[Big 3 East] Pantheon Arms Doomsday Suppressors

Pantheon Arms, a sister company to Huntertown Arms, is the maker of the DOLOS quick change barrel system. They are coming out with a new Dolos keymod handguard and an MLOK Handguard. They will be available in 9″ or 12″ for the standard DOLOS kit. A longer 15″ handguard will be available as an accessory.


Huntertown Arms, known for their suppressors has simplified their product line. Now they make only five suppressor models. All Titanium bodied with steel baffle cores. They are direct thread and user serviceable. They have a 9mm carbine can for $599 and their C22 rimfire can is only $289 with aluminum baffles. $389 for steel baffles.

Silencer Inc, a new division of Huntertown, is making low cost suppressors called the Doomsday cans.

IMG_6253 IMG_6254

As you can see above, they are a two piece design. The welds are external. They are not good looking but for what they lack in aesthetics they make up for in pricing. Their 5.56 can will retail for $300 and their 7.62 can will retail for only $350. They will make Titanium sleeves for people who want to cover up these cans.

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  • iksnilol

    Ribbed for her pleasure.

    • Gun Fu Guru

      Black, thick, long, ribbed? That’s about right.

    • cutamerc

      Every once in a while, iksnilol nails it.

      • iksnilol

        You take that back… that was one of my most uncreative and predictable jokes (I could have added a your mom joke here but I refuse to stoop so low).

        So have a decent day.

        • cutamerc

          Thanks man!

  • alex waits

    I really dig the Mad Max look.

  • Gus Butts

    Won’t people get mixed up between Silencer Inc and SilencerCo?

    • thedonn007

      By name only, but maybe that is the idea.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        Definitely the idea there.

  • pithy


    • Jambo

      They pass the savings onto the consumer. :^)

    • noob

      as in the end user grind the welds? I guess we can, and then refinish it.

      • pithy

        I would. That looks like they let the local vocational school test their welding skills on the finished product.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          They gotta learn somewhere.

          • pithy

            Lol. At least learn on the frame of an 86 Ford, where no one will ever see it!

        • Nick Leinonen

          They’re not terrible looking welds. My tig skills honestly are not much better. They are solid welds though, so little worry they will fail.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Does it really matter? Are you going to the Tacticool beauty pageant? Does it create too much drag slowing down your high speed operations?

      Its a cheap, effective tool. What more do you need?

      • Budogunner

        When you have to drop $200 just on the stamp there is no such thing as a cheap suppressor.

        There are some that are good values, but the way those welds are done make me worry about other design and quality issues. At least grinding flush would have hidden the “workmanship” a bit more.

  • Jason Hull
  • David Harmon

    No thanks, I don’t like giving the owner’s of that particular company whom is noted for their anti-Nationalist stance any of my money.

  • Devil_Doc

    Can we get a review of these doomsday cans? I’m curious to see how well they perform..

  • ??
  • Russian Roulette

    I have a old 5.56 Kestrel and like it. I don’t understand the decision to move to a product that looks much worse and most likely functions the same.

    • Anonymoose

      It looks like they’re keeping the Kestrels around. This is just their new budget line. Everyone’s doing it, even Colt, and a lot of manufacturers and distributors are selling cosmetically blemished products on the cheap too.

      • iksnilol

        If they were smart they’d sell blemished products as limited unique weathered editions.

  • iksnilol

    Isn’t this blatant advertising and against the rules?

    • Drew Coleman

      I am kinda surprised it’s still up.

  • RSG

    This is a classic case of a race to the bottom. So many folks have been upset that cans have traditionally cost $1000. Now, companies have cut corners and reduced manufacturing costs to reduce prices to the sub $400 mark. And yet, they still complain. Why? Because what they really want is the $1000 can for $350.

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    And here is the first industry response to Rebel Silencers. Expect the budget cans to be the biggest growth sector of the silencer industry in the coming years.

  • Tyler Norona

    If I wanted an ugly can I would buy AAC

  • claymore

    What’s with all the use of “cans”? This is a site for firearms people not the vast unknowing masses we should be using proper terminology unlike the unknowing who grab catch phrases from movies and TV.

    • vet_with_no_cool_stories

      Ooo, look at how high and mighty you are with you classist overtones. Who cares what terminology people use? Get off your self righteous soap box.

      • claymore

        So you are one of the clueless that doesn’t know the proper nomenclature figures.

        • iksnilol

          Eh, one cannae win. If you use silencer/suppressor, somebody will correct you to suppressor/silencer.

          • claymore

            You can win by calling them by the proper nomenclature… suppressors. Unless you are one of those “trendies” that use the latest movie/MSM reporter language.

          • iksnilol

            I try to squeeze in all three to be honest, just to annoy somebody.

            But if I can only use one I prefer silencer… or dampener.

          • DeafHunter

            The inventor and the original patent call them a “Silencer”. Gun culture of the modern era (after National Firearms Act) calls them more correctly Suppressors mostly to be “correct” and partly to defect the gun control crowd and their ignorance about the real purpose of a Suppressor/Silencer.

          • claymore

            And to be correct to ATF nomenclature.

          • Justin

            Yeah… that would be “Silencer”, genius. If your mom hasn’t blocked their website, you should go take a peek at the actual BATF regulations and nomenclature before you come here posting all sorts of foolishness.

          • claymore

            LOL you mom should be down in a minute sonny.

          • Justin

            Actually my mother died last week of ovarian cancer. But thanks for the funny joke.

  • Mark

    Sometimes I am in awe at the prices of suppressors in the US. In south africa they are unregulated and will cost between $100 for the cheap and nasty ones that still work pretty good to $300 (probably a bit less) for the locally produced “leader” and about $450 for the imported European brand names which only offer a smaller package that is pretty much just as effective (though most of them are full auto rated). Not boasting or anything. I’m just quite amazed at how much these things cost over there for how relatively simple they are to manufacture.

    • mike

      The reason they cost more in the USA is because they are such a pain to legally own. Their sales are relatively low so they must be sold for more to make it worth selling them at all. If they were easy to get like buying ammo or something then they would be mass produced and very cheap. There is nothing in them that makes then worth 400 dollars.

  • c4v3man

    Comparing against Sig’s titanium can’s, the Doomsday can’s are slightly heavier for the 556 model, but lighter for the 762 model. The only question is how much sound reduction you get, which I’d imagine is fairly low. The description seems to make it sound like the registered part of the can is basically just a hollow tube, and the second half contains the baffles, of which there are only 4-5, compared to Sig’s which seems to have 7-12 baffles, although it’s hard to count on the sig.

    As a single can to own for a bunch of guns, I’m not sure the Doomsday can makes much sense to cheap out, but if you wanted to pin/weld the 556 can to a 11 inch barrel to have a 1-stamp AR, it starts to make sense as a ~$1,000 suppressed build. Hopefully some magazine does a comparo soon with proper testing equipment/methodologies, so we can see how they all stack up.

  • Cymond

    “Silencer Inc, a new division of Huntertown, is making low cost suppressors called the Doomsday cans.”

    So aside from the connection to Huntertown Arms, what does Pantheon have to do with this?

  • claymore

    That all you got is punctuation? And maybe Mr. pot calling a kettle black you should get the book capitalization for dummies first before calling others out. And it is the act of being clueless no need for “ness” added

  • jonn doe

    WOW…really guys? $75 for a oil filter adapter and $3.00 or less for the filter and $200 for the stamp, not bragging but, I bet I could build one from stuff In my basement for nothing and get the stamp.
    They don’t “need” to be store bought you can do It yourself…but you better have the stamp first whichever way you decide to go.