NEW: Viridian Lasers for Ruger LCP II

Ruger recently announced their new LCP II which has caused significant interest among .380 ACP fans. The original LCP has been a longtime top-seller of Ruger’s and the updated, modern LCP II will likely match its predecessor (if not outdo it). Of course, new pistols require new accessories which is why Viridian has now unveiled their LCP II-compatible lasers and lights.

The new Ruger LCP II

The new Ruger LCP II

The new Viridian laser and light accessories were designed specifically for the Ruger LCP II. According to Brian Hedeen, President of Viridian, they have been “working closely with Ruger for quite some time in anticipation of this very exciting new firearm.” Hedeen also praised the work of his engineering and R&D teams on what he describes as a “phenomenal new line.”

There are currently three new accessories being offered for the LCP II: the green laser model, red laser model, and tac-light model. Viridian is, of course, considered a leader in the industry when it comes to green lasers. Interestingly, they were the first company to manufacture a green laser for the original Ruger LCP and remain the only company doing so.

Lasers are popular accessories among gun owners carrying pistols for self-defense, especially those who keep guns close after dark. When it comes to daytime, green lasers are more easily detected by the human eye than red lasers are, but effectiveness also depends on the particular shooter’s eyesight.

LCP II Green laser model MSRP $239
LCP II Red laser model MSRP $149
LCP II Tac-light model MSRP $119

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Visit Ruger’s site to check out the new LCP II:

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  • Joel

    Are their green lasers still synthetic or have they gone native yet?
    Going native has substantial benefits but companies are moving at a snail’s pace on this one.

    • Richie F

      When you say synthetic, do you mean a double pumped IR laser?

      • Joel

        I believe that “synthetic” is a generic term meaning that the wavelength is changed away from that originally put out by the diode. It’s not my experience that it is limited to a specific technology or method.

        In any case, green native diodes were announced many years ago by Corning. Yet they seem rare in this application (Lasermax may use them, there had been some comment on that). But they are rare even though they would resolve temperature sensitivity and battery life.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    I’ll never buy another product from them after my experience with C5L. Every 3 months I have to replace the batteries even though I never turn it on. It leeches batteries like crazy.

    • hkryan

      Glad to hear I’m not the only one with this issue. C5L and the battery is always dead after the unit sits unused. I can’t use it and don’t want to sell a defective product to anyone else.

  • ??

    Pictures are awesome, when there are pictures.

    • TechnoTriticale

      Some unveiling – no pictures, and not even a description of how it mounts (presumably trigger guard), and the Viridian site doesn’t list it yet either. Their own press release is equally veiled.

      Perhaps the interesting news is that the first out of the gate for LCP2 is not Crimson Trace, lately assimilated by S&W, and perhaps no longer seen as a desirable partner by S&W competitors.

    • Fred Johnson

      Exactly. I see an LCPII, but I don’t see a laser mounted on the LCPII.

  • Chris

    I have LCP with CT (red) original laser . But wouldn’t want the ecr (instant on ) Viridian type !
    If I ever need to draw in stealth ,I wouldn’t want to aleart every one around that I had accessed my gun ! When I need my laser I simply press the pad while maintaining a proper
    firing grip !

  • valorius

    IMO crimson trace’s reflexive activation system blows away all competitors. I’ve used lasers from every major manufacturer. To me the Crimson trace laserguard is in a class by itself.

    They have awesome customer service and they fix their lasers even if out of warranty.