New Gear: Streamlight Dual Switch Strion Flashlights

Streamlight Strion DS

Streamlight announced that it was introducing new versions of its Strion flashlights that have two switches. The dual switch lights will be available in the standard Strion, Strion HL and Strion HPL models.

Strion DS

The Strion DS is a fairly straightforward tactical light. It is rechargeable and has typical features like momentary and constant on. It’s a bit bigger than you would probably carry in a jeans pocket for a casual night out. However, it is small enough to keep in your glovebox or ride full-time on your duty belt.

What separates this model from prior Strions is that it has a second switch located near the head of the light. This switch duplicates the control switch located in the tail cap. I’ve used multiple variations of the Strion over the past 10 or so years, and I’ve always been pleased by their performance.

This specific model has a rated output of 375 lumens and a runtime of two hours.

Strion DS HL

The HL stands for “high lumen.” This model of Strion throws 700 lumens on its highest output and steps down to 300 and 40 lumens at the medium and low output levels. The FL1 rated runtime is 75 minutes on the high output level. The peak beamĀ output is 12,000 candela with a beam distance of 219 meters.

In general, the HL models from Streamlight offer a lot of output with a wide angle of dispersion. I find them good for room clearing, but less so for illuminating someone at a long distance. For that, take a look at the HPL models.

Strion DS HPL

Streamlight Strion DS

The HPL version of the dual switch Strion has the same total output as the HL: 700 lumens. However, it has a larger head with a deep reflector to create a more focused beam. Consequently, peak beam intensity is bumped up to 44,000 candela with a beam distance of 420 meters. Runtime is the same.

If you want more lumens, check out this light. In addition to dual switch flashlights, Streamlight also makes dual LED lights.

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  • Renegade

    Love my Stinger LED. Never found the HL model to be worth the extra money. For an extra $20, you get a light that’s a little bit brighter with significantly less battery runtime. The store I worked for stopped stocking HLs because of this.

  • Blake

    After much research, I finally found the flashlight I was looking for:

    – CREE XM-L2 LED, max 900 lumens
    – takes standard 18650 battery (I use Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh – same battery as Tesla Model S)
    – chargeable with USB
    – *CAN ALSO CHARGE OTHER USB DEVICES* just like all the 18650 powerpacks running around. So I can charge my rear bike like with my front bike light :-).
    – standard diameter, fits in a bicycle mount clamp
    – IP68 waterproof (haven’t tested that yet…)

    This LED is extremely efficient, especially at low to medium power, so it lasts a long time & doesn’t generate a lot of heat. CREE has a tool you can use to compare their LEDs yourself:

  • DanGoodShot

    I hate when these write ups don’t have the msrp. I know I can look it up, but I could look up the rest of the specs here too. We all know the most important spec is the bottom line. The msrp.