[Knob Creek] Demilled SCAR MK 17s, Suppressors

One of the vendors at Knob Creek had this piece all neatly put together. We reported on these demilled SCARs back in the summer with a POTD, with a crate filled to the brim with them! These particular rifles seem to have been contracted out by the DOD to a civilian company to get torched, and later found their way to market, such with this piece right here. In August of this year there was a SCAR 17S in FDE recall, specifically of 417 rifles shipped from FN Herstal on the dates of July 28-29. I’m curious as to maybe this batch of civilian SCARs coincides with the military issued ones (the problem was with the bolt head hardness that could result in a catastrophic failure), and this was why the military ones were torched.

DSC03390 DSC03391 DSC03392

The vendor was selling the torched kit for $500, and it might have been used to Neutralize OBL in 2011. Now we know that an H&K 416 is most likely the weapon used. You really couldn’t do much with it even if you bought it, there was almost nothing workable left to put to use on a new SCAR rifle. Even the magazines were torched. In addition to the elaborate rifle display, he had an entire box full of suppressors of all makes and models, also torched down the middle from the Military.

DSC03398 DSC03399


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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    And if youre in the market for this crap Ive got the ninja star that was used to kill Tupac.

    • Cal S.

      I’ve got the arrow that did in King Tut. Top that!

    • Andrew Miller

      I’ve got the rock that killed Goliath.
      Abraham Lincoln sold it to me through eBay and said it was legit.

    • KestrelBike

      You guys are all amateurs. At home, in an aquarium tank, I have the asp that Cleopatra used to kill herself. In fact, he still has her gem’d nipple ring stuck on his right fang.

    • Gary Kirk

      I’ve got the meteor that killed the dinosaurs..

  • Phillip Cooper

    Why on earth would anyone buy this junk?

    • Dougscamo

      Hurts my heart just to look at it….

    • Rick O’Shay

      That was my exact thought, but in a serious tone. What purpose does buying demilled military weaponry serve? I mean, it’s a SCAR 17. It’s not like you can’t buy a commercial version that provides far more utility than this slag of scrap.

      • Mike N.

        People buy demilled M16 lowers to make retro clones with the correct markings. Most of the time the lowers are torched right around the fire control group, leaving the mag well area (and its markings) intact. You can apparently either graft it onto a new rear portion or reweld a lower back together (sans third hole, I would presume).

    • Frank Grimes

      Probably to torch them like the military did.

    • Whatevah17

      Seems like the flash suppressor and the front sight could be reused. Bolt seems to be torched, bolt carrier not sure (not that you can drop it on a 17s). “Conversation piece”. TBH, I don’t know about the $500 – but for $200, I would be in. Mount them better, put them below a glass panel on a coffee table @ man cave. Pretty cool I think 🙂

  • J.W. Ramp

    I believe this was at or next to the Mod Armory booth. We left right after the second volley in the evening, when the cease-fire was called and the paramedics responded. Any news on what happened? Saw plenty of videos of the big shoot after it got dark when they lit off all the explosives, so I can’t imagine it was anything too serious if they kept shooting. Just wondered if anyone got the story on why there was the shut down and medical response.

    • Porty1119

      My guess would be that someone had a non-shooting-related medical emergency.

  • Kyle

    $500 Murican for some scrap? How about no? I’m a little disappointed that me and my friend missed these. We could have made fun of it.

  • AC97

    I also have the 1911 that was used to kill Franz Ferdinand and start WWII, and I have quite the bridge to sell you.

    • McThag

      Is it in a swamp in Florida? If so, can my agent contact you? He’s in Lagos…

    • Blake

      At least the guy is saying “may have”. I wonder exactly why he’s saying that. If it’s solely because they were military rifles, while technically true that’s just absurd.

      • RocketScientist

        I assumed that was solidly tongue-in-cheek.

        • J.W. Ramp

          LOL of course it was just a joke

  • Richard

    You could rig it together into an ugly ass replica gun with the bragging rights that it’s from real military parts.

  • Ken

    I guess someone might try to weld the upper back together, but then there’s the issue of the rest of the parts. You’re better off just buying a factory SCAR-17S.

  • Jake

    It doesnt hurt quite as bad seeing this after seeing that picture of a torched colt monitor..

  • CommonSense23

    It’s been confirmed by multiple sources that a 416 is what shot Bin Laden. Damneck doesn’t even use or have SCARs.

  • Ghost930

    So what everyone should be pissed about, is there is a bucket of your taxpayer money sitting on the floor. So absolutely all of these parts were unusable or unrecoverable??? Because of bolt head issues, what, you couldn’t reuse the magazines in other rifles, the flash hiders, the sights, etc, etc.? And the military is screaming they need more money. I present exhibit “A” in the waste and stupidity response to that need. It literally would have been a couple hours work at best, to strip these rifles, and stick the parts in a units armorers kit. Or, at least send them to a DPDO where some of the cost could be reclaimed in sale.

    • Stephen Paraski

      You are absolutely F ing right. 75% could have been saved if they scrapped bolt head and barrel. Disgusting, but we will pay what,? $3500 for a “New” one?

  • Kivaari

    Why do people buy junk? De-milled guns for hundreds of dollars having nothing of value left for use on anything. Like SMG parts kits. Unless you already own a particular specimen, just why buy the parts? No barrels, no legal way to own them. It’s just a waste.

    • FarmerB

      It’s just so wonderful to see the destruction of weapons of war.
      Peace in our time, people. Please pass the mung bean and lentil soup.

  • Anonymoose

    Why did they torch the mags and upper? Now only the barrel is usable…