[Knob Creek] Soviet RPD in SBR form!

Acadiana Gunworks is a small firearms manufacturer and training company based out of Scott, LA. At Knob Creek the company occupied a booth in the gun show section and displayed their new cut down, semi-automatic SBR and automatic Post Sample variant of an RPD. The Post Sample version is only allowed to be sold to LE agencies or other Class III dealers, but the semi-automatic SBR can be purchased from them after completion and acceptance of NFA paperwork. Essentially the RPD has been converted to semi-automatic, and the barrel and gas system have been cut down, with a new gas system fastened into place because of the shorter length. Thus turning the full length RPD into something the size of an M249 “Para” SAW, weighing less as well. The forward grip is also built up with a piece of metal protecting the hand from the gas tub for when it gets hot. Chambered in 7.62x39mm, both versions take linked ammunition belts placed in drums, mounted underneath it. I wasn’t able to see how the fully automatic version worked on the main line at Knob Creek, as the owner was up there shooting it and I wasn’t able to get ahold of him. Final price for the SBR is $3250, and the Post Sample is $3000.

The brains behind the SBR RPD isย Glenn “Flem” Fleming from “Red Jacket” Firearms fame. He left the company before everything went horribly array, and started his own business, Acadiana Gunworks.

DSC03301 DSC03302 DSC03303 DSC03305

The SBR can take M249 100 round “Nut Sack” pouches, in addition to standard RPD drums.


The muzzle is threaded for a suppressor.DSC03306 DSC03307 DSC03308 DSC03311 DSC03312


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      Ill take two

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    Looks like a RPD married a M-60E3.

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      Nah, they just had a drunken romp after Last Call and the RPD showed up on M60’s doorstep 9 months later with this in a carriage.

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    Short Barrel RPD used by special forces in Vietnam , instant classic

    nowdays it would be like the Pecheneg in very short configuration or in that crazy bullpup

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    “He left the company before everything went horribly array”

    AKA the only smart person in the whole mess.

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    size maters