Motorcycle Mini Gun—-Hell On Wheels!

What is better than the proverbial Sharks with laser beams attached to their foreheads? A mini gun on a motorcycle. Why? Why not?



Nicholas C

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  • Anonymoose

    Arnold approved!

  • Some Guy

    Sometimes it’s good to have more money than sense

  • neosteeled001 .

    This certainly shows the braking effect like firing the A-10 Warthog’s main gun slows down the plane by 12 knots.

    • iksnilol

      Which is kinda an advantage because when you slow down you can fire more rounds before passing the target.

      • Sand

        FWIW, one of my good friends is a retired A-10 pilot. I have asked him about this in the past and he said that yes, it probably does slow the plane a little, but that it was pounded into him to shoot only one second bursts to conserve ammo, so he never really noticed much of a change in air speed.

        • Dirt

          I’ve done the math, and a one second burst slows you by about 2.2 m/s (~4 knots). Since you’d normally be in a dive, the effect is negligible.

          • HR Pufnstuf

            And one second of a 30mm cannon is how many rounds?

          • Dean Seaman

            About 70.

      • Hyok Kim

        Easier target for the opponents to hit?

    • Michael Mabey
      • Dean Seaman

        Yeah, but if you’ve ever seen one of those guns slice up a main battle tank like a chef at a sushi restaurant, you’d see that it’s all worth it!

        • Hyok Kim

          Top of the turret is the weakest part of the tanks. Besides, latest modern MBTs are armed with advanced anti-CAS and/or supported by those with nearby.

    • Hyok Kim

      Easier target for the opponents to hit?

  • Gary Kirk

    Burning gas and ammo at the same time.. Makes me happy

  • DanGoodShot

    When will these be in full production?? I’ll take 2! Oh wait… civi no go… 2a?? Merica?

    • Ryfyle

      Maybe if happen to have sporadic Incursions of hostile Alien life. A man can dream.

  • Bill

    I realize it’s joke, but the idea of trying to maintain traction and control while dumping a zillion empty cases on the road…
    …but Megaforce did it first…

  • mechamaster

    Maybe we need to update the Vespa 150 TAP with modern configuration. LOL.

    • 11b

      Bringing new meaning to shoot and scoot.

    • Anomanom

      The most coolest of Vespas, and Vespas are always cool.

    • SpartanGears

      all the gopniks come home on this from soviet front lines to say the holy words of “mama?!Issoupready?!”

  • datimes

    Wait till Hillary finds out about this.

  • TDog

    Now all it needs is a nice red paint job and we’re good to go! 😀

    • Porty1119


      • TDog

        WAAAGH!!!! 😉

      • Major Tom

        Three times faster. Just ask Char Aznable.

  • Ryfyle

    Looks like we live in the future.

  • QuadGMoto

    Looks like Captain America is getting a new bike.

  • jerry young

    Where can I get one? things are getting a little hairy when you drive through town anymore

    • L. Roger Rich

      You can’t. It is illegal.

      • jerry young

        No joke roger ram jet! it whats called sarcasm

  • Lance Shoemaker

    Jack rabbit hunting rig!

  • jcitizen

    Looks like it’s shootin’ a little low!

  • duh

    It’s not very useful is it? shooting just 10 feet in front of the bike?
    Not being able to aim it?

    • Kuroi Ryuu

      I’m sure it can be adjusted. probably had it low for safe test mode

  • Secundius

    Is this Something that Paul Teutul “Senior” Came Up with? Or Paul “Junior”…

  • Michael Lynch

    These people have way too much time and money on their hands. Has anyone actually come up with a practical use, outside of a movie prop?

  • David Blakeman

    Well it is tourist season.What is my bag limit?

  • Chuck McKinney

    What a ridiculous waste of time

    • Ranger Rick

      Perhaps, but everyone needs a hobby.

    • Dean Seaman

      Is it? Think about all those guys fantasizing about being a WWII fighter pilot, but just can’t make it happen in a plane, for whatever reason.
      Replace the actual gun here with a big laser pointer, take ’em out in the desert somewhere and let’em have at it.
      Could be the next best thing.

  • David

    Well open carry at the max

  • Mazryonh

    Motorcycles with machine guns have been a recurring element in futuristic fiction, but even this rig doesn’t solve the problem the fictional examples’ problem of aiming the gun without turning the bike at the same time or allowing the rider to both aim the gun away from the front and still safely control the bike at the same time. But this rig does look suitable for a “strafe ’em all on one pass and speed away” job.

  • Hyok Kim

    Carrying this idea into more relevant area would be instead of mini-gun, how about ultra smart micro-grenade launchers?

    Or better yet, some kind of surface gliding open cockpit armored (front only) craft armed with anti-tank or anti-aircraft missiles? It would be very hard to hit even with even with smart weapon systems, just like those ocean skipping missiles.

    • Mazryonh

      My guess is that by “surface gliding” you’re talking about a ground effect vehicle that flies just above the surface of the ground or water.

      But honestly, while this rig looks cool, something along the lines of “fast-moving ground vehicle with a machine gun” is already in use by modern militaries, just with four-wheeled vehicles like the Desert Patrol Vehicle or Light Strike Vehicle, which are quite fast and carry up to three people, and are armed with machine guns or even TOW anti-tank missiles, without the stability problems or terrain concerns you get from a motorcycle.