Keanu Reeves Training For John Wick 2 With Aaron Cohen

Keanu Reeves trained with Aaron Cohen of Cherries Apparel. Aaron Cohen is a former member of Israel’s “counter-terrorist ” special operations unit, Duvdevan. He is based in Los Angeles and has been training Keanu on deep concealment pistol draws and AR-15 manipulation. You can see some of the IDF training in Aaron’s teachings. The “straddle a fat horse” stance is very apparent.

Keanu is using the Cherries Medina X Deep Concealment holster. As you can see in the photo below it rides below the belt line.


In the video you can see Keanu consistently sticking his left hand inside his pocket. This is to aid in retrieving the firearm from deep concealment.

Keanu deep 2 Keanu deep  Keanu


Here is a video of the Medina X Holster and how it is worn as well as how one draws the handgun from it.


It is good to see Keanu getting some training however it looks a bit odd and awkward to me. Of course this may not be the final product and the video could be some of his earlier runs. The AR15 mag change looks too slow and incorporates the Magpul Dynamics mag flip. I will say this though, Keanu’s transition from Rifle to Handgun is very quick and smooth.

With regards to the Medina X, it seems like an awkward setup that requires your left hand to reach into your pants pocket and push on the barrel of the gun to aid in drawing it from the holster. What are your thoughts?

Nicholas C

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  • Zachary marrs

    Is this the guy who got all butt hurt at ENDO making fun of him, to the point he had people list what branch/department they worked for, or else he would delete your comment?

    • Nicholas C

      No that was a different former IDF mall ninja.

      • CommonSense23

        You sure about that.

      • Zachary marrs

        No, it’s the same mall ninja

      • Kefefs

        According to ENDO’s blog, it was Aaron Cohen. He deleted all the videos ENDO criticized, filed a bunch of false DMCA complaints to get ENDO’s Facebook and Instagram posts removed, sent ENDO a Facebook message, then left him a voicemail. Cohen has pretty thin skin for such an operational operator.

      • Squirreltakular

        It was definitely Cohen.

    • Black Dots

      Pretty sure this is the same dude.

  • vwVwwVwv

    if caught in hand to hand fight its undrawable

    • Joseph Goins

      According to Tyler Grey, it is an “offensive holster.” The was designed to copy the methodology of an assassin (Teddy Medina) from the 1980s.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        Makes a lot of sense. Having to jam your hand into your pocket to start the draw is… let’s call it cumbersome. Makes a let more sense if you are the one starting the fight instead of responding to someone else.

      • vwVwwVwv

        aha, ok if its hot, you wear no more than a shirt and pants its the only way to conceal, may be. thanks.

      • Frank Grimes

        Do they make them for the Mark 23?

        • jonp

          Ive got one for my AR

  • Mark

    Should have stuck with Taran tactical…….

    • Nicholas C

      Some people are saying this might be before Taran’s training. Which would make sense.

      • Joseph Goins

        Taran Tactical worked with Keanu for the first John Wick. This is for the new on that’s coming out later this year.

        • Sunshine_Shooter


          • Joseph Goins

            Life. Movies.

  • Frank Grimes

    My favorite thing about “Israeli Technique” is that it’s a good indicator as to who is NOT a reputable trainer.

    IDF conscripts who come to the US to teach silly clown-school “Israeli Technique” shooting are the least credible and lowest form of instructors.

    • Joseph Goins

      He wasn’t a conscript. He volunteered for their commando training and worked for Mossad and one of the IDF’s covert units.

      Does this mean that his career there was good? No.
      Does this mean what he teaches is actually good? No.

      The Israeli methodology is very difficult for us as Americans to process because he have to go through a paradigm shift.

      • Frank Grimes

        He could be The Zohan, doesn’t change the fact he’s an idiot.

  • The Medina X holster concept isn’t new. I know that the general concept dates back to at least the late 1970s when S&W was playing with such a design.

    More recently, there was the Frema ‘Full Concealment Quick Draw Holster’.

  • Thomas S

    This video must be before he did the stuff with Teran Tactical. In those videos he was definitely not having any problems with weapons handling. Hell, he was shooting far better than many folks who have been at it for years.

    I have to give him credit, that much improvement in such a relatively short time isn’t something many people do. It demonstrates his willingness to put the time and effort in.

    I also like that so far everyone has said (and has said in the past about other movies) that he is a hard worker and easy to work with.

    My thoughts on the holster design. This isn’t a holster you go with if you actually expect that there might be gunplay. This is the holster you use (with proper attire) when you absolutely can’t take the risk of someone seeing your gun. I think even for that there are better options though.

    • Joseph Goins

      After. Taran Tactical was for the first John Wick movie. This is for the second one.

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        Seems like he’s training with the Taran guys again for this movie.

      • Thomas S

        Seems like everything that I can find on training with Taran says that it was for the second movie. The video was released in March of this year whereas the first movie came out two years ago. Who knows, maybe he has trained there several times, or goes back for each film just to brush up.

        We can also just look at his weapon handling between the two videos. The stuff with Taran he looks like a pro, here it seems like early days. Granted this may be because he is doing something different than anything he has done. I don’t think that is the case though, things like handling an AR wouldn’t change nearly enough to account for the difference.

    • billyoblivion

      See the video I posted above.

      It certainly is not a good *reactive* holster, but when you get to be the person picking the time and place it does the needful. (Well, this *style* of holster. I don’t know about this specific holster).

      Remember, you don’t want to be in a gunfight, you want to be in a shooting with the other guy taking the hits.

  • Black Dots

    Mikhail ENDO has a stroke in 3…2…1…

    • Der Stürmer

      All of the Israel fanbois clutch their Favors to console themselves

      • Frank Grimes

        I hope they don’t clutch too hand.

        They might snap their Mepro-21 off of the Tavor’s out-of-spec optics rail.

    • nadnerbus

      Oh man, tactical deep concealment socks, next up from 511

    • Dallas Doc

      יש בינינו אלה שכן מדברים ואף כותבים עברית! נו, אז מה? אני לא ישראלי, אבל אני מכיר מספר ניכר חיילי צה״ל והם לוחמים נפלאים, יוצאים מן הכלל. לו רציתי הוראה באמנות
      המלחמה, הייתי בוכר בחייל לשעבר ששרת בצה״ל, ובמיוחד בגדודות המיוחדות
      כמו דובדבן!

      • Black Dots

        Does this involve putting a revolver in my sock?

    • Jack Waves

      It’s simply another $$$ funnel that funds Zionist terrorism from U.S. coffers!

      • A Arizonian

        And your problem is . . . . .

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Can you imagine getting shot by Keanu?
    How embarrassing.
    Id rather get tagged by Bill Shatner or Sam Jackson.

    • Black Dots

      Depends. If he said “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K” and then shot me, I might be all like “Oh dude, that funn……aaaaaahhhhhhh!”

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        If he did the bullet would probably slow way down at the last minute in time for you to bend awkwardly backwards and dodge it.

  • Joseph Goins

    #1. In John Wick, the main character repeatedly made tactically unsound decisions that looked great on film. I understand why the producers would want to incorporate tactics into the movie, but I’m not sure this is the direction they should have gone. They would have done better to have Keanu train with someone like Mike Pannone who essentially built the Air Marshal marksmanship program from scratch after 9/11.

    #2. The whole methodology is cumbersome. When I was in combat, the only thing I wanted to do was get rounds on target faster. Nothing about this screams “speed” in any fashion. (Granted: this could be from an earlier training session.)

    #3. The training style seems to be more like “do what I say because I know better than you” rather than actual instruction that explores the “why” behind an action and opens itself to criticism.

    #4. The holster itself has two big disadvantages:
    ——It doesn’t work for your average concealed carry need. In another video, Cohen addressed this himself saying that it was designed to mimic the style of a popular assassin. It is designed solely around having the element of surprise.
    ——By sticking your fingers in front of a hot weapon, you are playing with fire. Eventually, you will get burned.

    • DIR911911 .

      @4:38 in the video it really shows how NON concealable this holster can be. anyone walking up with their waist band and shirt bulging like that is going to be spotted for sure. not to mention if you had to sit down wearing it , ouch.

      • ??

        I saw that too, it was the end of the belt sticking out and printing. Have a look again.

    • mrsatyre

      Your last point is telling, because it’s against the rules for the IDF to have a hot weapon (according to all the former IDF soldiers I’ve talked to), whereas apparently it’s okay for the commandos to do so. Seems like hypocrisy to me.

      • MeaCulpa

        When you’re dealing with a bunch of conscripts that could be called up for service ten years after basic training it might be a good idea to factor in some wiggle room, said wiggle room might not be necessary for the commandos.

  • FLdeepdiver

    “Comments are disabled for this video”. Right.

    I see much old style “Instructor” barking, and minimal coaching, teaching, and self-diagnostics for the student. Sad…

  • Graham2

    I like the Ron Burgundy target!

  • Henry Reed

    Guess I’ve been living under a rock, what’s wrong exactly with the Magpul mag flip?

    • Joseph Goins

      It doesn’t help you. Watch at 2:50.

    • Sam

      Wasted movement. If as you’re reloading, your mag goes to the side, then cool. But if you get too wrapped up in having it happen each time, you’re going to do what Keanu did in the videos and botch reload after reload because your mag didn’t go flying 37 feet to the side.

      • Henry Reed

        From my understanding the movement is more to check your chamber

    • Cory C

      I’ve literally never once hit the mag release button and not had the magazine fall out effortlessly.

      • John Wisch

        Then you don’t shoot it much.

        I know this because your weapon is always clean.
        And you just admitted that you have never experienced a double feed. When your weapon heats up and gets dirty, things happen that you need to now how to fix quickly if you have incoming rounds heading your way.

    • Squirreltakular

      It’s useless movement. If your mag doesn’t drop free, rip it out and keep reloading.

  • randomswede

    It’s noteworthy that Reeves is left handed.

  • Nicholas C

    It might be the IDF way. Not sure. But yes, his stance does look awkward.

    • Dan

      Shoulder to th back its the IDF way, it gives your shoulder the ability to block the “push” of the pistol while firing.
      If the shoulders is in “front position their not locked on the fire will push them back, on a single bullet shot it doesn’t change anything but in the special forces in Israel doesn’t believe in a single shot, the minimum of productive shot would be three bullets one after the other in a minimum amount of time and in the case the movement of your shoulder will send the second and the third bullet off the target.

      Generally I too thinks Cohen i s a clown with more marketing and less tactics and i hope that the American ppl knows that Israeli SF are way better then that.

      I too served as a special oprator in Duvdevan special unit for five years and took part in many under cover operations.
      Have a good one.

  • Nicholas C

    Wow very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  • Uniform223

    John Wick was the first and only movie that had CAR technique. It was a good action flick. After reading the comments, people need to understand the fact that it’s a MOVIE. The only movie where the character seemed tactically proficient in a believable way was the Jason Bourne movies. So brings me to my next point. Who would win? Jason Bourne or John Wick?

    • Joseph Goins

      John Wick because Matt Damon swore off guns.

  • Sam

    Watch more of Cohen’s videos. They are hilarious. His stance is so lost in Israeli TactiCoolness, it almost has to be parody, but it’s not.

  • Bob

    I’m not sure I get the purpose myself…

  • NICEGUY777

    I am not a big fan toooo much going on movement wise. Looks more like a dance instead of getting in a gun fight.

  • Bill

    Loving the basic AR. People seem to have forgotten that the platform is really just a bullet launcher and not a hardware store. My pet AR looks just like it except with a 16″ pencil barrel. 6 lbs. empty and 20 round Adventure Line mags with extra slots for the AR-180. Damn, I’m old.

  • Bill

    The way I was taught back in the day was that when reloading the only things that should be moving are the empty mag dropping straight down as the full mag is coming straight up. Other than that the rifle should be stable like a semi-auto handgun, with sights aligned and strong hand gripping the gun. I believe the IDF runs their long guns this way. Granted, this may not work with polymer mags or undersize wells, but you get the picture. There is a video on Youtube somewhere of a Marine performing a 2 or 3 second M4 speed reload without the gun moving around in any way and that pretty much covers it. Sure is a lot more efficient than the Ninja Twist.

  • Big George

    I’m curious what his stand is on ‘gun-control’!? After all, he is just a hollyweird ‘actor’ making another ‘action-packed’ movie using those big bad guns!! I wonder how he feels about his BFF Matt Damon on an Australian TV talk show recently saying how he ‘wishes’ America would do like they (Australia) did and take away everyone’s guns! Geee Matt, what are you gonna use in your next ‘action-packed’ flick???…water pistols! How ’bout it Keanu??

    • jonp

      I dont recall him making any comments on guns one way or the other taking the Tiger Woods method of silence on the issues. Anyone hear him comment?

  • Jack Mahoghof

    This guy Cohen looks like a clown. Typical of people to go to some clown instructor, because he was supposedly an Israeli “operator”, while not knowing any better.

    Just because it’s “Israeli” doesn’t mean it’s good. Cohen is a case-study.

  • 3==>~Sharia

    Why tilt the pistol at an angle after firing? What kind of check is this? Seems like a stupid waste of time.

    • Squirreltakular

      It is. Everything this Cohen guy does is chocked full of overexagerated movement.

  • Wow! Gunfu!

  • Cory C

    Hahahaha. So funny.

  • Jack Waves

    Aren’t there any AMERICAN trainers? Or is this just a symptom of the Israel-Hollywood “connection”?

  • jonp

    It’s nice to see someone in Hollywood going to so much time and effort to get it right. I watched the latest videos of Reeves doing 3 gun in training for the 2cd Wick movie and his transitions were very good. His hand to hand remiinds me of Segal in that they are not fancy but realistic short and to the point. Disable as fast as possible. He is one of the hardest training guys out there even though he does not get the credit.

  • Whitney Philbrick

    Better than I could do but if you compare this instruction with someone like Travis Haley it seems very overdone and with a lot of wasted movement.

  • burns

    Keanu I am 68 and shooting combat at 22, with revolvers, that guy is going to get you killed on the street. I can outdraw him any day. Get a real holster, that thing requires you to stand all day, or your nuts are gonna be crushed, and the rediculous steps your taking before you fire the pistol and the AR are unnecesary, you bring the gun up yo your strong eye and fire. No pushing or crouching, just moving and shooting. Both guns only require a normal stance like the way you would normally be standing if a threat appears, lift weapon and fire Period.

  • burns

    My jewish friends like to overcomlicate a simple thing, get JM to train you, he’s only the best in the world.