While I was pulling up some information on the Glock 19 for the review we just posted, I stumbled across this monstrosity. The pumpkin pie Glock looks to be a rather well abused Gen 3 gun with one of the worst stipple jobs I have ever seen, or are those teeth marks?

To each their own I guess. If I want to color my gun parts unusual colors, I can’t judge when I see people take it a little too far. After all, this particular Glock 19 looks like it was drug behind a train for a while, attacked with a soldering iron wielded¬†by Ray Charles’ dog, and painted with the cheapest house paint in stock at the local Wal-Mart/K-Mart/discount retail of your choice.

OK, that might have been a bit harsh. It certainly isn’t one of the better jobs I have seen and the color choice is probably called “optical migraine¬†orange,” but at least they seem to have a sense of humor about the gun. I honestly would love to know what kind of life the Glock lead to get to the point that it was so rundown and worthless that someone decided to tackle it with a can of Krylon.

Police trade in maybe? Who knows.



  • JustAHologram

    That looks intentionally terrible

  • Without the new Pumpkin Spice Latte Trigger that was just released, i can’t take it seriously.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    These are issued to road construction crews.

    • CountryBoy

      Yes, to avoid having that “run down” feeling…

  • Big Kat

    The “stippling” is from some cross dresser on reddit or /k/ who stabbed it with a Mosin bayonet.

    • Doom

      Donut? Could explain the finish wear as well since that weirdo probably shoves it up his tush.

    • Ted


  • Creepermoss

    It looks like the stippling was done prior to paint, I would guess that the unevenness is due to air bubbles in the paint as it dried.

  • Gary Kirk

    At least it was only a glock

  • Richard

    It goes with the other pumpkin flavored/themed crap out there nowadays

  • If he knew who did it.

    • NDkommando

      The guy who posted it is the guy who does that. He’s used and abused that glock, and also does other paint jobs on it, which I’m sure you could look at on his post history.

      • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

        I must have overlooked his other posts. I’ll look into it when I get home and make the proper correction so the creator of this thing gets all the credit he wants.

  • John

    Just spitballing here ( I have no knowledge of the actual issue) but if I were committed to doing a torture test like dropping it from a plane or dragging it with a rope, or shooting it with a shotgun, or shooting it underwater, or freezing it in a block of ice, or driving over it dozens of times or whatever (all of which have been done ad nauseum on YouTube); I might paint it orange to make sure I don’t lose it when I’m doing all kinds of terrible things to it. And then I’d be sitting around one day looking at this crappy orange glock, and I’d get the hare-brianed idea to be funny by putting it in front of a pumpkin and taking a picture. And then, every year I’d get some play by the people that think I intentionally tried to make a PSG: Pumpkin Spice Glock.

    And I’d sit back and drink my pumpkin spice latte and laugh at everyone.

    Just what I might do.

    • CountryBoy

      “Pumpkin Spice Glock”.
      Sounds like a member of a female singing group of days gone by!

  • Jeff Smith

    Find me the person who made this so I can pistol whip them with their own gun.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    I’m so White. I haven’t had a pop tart in over 10 years. But because it has pumpkin spice flavor on it, I gotta have it now.

  • Anonymoose

    I think we’ve taken this whole pumpkin spice fad a bit too far.

  • It’s no OctoGlock, but it still looks like somebody rubbed some peanut butter on it and left it outside for the possums to chew on.

  • PeterK

    Looks like it was already hideous, so can’t really complain about it being “ruined.”

    Still dumb, though.

    • buzzman1

      Glocks at fuggly to begin with

  • Ryfyle

    No one has a “Clown Skin” finish these days. The only pattern I’m looking for.

    • buzzman1

      So your looking for Nemo?

      • Ryfyle

        Think Floppy shoes, balloon animals, honking.

  • kingghidorah

    needs a laser

  • roger

    SCCY and Diamondback made orange poly pistols. Nothing new.

  • Matt

    No good – blue and orange are conventionally non-firing safety props for the.

    • L. Roger Rich

      Bloomberg hates colored guns too. So they are good.

  • Curtis_15

    I think someone has SKKY envy!

  • CountryBoy

    The problem I have with colors like this is that they often mimic those used in “training” guns – the type that are completely inert and are often used for props when displaying other items such as holsters.

    IMO, having a real gun capable of firing in a color used for denoting a “replica” gun isn’t wise, as too many won’t then follow the basics of firearm safety when seeing something like this.

    It’s a bit like removing the orange tip from a replica or airgun, which has gotten some into significant problems.