POTD: How Not To Carry

There are so many ways to carry a handgun. Many people like carrying behind the back as it is very comfortable. Some carry outside the waistband and some carry inside. As we all know there are a plethora of holsters to fit any and all requirements one needs. However this guy decided to forego any holster and shoved it in his belt, outside his pants.

Can anyone ID the pistol? Looks like an LCP to me.




  • Disarmed in CA

    Would that even survive a jog across the parking lot? Jeez, if you’re gonna ‘mexi-carry’ at least put it in front where you can keep an eye on it.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Hes trying not to scare the ladies at the hair salon.

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        He put it there so it wouldn’t distract from the main “feature”

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Whats that? His MIA/POW belt buckle?

          • A bearded being from beyond ti

            his fat dingus

    • Joseph Goins

      I guess he doesn’t want to shoot his junk.

      • billyoblivion

        Well, you know what they say, aim small, miss small.

    • Tom Currie

      A jog across the parking lot? What is this “jog” you speak of?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Even worse are those dad jeans and white dad socks.

    • yodamiles

      I don’t know which one to get mad at, his carrying method or his choice of clothing………

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Seriously, when you leave the house think of the people who have to look at you.

    • MeaCulpa

      At least he isn’t wearing sandals… today.

      • Bierstadt54

        If he were, we can safely assume it would not change his choice of socks.

        • MeaCulpa

          Other things this guy thinks goes well with white tube socks, tuxedos, lovemaking, lounging on the beach and swimming.

      • Uniform223

        At least they’re not crocks

        • EightBall343

          Oh no no no, I use to say I wouldn’t wear Crocs to a dog fight, but I swear to you they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn….with blue jeans, not shorts.

        • durabo

          Or, God forbid, Birkenstockks, as worn by Colorado’s vegans, commies and druggies!

          • James M. Lemon

            Also by people who have bad feet.

          • Core

            Nothing wrong with man sandals.. What do you think Spartans wore?

          • Billy Jack

            Spartans also were bisexuals who threw babies off of ledges to weed out the weaker offspring.
            Just saying…

          • Core

            Yeah they were on the psychotic side. Different strokes for different folks..

          • Billy Jack

            Different strokes indeed

          • Matt Taylor

            Can’t tell if disdaining behavior or explaining their superiority…

          • Billy Jack

            Can’t tell if I should be insulted or depressed at the state of our society…

          • durabo

            And I suppose Trojans introduced latex-soled sandals, of course.

          • JasonWorthing

            I’ll have you know that Birkenstocks are just about the most perfect she ever created and are a lovely piece of ergonomic foot perfection. I’ll thank you to keep your negatives to yourself! Harrumph!!!

            (I own 7-pairs of birks)

      • Gunner4guy

        Except for the way he’s(not) carrying, who care what he wears—(called suburban camouflage). Seen too many wearing full urban camo & acting like they just finished serving a warrant in downtown Detroit. THOSE are the a$$clowns I expect to be wearing a shoulder holster with a Desert Eagle underneath a photog’s vest…ALL of which scream, “He’s packing!”
        Given a better method of carry(holster which doesn’t print) I probably wouldn’t give him a second look after an initial scanning of males in an area unless he otherwise raised warning flags.

    • nova3930

      Friends don’t let friends wear jorts…..

    • Blue Centurion

      What color socks are in fashion now days?

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I like turquoise

      • Whit Johnstone

        Blue or black are most fashionable.

        • Jim_Macklin

          That is in old porn films. I wear long jeans, $14 at Wallyworld and Duluth Trading knee high compression socks.
          If I could afford it, I’d have a newer carry gun. But between the steel 191 in a custom holster, 5 or 6 spare mags, flashlights, knives, carrying concealed is a matter of location, weather and task at hand. I carry teh same every day, the only thing that changes is the cover, an untucked shirt, a vest or a jacket.

          • Core

            I like how you framed that work of art..

      • Edeco

        White, calf-height, scrunched down over high-top Chucks, if I’m not mistaken

      • George Dean

        White, with black low-quarters, if you are from Parma, Ohio.

    • Paul White

      HEY! Don’t you fashion-shame me

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Hey I’m just saying we can fashionate while we regulate.
        Get some non denim shorts and some breathable sneakers so you don’t look like you’re trying out for the 1978 Lakers with those knee high socks.
        Tactical and practical baby.

    • John

      I don’t think this guy is carrying concealed. I think he just sat on someone’s sofa in the hood and a gun got stuck in his back fat and he just hasn’t noticed.

      • Cory C


    • DannyBoyJr

      I proudly wear dad jeans, dad socks, and white dad shoes. I am the proud father of three adorable children and I don’t care what the fashion police thinks.

      But I also wouldn’t carry a gun like that. I use a proper N82 holster.

      • Jon

        +1 on the N82, makes my CZ82 carry so easily.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I salute you, sir!
        Carry on the fine American tradition of dads embarrassing the hell out of their kids. May I suggest taking it up a notch? When your kids have friends over you should only wear a bathrobe and a hat that says “FBI: Female Body Inspector”.

        • valorius

          Who cares what kids think, they dont pay the bills.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            On that we can agree.

          • MeaCulpa

            Your kids DON’T pay the bills?!?! Ever heard of child labour? But I guess this explains why you footballs are decidedly un-spherical, you don’t have access to the nimble fingers of children required for a ball-shaped ball.

          • valorius


          • JT Wise

            Kids these day don’t know what child labor (that’s “labour” spelt ‘merican) is.

            Why back in my day…

    • Humpy

      When I was younger that was proper attire and we laughed at people who wore colored socks and those stupid disco shorts!
      Sagging pants were not around then either.
      His method of carry though is downright stupid.

    • carlcasino

      When you finally have a triple infection in your feet you will never, ever mock White socks changed twice daily trying to save your feet .

  • Beomoose

    Hope that cellphone’s not set to Vibrate.

    • Bill

      If it’s a Samsung Note 7 things could get way sporty.

  • Ron

    Jorts, what do you expect?

  • Ed Lepczyk

    From the position is sitting i bet he has a ClipDraw on the frame

  • TDog

    That’s not a gun jammed into his belt… it’s the brand new Cyberdyne Mk. III Gun Tail.

  • Swarf

    How would you draw that pistol?

    Seems like the quickest, most efficient way (I didn’t say safest) would be to continue its ignoble trip down the back of the man’s jorts by grabbing the barrel with the right hand and twist-pulling down.

    Could be a brilliant tactical maneuver, actually, as the mugger is going to think you are picking your underwear out of the crack of your ass, and will be so amazed at your nonchalant attitude that you’ll get the drop on him.

    • Utterly Deplorable

      He’d draw it once, and shoot himself in the kidney. Pistol is carried in the wrong orientation (unless he’s left handed).

    • HR Pufnstuf

      Turn around, bend over, reach back, pull the trigger. Kinda hard to sight though.

  • Sasquatch

    What do you expect from someone who hydrodips a ccw in Realtree….

    • Gary Kirk

      Hey, it normally blends in with his everyday wear, just not his Sunday best on the trip to the Wal-Mart..

    • Bill

      It’s so that when he drops it in the brush the squirrels don’t find it!

  • Michigunner

    Looks like an “NRA Edition” Ruger LC9 to me. I wonder if he tried to holster it his small of the back holster without looking, and stuck it in between his shorts and belt instead? I like to think that no one could be this intentionally stupid when carrying a firearm, although I know that I am wrong.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      This guy is the reason people think we are idiots.

      • M1911

        Unfortunately, a lot of us are idiots.

        • lurpy

          Took my girlfriend to her first gun show a couple weeks ago and some dicknut gun seller left a .45 chambered. Fortunately, we weren’t near it, and even more fortunately the guy who pulled the trigger was pointing it at the ground, and even more fortunately it just splattered instead of ricocheting so the worst anyone got was cuts and scrapes and a burnt hole in a sweater. But my point is yeah, way too many actual idiots.

          • M1911

            In that situation, there were two idiots: the seller who didn’t clear the gun, and the buyer who pulled the trigger on a that he hadn’t cleared.

    • flyingburgers

      I think you’re right. You can just make out the “NRA” on the slide.

    • Hoplopfheil

      Here probably thinks that special edition Kryptek finish will camouflage it from view.

      • Michigunner

        Haha! I wonder if he ankle carries by just jamming it into his sock…

    • Ranger Rick

      Looks like some kind of hydro dip finish?

  • Sledgecrowbar

    Dammit, Dad! I told you someday you’d end up on TFB for that nonsense!

    – everyone here

  • MeaCulpa

    Instead of “oooh mr Bond! Is that a gun or are you just happy to se me?”
    This thing is more “oooh Bubba! Is that a gun or just a tail”

  • Gary Kirk

    This has got to be in the return line at a Wal-Mart..

  • Bill

    I’m guessing that the vast majority of Walmart shoppers never even noticed.

    • Some Guy

      If I’ve learned anything carrying a gun around it’s that having to pee in public is a hassle, but also people are really oblivious (one day I’ll carry a Mk23 just to prove the point…. just gotta buy one first)

      • Jim_Macklin

        I usually pee in a restroom, but if a public sidewalk is a hassle, you can now use ANY restroom, just say you are a ______ sex.

        • Billy Jack

          I hear if you wear sandals you can skip the declaration.

    • Jim_Macklin

      I’ve been in Wallyworld and the clerks don’t even notice an openly carried Glock on a woman’s belt holster. SOB isn’t comfortable if you sit down.

      • Core

        Criminals don’t open carry. I never get nervous around holstered guns. Hands in a hoodie pocket or a Highpoint stuffed in the front of baggy jeans is more likely to be a threat.

    • Leigh Rich

      Agree. Never had been noticed carrying concealed.

  • KoyoteTan

    To be fair he’s got enough of a waistline in the gut to where his belt is always going to be tight and pulling on that gun nice and tight. Hahaha

  • Karl Palmer

    Open carry is for self conscious idiots who want to satisfy their inner police fantasies.

  • LazyReader

    That Samsung 7 in his ass pocket is more dangerous

  • Ranger Rick

    CHL qualified and armed, ready for anything at the Walmart hair salon ?

  • Joe F.

    That’s just really sad and kinda disturbing on many levels……….wow. Somebody needs to do an intervention.

  • Will

    Dumbassedness abounds.

  • B. Young

    that must be his backup gun???, because my right hand in my pocket is wrapped around my J-Frame!

    • Jim_Macklin

      We thought you were checking out your junk. J-frame, OK

  • RSG

    There’s no doubt dude shoved it down his pants and thinks the muzzle end is inside his pants. Looks like he’s got the back plate holster clip. Someone should tell him.

  • Tom Currie

    The really strange thing about that picture is that it WASN’T taken at Walmart

  • Jim_Macklin

    A holster protects the gun and more importantly the trigger.. Magnum PI was a TV show. Only a fool carries without a holster IMHO.
    The location looks like a Walgreen’s drug store. The clothes are fine, clean but I guess that NY or C is too “with it” to wear comfortable summer clothes.
    Looks too big to be an LCP, my guess is some kind of Kel-Tec.

  • That ain’t Mexican Carry, it’s Taco Bell Carry. What a maroon.

  • jay

    I believe that’s illegal in most states, if not all. Not concealed, and not open carry.

  • andolini

    To big for an LCP. It can be an LC9.

  • All these clothing comments. What are you people the fashion police? What a bunch of homo’s.

    • Devil_Doc

      Did the jokes about jean shorts, tucked in t-shirt, and tall white socks hit too close to home Jim? 🙂

  • Frank Grimes

    Try going outside in cut-off mom jeans and thigh high white socks WITHOUT a gun.

    The estrogen level produced would literally kill you.

  • Doug Baskin

    Sign says, “All returns must be accompanied by the original sales receipt”
    – or a gun dangling from your belt! Jorts, white socks with lace-up-somethings and a green reminder-bracelet that reads, “Don’t forget your gun is hanging out your backside!”. I’m digging the red key-carbiner – just sets off the entire ensemble. And hand stuck in pocket – dude do you even tactical? Very tacticold. And all this while arguing in the beauty salon over a return w/o receipt. Certainly does give CCW a bad image!

  • Duke_Digger

    Is that a hair care product store? maybe that’s how all the hair benders carry.

  • valorius

    He probably didnt realize it didnt slide down the back of his jean shorts.

  • Nathan Means

    Bet he keeps the high capacity clipizines in his socks.

    Seriously though. If I saw this I might just take the gun and find it a loving holster. Let them be free at the nearest lgs.

  • jon spencer

    He has got the first rule covered, anyway.
    Have a gun.
    Everything else is opinions and there is a saying about opinions too.

  • David Bradshaw



    I took this picture in Cameron North Carolina is a lcp 380 NRA edition only thing holding he’s gun was the belt.

  • Leigh Rich

    I have had a CCW for 45 years. I carry OTB on right side. Most comfortable and accessible driving, sitting or standing. I just wear my shirt out. Could it peak out…I don’t care. The key is to have a good quality belt.

  • Kenneth Wetzel

    Funny you should talk about clothes, not all people go with fads, thank God. Now I know why my father could not understand me. You walk with your pants dragging the ground where your ass crack shows or you take a new pair of jeans and cut them to pieces. As far as the socks, at one time that was class, something along with taste and common sense that has been left out of todays thinking and dressing.


    …reach for his wallet/phone and get a whole lotta trigger…and a BANG
    stupid people

  • Archie Montgomery

    Looks like a smart phone to me. I’ve come to the conclusion from years of carrying a handgun, most people wouldn’t spot a handgun were it taped to my forehead.

    • Mr Evilwrench

      They sure don’t, even when I use Hello Kitty duct tape for my Deagle.

  • Whitney Philbrick

    Looks like a 9mm ATFOG….

  • Bill

    Looks like a SIG P239?

  • Jon Hammett

    He is probably using the clipdraw. An incredibly ridiculous and unsafe manner of carrying a firearm.

  • will_ford

    Saw one worse than that. OVERWEIGHT bald headed guy w/spandex stretchy type shorts & same type shirt. TUCKED in with LOUD print outline of like a CZ 9 Fullsize on his right hip EVERYTHING skin tight. THOUGHT I would puke at the sight. IN the grocery store to boot.

  • ckeltz3

    But at least his hands are toasty warm!
    He’s a straight-up badass….just ask him, I’m sure he’ll tell ya all about it.



  • Core

    If he gets a denim hydro dip you wouldn’t even see it..

  • Mark Cline
  • h87111

    I think the Dude missed his waistband…

  • Richard Lutz

    Illegal if the law requires that it be concealed. Open carry is bad as it puts a target on your back. Even worse is if you think it is concealed and it is not as you are not prepared for a gun grab. As it is not in a proper holster it is not secured from vigorous movement, much less a gun grab. Not a good look for gun owners either.