          Haha, I definitely wish I had. I had my eye on other stuff at the time and ended up using the money to fund another project.

      • Machinegunnertim

        Where exactly was the receiver breaking?

        • guest

          At the front hinge, where the receiver halves pivot open.

          • itsmefool

            Well, supposedly…I’ve got three 180Bs and they’ve all run fine. Of course, I’m no operator. Perhaps that’s the problem.

        • Jeff Smith

          The receiver was totally fine and was not breaking. I’m sure that the polymer receiver on the AR-180b is fine; I just had no interest in owning one with a polymer receiver.

    • thedonn007

      I would buy one if the price was right.

    • Roy G Bunting

      I would. Especially if they put a regular rail on top and offered 16″ (or 18″) barrel options.

  • Anonymoose

    Is there a muzzle device on there or not? I would have gone with a Pmag40 to be truer to the AR18 (or at least the Sterling ones, since Sterling made 40s that worked in both the AR15 and AR18).

    • gunsandrockets

      AR-180B were made in the middle of the Fed AW Ban, so no flash suppressor allowed if it had a pistol grip.

      I’m not that familiar with the AR-180B, so I don’t know if any ports were drilled into that muzzle swelling. If they were, those ports were supposed to function as a brake or comp instead of a flash suppressor.

      • Anonymoose

        If there aren’t holes in the muzzle, you could always thread it yourself, or if there are you could chop, thread, pin, and weld it…

        • itsmefool

          To answer your question, yes, there are a series of ports drilled into the muzzle’s topside.

  • lowell houser

    Just a thought – an AR180 derivative rifle with full length aluminum upper rail. Sheet steel upper and lower. AR lower components. AK butstock(because it could be adapted to buffer tube, doubling your stock options). Uses AR15 barrels. Would you buy one for $1000? How about an 80% parts kit with bending jigs? I only ask because I’m proto-typing one right now.

    • ostiariusalpha

      The AR-18/AR-180 already uses AR-15 barrels, it’s the barrel extension that it doesn’t use. This makes changing the barrel extremely challenging on the AR-18. There just isn’t any space in the front of the upper receiver to accommodate a sturdy enough trunnion that could hold a removable barrel extension without some substantial alteration to the basic design.

      • lowell houser

        Hence the phrase “ar180-derivative” and the word “prototype.” I’m not making a new AR180. Those sold like crap, and so did the Leader T2, and the AR180B, and now the MPAR(because the MPAR handguard design SUCKS). So what I’m doing instead of straight copying an already failed design is to go a bit crazy with the design. Believe me, you’ll barely recognize it. It’s a 21rst century design with full ambi controls(right side eject only) and full length rail, using sheet steel receivers to keep the cost below $1000.

        I’m hoping to premiere it on TFB sometime next year(assuming they are interested of course).

        • Squirreltakular

          Color me extremely interested.

        • RegT

          Are you going to keep the proven AR-18/180 piston set-up? Adams Arms piston was modeled directly on (copied from) the AR-18/180. I own a Sterling AR-180, and installed an Adams Arms piston kit into my Bushy M4gery. It works great. I’ve fired about 2500 rounds through it so far without a hitch and have only used a Boresnake for cleaning the barrel and chamber.

          • RegT

            Forgot to add, about 1500 of that 2500 has been Wolf and Tula steel cased (poly-coated) ammo. No hiccups at all, even when using a bump-fire stock.

  • Gary Kirk

    Yeah, it’s nice and all.. But many better made, and better options out there nowadays..

  • randomswede

    Here’s another “remix” of the AR-18(0), a one of a kind AR-180S.
    Link in the picture for more AR-180 shenanigans.

  • Bob

    I had one and it was a piece of crap. Never worked right and jammed all the time. Good riddance. If Armalite (Eagle Arms) came out with a modernized CNC made AR-18 I’d buy one if it worked right.

    A real and proper AR-18 is the Japanese Self Defense Force’s issued rifle, the Howa Type 89. Nothing cheap about it. 100% quality. I just wish I could get my hands on one.

    The AR-18 is of a bygone era where stamped metal machining was cheaper than CNC. Now it is the other way around. The cost in labor for some metal worker to make a AR-18 is costlier than paying a guy to run a bank of CNC machines. It was meant to be the Western World’s AK. Something that the non commie aligned developing countries can make in their blacksmith workshops. But those days are long gone. Between the modernization of the world, the arms welfare provided by the US and the other world power. The need for a developing nation to make a AR-18 or even a AK out of stamped metal is gone and over with.

    Vietnam would rather contract with Israel to build brand new CNC machined Galil ACE Rifles than go back to the crude stampings of the Russian AKM and ChiCom Type 56. The Germans, Polish, and the rest of the west are going to billet aluminum and polymer. The US still uses CNC’ed AR-15s. Etc, Etc….

    If you have an AR-180B and it works… get a Ndak Spud Lower. If it doesn’t work… part it out and get something better.

    • wclardy

      Actually, CNC machining is not less expensive than stamping — between CNC and additive manufacturing, the cost of making the dies needed for stamping (which used to be the really expensive overhead cost, because the cost for making a prototype was so close to the cost of creating a production line). In other words, while modern manufacturing technologies have made once-expensive metal machining operations much less expensive, they have also cut the component costs for less-expensive production techniques such as metal stamping. The real competition for low-cost, large-scale production is between metal stamping and injection molding with plastic/polymers.

      • Wow!

        You got that right. The main reason CNC is getting so much attention these days IMO is that engineers don’t have to be as creative in figuring out how each part will be made. The computer figures it out. Once you get a stamped product figured out, it is pure savings from there on.

        Agree with the plastics as main compeitors. They are getting nearly to the properties of metal but with lighter weight which makes them awesome cheap alternatives. Plus a lot of thermoplastics can be shredded up and remolded in house which eliminates the need to send scrap back to the steel mill or whoever forges it.

    • snmp

      Galil ACE confrome Indumil (Industria Militar Colombiana) and sold by IWI

  • snmp

    Modernized AR-180 => HK G36 or an Howa Type 89

  • Kevin Gibson

    VERY cool, I’m a BIG AR-180 fan. Although I prefer the original version, I would love to have a B model to do exactly what that guy is doing…screw around with it some to see what you can do.

    • Bill

      I could just cry. I’ve had 2 AR-180s, a Sterling and a Howa, and a 180B, all of which I sold or traded off for something I thought I needed at the time. Too soon old, too late smart.

  • Hickory Stonewall

    forget the suppressor unless your playing

  • gordon533

    I have an original Phil Hart AR-180, I imported it from England in 1991. I bought it for a 100 pounds, when the brits were banning everything. It is now unfortunately a Prohibited firearm in Canada so I cannot take it to the range to shoot, so it stays in my safe & is only for show. I have recently learned of the No Spud lower receiver which I am trying to get imported to Canada, this would allow me to convert it to a regular firearm with no restrictions on it. I could use it for hunting as well as take it to the range for some fun.

  • Wow!

    I disagree. Belt feds can be really finicky which is why they are a support and often “crew served”. For times when you need a lot of power but reliability due to relatively close ranges, high cap mags have a real advantage. Those surefires are crap though. Even beta mags have run more reliably for me.