TFBTV: Top 5 Most Overrated CCW (FanBoy Trigger Warning)

In this episode of TFBTV, James discusses what he believes are the Top 5 Most Overrated CCW guns on the market today. While all of these guns are good choices for defensive carriers, these five stand out as being overrated for one reason or the other. James tells you the what and the why in this episode.

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Transcript ….

– Hey guys, James again for TFBTV.

Today on TFBTV, I’ve got something really important I wanna discuss with you.

And that is the top five most overrated concealed carry guns.

So, let’s jump right into it.

Number five: Glock 19.

I know you guys wanna put me in that glock fanboy box.

Yes, it is true that I called the Glock 43, the best concealed carry handgun out there.

Yes, it’s also true that the Glock 19 was in my top five concealed carry guns.

However, it’s also one of the most overrated concealed carry guns.

Now, Glock refers to the 19 as a compact gun, and I think they’re catfishing you guys a little bit.

The Glock 19 is not really that compact of a gun.

I would call the Glock 26 a compact gun, but not the Glock 19.

And that’s really why I believe the Glock 19 is one of the most overrated concealed carry guns on the market.

It’s a big, full size double stack.

So, the thing is, is it a bad concealed carry choice? No.

It’s in my top five.

I think it makes a great jack of all trades gun.

If you can only own one gun, it might be the Glock 19.

However, it’s not a compact gun.

Periodically, it gets old carrying a gun that weighs a pound and a half, plus 15 rounds, plus one, and you might find yourself falling into the trap where you say, I’m just gonna go around the block, do I really wanna strap two pounds to my waist? And that’s why I think the Glock 19 is one of the most overrated concealed carry guns out there.

Now, before I get to my number four pick, I want to give a shout-out to my AARP viewers, I love you guys, I hope you guys subscribed, or you watched a video to show you how to subscribe to videos on Youtube.

But if you think that Wu-Tang Clan is a Chinese restaurant, you’re not gonna like my number four pick, and you’re not gonna like my number one pick.

But we’ll start with number four, revolvers.

Yes, revolvers were on my top five CCW video.

In fact, I believe I was referring in that video to the Smith & Wesson Airweight series.

14 ounces, five shots at the.38 special, and utterly reliable and truly a pocketable gun.

I really do like revolvers, but I also think they’re extremely overrated.

Nothing pisses me off more than when you overhear at a gun store, someone asking someone, oh hey how’s this Glock 26 for concealed carry? And then you get some guy from the Elks Lodge down the street who says, No, no you don’t want one of those, they’re gonna jam up on you.

What you need is a good revolver.

My main issue with the revolvers, if I could describe it one word, inefficiency.

How are they inefficient? Well, we all know inefficient in terms of capacity, a J-Frame revolver’s only gonna hold five rounds of.38 special.

They’re inefficient because once you shoot those five rounds how long is it gonna take you to put another five rounds in there? And perhaps the most harmful thing, that.38 special round coming out of that J-Frame revolver, that little one and seven-eights inch barrel is probably going to hit softer than nine millimeter.

It’s gonna kick a lot more, too, and why is that? Well, because revolvers suffer from something called bleed-off.

That’s when the gases bleed off from the cylinder gap, behind the chamber.

Gases that bleed off, that aren’t propelling the bullet down the barrel, plus you’ve got a short barrel to boot.

So, that said, they’re really not efficient.

And I really wanna re-emphasize, I think revolvers are great concealed carry choices, but you guys that are going out there and saying that they’re the end-all be-all, that’s just not the case.

So, imagine if you will, the Wright Brothers.

The Wright Brothers they get together, they design this awesome thing, they’re gonna call it the airplane.

It’s gonna actually fly, it’s gonna take people up in the air.

They spend all this time designing it, all this time conceptualizing it, and when it comes down to making the airplane, instead of making it out of canvas and metal, and other airplane things, they make it out of poop.

Number three most overrated concealed carry guns, Kel-Tec’s.

Now, first I wanna say I own a Kel-Tec Sub-2000, I own a Kel-Tec P-11, and I own four Kel-Tec P-3AT’s.

Well, between me and my wife, we have two each.

No one’s gonna question that Kel-Tec is one of the most innovated companies out there.

The RDB, the KSG, the Sub-2000, the Kel-Tec P-3AT that Ruger straight up ripped off.

Nobody questions that Kel-Tec can design a good gun, but for some reason it seems like they take these awesome designs, then they make them out of recycled beach plastic, and pencil shavings.

Take the P-3AT for example.

It’s a great concealed carry gun, I love it.

I’ve got a bunch of them.

You can put it in your pocket, they’re cheap, they’re like a hundred and ninety dollars.

And they’re still reliable, at least mine have been.

But they’ve got a trigger by Cap’n Crunch, they’ve got some of the worst sites I’ve ever seen, the finish is awful, it’ll rust if you look at it with a teary eye.

There’s no last round slide catch, and by the way, whoever came up with wallet brown as a frame color should be incarcerated.

And I haven’t even mentioned the PF-9 yet, it’s just straight up gross.

It looks like it’s something from a fan-fiction remake of Tron.

Anyways, I still love Kel-Tec, I still love their guns.

I just really wish they would put a little more effort into completing the fantastic designs they have.

And that’s why I think they’re the number three most overrated concealed carry guns.

Number two most overrated concealed carry guns, German handguns, in particular Walther and HK.

In true German fashion, I’m going to present the numbers as to why I think these guns are overrated.

Now, before I look at these numbers with you guys, I also want to mention that they’re typically German guns, some of the most expensive concealed carry options on the market.

So they better be good, right? Well, they’re not really that efficient it turns out.

The PPS is half an inch taller than the Glock 43, but it’s got the exact same capacity.

It also weighs 22 ounces, which is the exact same weight as the Glock 26, which is a 10 round double stack sub-compact nine millimeter.

22 ounces is also a full eight ounces heavier than the 14 ounce Kahr PM9, which also is a six plus one nine millimeter.

I also want to throw in there that the PPS, the gen one had a piece, the backstrap, that, if you dropped the gun and the backstrap popped off, it would totally deactivate the gun.

The Walther CCP is one of the worst of them, and the M&P9C is smaller than the Walther CCP, yet it holds twelve plus one versus the CCP’s eight plus one.

Now, I wanna say that the Walther PPS is a great gun, especially the Gen 2, and I loved it, gave it a favorable review.

But for some reason the PPS is way bigger than it needs to be.

Alright, now let’s look at HK.

HK, again, you’ve got expensive, overpriced, inefficient guns.

Look at the H&K P7, for example.

It’s a gun that holds eight plus one, costs $1200, but then it weighs thirty ounces.

That’s more than two Kahr PM9’s, but let’s compare apples to apples.

Let’s look at HK’s newest double stack sub-compact nine millimeters, the P30SK and the P200SK.

Which both functionally have the same dimensions, and weight as the other.

Well, both of them are 1.4 inches thick, whereas most double stack nine millimeters are 1.2 inches thick.

Moreover, they’re both taller, thicker, and weigh more than the Glock 26, yet they cost at least a hundred dollars more.

So, in my opinion, German handguns are some of the most overrated concealed carry guns out there today.

Now, as I mentioned a little bit earlier, my number one pick is not going to be a very popular one.

But, I’m telling you, it’s the God’s honest truth, that the 1911 is hands-down, the most overrated concealed carry gun of all time.

Why is that? Well, let me count the ways.

Let’s start at number one, weight.

First of all, if you have a full size, all steel 1911, it’s gonna weight forty ounces.

So, for forty ounces, you could carry a Glock 26, and a Smith & Wesson Airweight, loaded, and still come out ahead.

Whereas, you’re limited to seven or eight plus one rounds of.45 with a full size, steel 1911.

Well, let’s try to give a fair comparison.

With the 1911, you’re shooting.45, and a lot of people won’t carry a gun that doesn’t have a caliber with a four in front of it.

So, the.45 Kimber Ultra CDP weighs twenty-five ounces.

Well, that’s larger and heavier than the Glock 30S, but the 30S is ten plus one, not to mention, I think the Ultra CDP retail is almost $1400 You can almost buy three Glock 30’s for that price, and the Glock 30’s are probably going to be more reliable.

And yes, double stack 1911’s do exist, but they’re kinda like me in high school, fat, weird, and unpopular.

The thing is, the 1911 it’s an antiquated design.

It’s well over 100 years old.

And I know all you guys are gonna get on here and say, oh yeah, that’s because there’s nothing wrong with it.

Well that’s not necessarily true.

As the overwhelming weight of the evidence seems to indicate that you have to spend, probably, twice as much as you would on like, a Glock or a Smith & Wesson M&P.

To get a gun, to get a 1911, that’s going to be reliable.

Now, guys, I know I’m (bleep) on 1911’s, but I really love 1911’s, I think they’re great guns, I’ve reviewed a bunch for this channel.

Triggers excellent, magazine release works perfectly.

Again, the weight’s excellent, the recoil mitigation, very good.

I can sit here and go on and on and on about how awesome this gun is.

(gun firing) – You know it’s very refreshing to me, I stand here all day long and watch everybody come and shoot I’m here so that the guns can hit the targets.

It’s very refreshing to have one of you guys be able to hit ’em.

– And yeah, they’re good guns in their own right.

But let’s be honest with ourselves, guys.

I mean, really, what does it offer in terms of reliability, over something like a Glock, a Sig, a Smith & Wesson? Even though it costs two to three times as much, I mean look at the Ultra CDP, I love that it says in their description, We save you $600, wow, thank you so much.

So this gun that weighs more than a Glock 30, but holds 30% fewer rounds costs $600 less than whatever, I don’t get it.

Now certainly there are advantages to carrying 1911’s.

You can get lighter weight 1911’s, they’re slim, they shoot well, they’ve got some of the best triggers out there, there’s no question that they’re proven design, although what they’ve proven is not exactly clear.

But, guys, face it.

Most overrated carry gun, period.

Guys, as usual, thanks for watching.

I really appreciate it.

Leave a comment, you didn’t like the list, you liked the list, you have your own list, leave your own list, your own top five most overrated concealed carry guns list in the comments.

I’d really appreciate it.

I’d also appreciate it if you subscribe.

Thank you to our sponsors, proxibid, and Ventura Munitions.

And I will see you guys next week.

(“Stars and Stripes Forever”)

James Reeves

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Maxim Magazine’s MAXIMum Warrior, 2011
• “Co-Director” [air quotes] of TFBTV
• Former Regional Sales Rep, Interstate Arms Corp., MA
• Champion, Key West Cinco De Mayo Taco Eating Competition
• GLOCK® Certified Pistol Operator, 2017-2022
• Lawyer
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  • Black Dots

    I can already hear readers’ heads exploding and keyboards shattering under the weight of a million frantic keystrokes.

    Bonus: James straight flexin’ at 9:46.

    • James Reeves

      It was the best 30 seconds of my life, Dots. You will see that clip again.

      • Black Dots

        I don’t blame you. Springfield’s 1911s look pretty sweet. My next handgun purchase is going to be a stainless Loaded (assuming I can find a CA compliant one in stock somewhere).

        • Marcus D.

          One of the guns on my list–maybe next, maybe not–is a full size Springfield 1911, probably a mil-spec (because I want one that looks just like the WWII model). Or maybe a Browning Hi Power. [Not that I’d carry either.]

          • James Reeves

            I have reviewed several of the SA 1911s for TFBTV. I think SA has really hit their stride with them.

    • iksnilol

      Reason I watched the video to be honest.

  • Joseph Goins

    This whole video assumes that smaller guns are better concealed carry handguns than larger ones. There is something to be said for that, but it is entirely dependent on each person’s body size. James is probably 5’10” and a lean 170#. He said the Glock 19 too big to regularly carry. I’m 6’4″ and a muscular 220#. I used to conceal a Glock 17 everyday with no concealment issues before I upgraded to the HK VP9 (which is 0.02″ shorter and 0.14″ wider).

    • ARCNA442

      You really don’t even need to be that big – I’m slightly smaller than James and carry a Glock 19 every day. Good holster, good belt, and dress around the gun.

    • James Reeves

      6 flat and 180. While you are correct, at some point you have to fit (no pun) the content to the average viewer, who is, statistically, 5’9″ and 190. I am envious of you guys who can IWB a Howitzer, but most people can’t.

      • Joseph Goins

        Off by 2″ and 10#? Not bad considering I’ve never met you before.

        • James Reeves

          I was about to say…

        • Edeco

          Yeah, I’d have guessed shorter. That’s a good thing, assuming one wants to look classically athletic. People don’t scale up and down exactly uniformly, I think if someone’s above average and looks shorter with nothing for scale they must be close to the archetype anyway.

          People usually think I’m taller due to I think being skinny and, eh, unintentional lordly mannerisms :S

          • Joseph Goins

            I honestly would have guessed 180# but I thought he would come though the internet and kick my ass.

          • James Reeves

            Nah man, I get it all the time. I think the haircut throws people off. I bet if I got a buzzcut, people would think I was 6’2″ 225#.

      • Dave

        Wear an actual shirt for once instead of those tiny dishrags and you too can CC a decent gun.

      • Marcus D.

        Well, I am at the statistical norm for weight, and in a couple of years I will probably have shrunk down to the height as well. (Getting old ain’t for sissies.)

      • iksnilol


        *dreams shattered*

        I am taller than you, though lighter (no doubt due to the two guns you OC).

      • Trey

        6 feet 5 inches 185 pounds and even with that there’s a lot of full size pistol that would be disadvantageous even attempts to carry in a warm environment. If a suit coat was a standard bit of kit there’s a lot more choices but in South Texas a fair number of months do not particularly encouraged that!

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          Hey, it’d help TFBTV’s budget as well.

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            Pro tip. It’s not TFB.

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    This guy knows what he’s talking about, he went to Front Sight and is an Appleseed qualified Marksman. Lol.

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      …but for some reason I get paid to come here week after week to complain and piss into the wind. Just doesn’t seem fair.

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      • Pete – TFB Writer

        Drafting a rebuttal now. Wait for it…

        “The crisp, cool break in that Glock trigger instilled confidence in the shooter and onlookers alike. Mesmerizing children passing by – stores closed, traffic stopped and time seemed to pause as if listening for a reset that never came. This Devine mechanism needed no upgrades, for it was already perfection.”

        • Havok

          Yet the drop in connector is the 2nd thing I sell with almost every Glock out of the shop, right after I sell them some sights. lol

    • TheMaskedMan

      lol, I guess James is the resident “hey let’s piss off the fans” author now that Alex has moved on.

      In all seriousness though, I mostly agree with this list. I do carry German guns from time to time, but they tend to be the duty-sized ones and not the subcompact. I’ll defend the PPQ all day.

      • James Reeves

        Haha for the record, I love Walther as a company and for their gear. I hope they don’t blacklist me.

      • iksnilol

        I thought Comrade Nathaniel was the resident “piss people off” guy, I mean he hates the AR-15, loves the M14 and prefer’s Obrez’ over pistols. The guy’s a lunatic. :O

      • Harry’s Holsters

        The PPQ for me doesn’t carry near as well as the Glock 19 in most of my clothing. The PPQ prints and is just enough larger to make the different. I have one sweater where the PPQ works better. But for most sweaters, T shirts, button downs, and sport tops the Glock works better for me.

  • Hermann Göring

    Get it? “Trigger” Warning. Oh so clever.

  • Bucho4Prez

    Oh no! Not zee Germans!

  • Bucho4Prez

    My normal suggestion of carry piece is to get something reliable, that they can shoot well, and that they wouldn’t mind accidentally dropping in or around a public toilet accidentally. As that is probably more likely than having to use it in self defense.

  • Reed Jaracz

    I was going to complain about people complaining about carrying a G19 size gun, but saw below that James correctly referenced the average build of a US male and made a fine point by it. I withdraw my badgering. At 6’1″ and 180 I am a bad example of average.

  • Steve

    Between cherry-picking technical details of the the guns and injecting personal opinions on things like color of the frame, this is a pretty lousy list.

    Anyone can go down a list and say ‘x’ gun is 0.1 inches thicker than ‘y’ gun, and is therefore a worse CCW… but this entirely fails the human interaction part of the equation.

    I’ve held tiny guns that are terrible for CCW, and full-size guns that work great. This is why you need to go to a shop, or preferably a rental range, and find out what works for you.

    • James Reeves

      Next Top 5 CCW List:

      1) Whatever you think is best;
      2) Whatever you like the most;
      3) Whatever fits you the best;
      4) Whatever you think is best and like the most that you can afford to buy;
      5) Whatever, you know, just speaks to you.

      Your point is well taken, but any list I make is going to be based on my personal opinion, grounded in as much fact as possible. The “interaction part” doesn’t lend itself to lists. But go to the 13:53 mark in my Top 5 CCW video anyways.

      • Ben Wong

        answer: 1. 1911
        2. 1911
        3. 1911
        4. 1911 (I own rock island/kimber/STI)
        5. 1911

        guess what … my cwp I carry is Springfield XDS .45

        • James Reeves

          1. Glock 43
          2. Glock 19 Gen 3
          3. Glock 19 Gen 4
          4. Glock 19 Gen 2
          5. Glock 26

          • James Young

            So I think what you’re saying is the M&P Shield is the best choice? Got it

      • Matt

        Sig P938. For all of them. Such a great CC Piece. If I go bigger I go straight for my G17 Gen 2, or a K-frame .357 snubnose. I’m 5’11” 190, don’t have much of an issue, but maaaan, that SiG 938 carries nice AIWB.

        I like the G26, but I feel it needs more grip, therefore the 19 would sever me better…. But then I feel that the 19’s grip is a bit stubby, so I keep my G17 kicking around all the time.

  • Joe


    • James Reeves

      Mean comments aren’t going to get Alex back, Matt

      • James Reeves

        But we DO need someone to review the C&R stuff, Alex was pretty damn sharp with that.

        • JustAHologram

          I’ve got faith in you

        • Dave

          Give Ian from Forgotten Weapons a call.

        • iksnilol

          I am sure you can do it, just get a period correct medium or small shirt for the era the gun is from.

    • AJ187

      No thanks…

  • Kivaari

    I’d have to agree – mostly. I use the Centennial, as it simply is small enough to always be in a pocket. AND I sometime carry a Glock 19, but don’t most of the times because of the very same reasons you cited. What I find wrong with the Glock 26 – sized pistols is they are still too big for a pocket gun,m so they are belt guns. Being a belt gun means I can carry a Glock 19 just as easily, and I can shoot them better than the M26, Overall, your list is pretty good.

    • Bill

      The Centennial rocks. I got my first one, an Airweight, when my wife was pregnant and kid born, because I could clip it in the waistband of scrub pants. It still pulls pocket and ankle duty decades later.

  • Bill

    The Glock 19 is “compact” like the SIG P228/229, Colt Commander and the Beretta 92 whose model number I can’t remember are “compact.” They are versions of full-size pistols that can serve both uniform/open carry and concealed carry. The G26/43, 938, Nano and the Old Mustang/Pony are the subcompacts, which seems like a stupid word. I’m currently carrying the same “compact” both in uniform and concealed.

    The 1911 weighs a lot, but carries light, assuming a good holster and belt. I still carry one sometimes off duty when I’m confident a supervisor wont catch me. I also sneak in a .45 ACP S&W P325 and a couple spare moon clips when I’m feeling really uppity.

  • Vitsaus

    I just came here to see the level of butt-hurt in the comments.. totally worth it.

  • John

    I’m not sure it is fair to use the glock 43 to criticize the PPS when Walther beat them to market by something like 5 years in the USA.

    There were not that many single stack 9mm carry pistols available when the PPS was released. Walther, S&W, and Springfield are the reason Glock made the 43. Without them, Glock wouldn’t have bothered.

    Also, the size isn’t that different, a little extra mass soaks up recoil, paddle mag release is great, different ergonomics. Different strokes for different folks.

    • James Reeves

      I like your points. In response:

      1) Walther did not so much “beat” Glock to the market as much as Glock was very, very late to the market. The Kahr PM9 had been around for years by the time the PPS dropped, and the PM9 smokes the PPS dimensionally speaking. Moreover, the PPS M2 dropped only recently, and no improvement was made in that regard.

      2) However, as you say, there are certainly benefits to additional mass. But I base my calculus on what I believe the average viewer would value more – efficiency in terms of capacity to size or additional weight and “features”. The market seems to favor efficiency over inefficiency, or at least there needs to be a big trade off (e.g., caliber) that comes with the additional mass.

      • JustAHologram

        Just bust out the efficiency spread sheet

  • Fruitbat44

    Nice that the video understands the difference between “overrated” and “bad.” Or if you will the difference between “perfect” and “good.”

  • Vhyrus

    “The 1911 is the most overrated concealed carry handgun ever.”

    Fixed it for you.

    • Amplified Heat

      No kidding. About 2/3 of the Glock fanboidom is simply the result of a defensive inferiority complex reacting to all the 1911 snobbery (and outright bull) out there

      • Kivaari

        My appreciation of Glocks only came after I was issued a M17. After 10 years without mishaps and around 30,000 rounds I figured it was a damn good design. Now 20 years later I haven’t changed my mind.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          You learn to love glocks from shooting them. Very few people pick up a glock for the first time and go man I like this. But after they learn how to shoot and then learn the advantages of the glock they’ll get it.

    • Scott

      I’m with you. I can’t figure out the love so many still have for such a borderline obsolete design. My best friend has a Springfield XDM in .45. It’s lighter, shoots the same round, and carries almost twice as much ammo in the magazine. What’s not to love? .45 ACP is a fine round for those who can shoot it well, but why not pick a more modern design to shoot it with?

      • Bill

        When something works well, why change? Just because something is newer does not mean it’s better.

        • Scott

          Pretty sure I just gave three reasons why my friend’s XDM is better than a 100 year old design.

          • Joshua Knott

            idk shooting .45 out of such a small handgun when the time arises seems more like a liability than an effective means, i like shooting the XD’ms but i shoot a 1911 more accurately. the weight helps with recoil. They do teach you to shoot multiple times in fast succession right?

          • Bill

            That’s assuming that “lighter” and more ammunition are actually improvements. I’ve never shot my GLOCK 21 as fast and accurately as I have my 1911s.

            A different Bill.

          • Scott

            On what planet is “more ammunition” NOT an improvement, son?

          • Bill

            On the planet where having a huge thick butt makes for bad ergonomics. I won’t carry a higher capacity gun that i don’t handle as well over a lower capacity gun that I shoot better just because it carries more rounds, though I would need them because I’d probably miss more.

            I can also carry four 8 round spare 1911 mags in approximately the same space as 2 GLOCK 21 mags, so whats the diff?

          • tomah57

            Like the old saying goes “If it works don’t fix it”

      • Harry’s Holsters


      • Paul White

        Great trigger, and I have a very easy time shooting it accurately. I’m debating getting a pair of 9mm ones and finding some extended magazines. I just have a much easier time shooting them well vs most double stacked guns.

      • Michael_Walters

        Familiarity. The Marine Corps trained me for the gun and I carried one for duty. I can strip it without hardly looking at it. I know it’s strengths and weaknesses. For me it’s a great fit (currently carrying a Ruger SR1911. But I also don’t tell others what they should/shouldn’t carry. I just bought my wife a Springfield XDS in 9mm. She liked the ergonomics.

  • Disarmed in CA

    Carrying a full size cop is overrated

  • Heckler_und_Koch ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    Stupid list. My P7s (I have two of them) hold 13 rounds, by the way. I don’t carry one because I don’t want some government hack helping himself to it should I ever have to use it. Ever hear of the VP9? Didn’t think so…

    • James Reeves

      Oh right. That’s the polymer H&K that the Glock relegated to obsolescence right? Gotcha.

      Hey, does anyone here remember what Roy Rogers’ horse was named?

      • James Reeves

        Kidding about the vp9 by the way, I am actually looking forward to trying one.

      • Marcus D.


  • retfed

    I agree with you on Kel-Tecs (no quality control) and HKs (overpriced, and the P7 is now an irreplaceable heirloom), but I would make some changes, to wit:

    Springfield XD: Blocky, prints easily, and I can’t consistently hit the grip safety. If I can’t, others can’t.

    Anything with a too-small or too-flat outside safety. I’d put some Browning Hi-Powers in that category, and I love BHPs.

    As much as I love them, I’d have to agree with you on full-size revolvers, but I think the J-frames fill a unique niche. I’ve found the shape of the Centennial or the old Bodyguard (638, etc.) makes them much easier to draw from the pocket than any auto. I haven’t tried the LCR, but it would probably do well in a pocket, too.

    And of course, if you want to carry something that weighs too much and can’t be trusted, carry a 1911. Or a politician.

  • dave

    Great video! I thought you made salient points. I also dont get the gun store revolver pushing. I have encouraged females to consider revolvers for simplicity of operation in case of a misfire but when it comes to range time that little j frame bucks hard and they end up with a semi auto when they take the time to try both systems out.
    Guys are going to whine and compare this to alex but you know that the gun community resists change more than putin resists getting out of office. Keep it up!

    • Marcus D.

      I’ve given my daughter two semiautos, the last one the FNX in .45 (which she says she shoots better than her compact 9 mm). But I’d never send her a 1911 because they are more complex to disassemble. Plastic semiautos in 9 mm with a 3″ or 4″ barrel are excellent choices for new women shooters.

  • Nashvone

    How can the CCP make it on the list of most over-rated CCW pistols when everyone on the planet knows it’s a total piece of garbage?

  • gunsandrockets

    The 1911 as #1 over-rated for CCW? Uh, who the heck recommends a 1911 for concealed carry? Odd odd choice.

    With all the geezer talk I thought the #1 spot was going to go to the PPK. A design as popular and as widely imitated as the 1911, and still popular for concealed carry.

    • Paul White

      Go to enough gun blogs/sites and you’ll see some.

      The hell of it is I really like 1911s. And I don’t think they’re a bad choice for a house gun. But they’re large and heavy, and if I’m carrying something that large around I’d like more rounds in exchange for it.

    • Dougscamo

      Doesn’t Phil White carry one?…..

  • Aaron E

    “and then you get ‘some guy’ from the Elk’s Lodge down the street …”

    “and by the way, whoever came up with wallet brown as a frame color should be incarcerated”

    Now that was funny James!

  • James Young

    This is informative and well thought out…I mean, um, uh…this is garbage! I love Glock19/Airweights/KelTec/Germans/1911, it’s the best gun(s) ever!

    Subtext is too much, I don’t know how to reply in the comments anymore

  • TexianPatriot

    The beach plastic and pencil shavings comment was hilarious, I almost lost it. But if that’s what they are made of how come they only make about 3 of everything they have. I didn’t know beach plastic and pencil shavings were so rare.

  • Amplified Heat

    “It’s gonna kick a lot more, too, and why is that? Well, because revolvers suffer from something called bleed-off.

    That’s when the gases bleed off from the cylinder gap, behind the chamber.”
    Anyone else confused? Bleed off might make your bullet (a hair, usually 100fps or so it seems) slower, which in turn leads to a gun that reacts/kicks less. The gasses are also venting laterally vs. straight out the bore after accelerating to a great speed, so their significant contribution to recoil is also mitigated, similar to how a muzzle break works.

    Lastly, where are you seeing P7’s for 1200$? That’s like the price for the P9S that isn’t as beloved for some reason, 7’s seem to be taking off like Pythons these days.

    • James Reeves

      You stripped the statement from context. They have more recoil than semiautos but are less powerful due to bleed off (among other factors) – not “bleed off causes additional recoil”.

      • RetroG

        Even re-reading that paragraph in context, the way you wrote it does not make sense. Take the “It’s gonna kick a lot more, too” out of the middle of the paragraph and put it at the end, it all makes sense.

  • Ranger Rick

    The most ‘rated’ handgun is the one that fits your hand and your needs, these alone should be the determining factors. And the Colt Commander, Lightweight Officer’s Model and Detective Special still rock.

  • Wanlace Yates

    Totally agree about German guns, 1911s, and Glock 19s. I would add to the 19 any so called ‘compact’ double stack 9mm – SIG 228 & 320, XD, FN, and so on. Sorry, may work for military and LE types who don’t need to care so much about printing, but these really do not conceal all that great.

    Totally disagree about Keltecs and revolvers. They work! And they carry well for lots of civilian clothes and needs. Having a gun that works and that you will have with you beats ‘efficiency’ every day. As for Keltec finishes, who cares for a gun that will probably rot in an evidence locker for months or years if it ever gets used for real? Hey James, you could afford FOUR of those P3ATs! You really want them to throw on bling and take you down to three or two?

    • Marcus D.

      I totally agree with you on the double stacks. Like totally, Dude! I can’t conceal one at all–or a 1911 for that matter–without printing.

  • flyfishr

    Someone attended the James Yeager school of YouTube click bait.

  • Smedley54

    Well, you’ve got courage….

  • John Yossarian

    +1 to the video and the rational or humorous comments
    -1 to the “watching James hurts my mangina” comments

  • Hoplopfheil

    If somebody can point to a gun that holds 15 rounds of 9mm and is smaller than a GLOCK 19, I would be very interested.

    Love that efficiency! But still not my choice of carry piece.

  • AD

    Most overrated concealed carry guns: glocks, 1911s, revolvers, and German guns? Oh James, you magnificent troll you.

    I found the video highly entertaining even though I didn’t agree with some of it. “It’ll rust if you look at it with a teary eye” – priceless!

    • iksnilol

      That’s why I carry a Makarov… not really, really want one tho but only have a Tokarev.

      • Bob

        Actually, though I own a number of different pistols and am a US citizen, I have only ever carried my Makarov. I have bought largely full sized handguns and sticking them on my skinny frame kind of stands out, but not the Mak. It helps that I like it and feel it is quite accurate.

        • iksnilol


          You bring much joy to this old comrade.

  • jerry young

    You seem to be fixated on weight and size, I carried a 1911 in the military and had no problem with the weight or size my problem with it is more the capacity and ammo, today I carry a full size Springfield XD Mod2 9mm in a custom IWB Kydex holster and most of the time I hardly notice it, I do prefer the 1911.45 over the 9mm but my 9 holds 17 rounds compared to the 1911’s 7 and the 9mm ammo is more widely used so if needed you could pick up dropped ammo when you run short and availability on the market seems at this time to be plentiful, I chose the Springfield over the Glock mainly because of past experience shooting them and the Springfield has a passive external safety to go with the trigger safety and don’t feel the trigger safety is a safety at all, in other words you should carry a gun that is reliable, that you are comfortable with the weight and size and fits your hands, that you can shoot well, that you can conceal and has as large capacity as possible and ammo is plentiful! not because someone recommends it or doesn’t

  • Bill

    The most overrated handgun meme? “You’ll need to spend three or four times as much to get a reliable 1911 than if you just went with a (insert favorite polymer striker fired 9).


    I’ve been regularly shooting a variety of 1911’s longer than many TFB readers have been alive. Organized competition, plinking cans, training others, carrying them concealed. So I have more than a bit of experience with the guns. Maintain them properly and don’t play around with important parts, the guns run and run. The people who tell you otherwise are almost always the ones selling you the overpriced “upgrade” parts.

    • Paul White

      Yep. They are more expensive than polymer guns (for reference, my cheapy Rock Island that’s pretty damn reliable was 550 or so, whereas my LC9s was 350 or so), but hardly 3-4x the cost

  • iksnilol

    “fat, weird, and unpopular.”

    I refuse to believe this, James-kun.

    • James Reeves

      OK so I made that part up

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I heavily disagree about the Glock 19. It’s one of the most efficient guns in it’s class in terms of size and rounds count. M&Pc/FNS are barely smaller and the PPQ is roughly a half inch longer while the VP9 is even bigger. It’s big enough for most people to get their whole hand on yet small enough to conceal for most males.

    I think your weight argument holds some merit if you’re trying to pocket carry those guns which I personally don’t have the frame to do. But with a good belt the weight won’t make that much different. I carry there style guns AIWB with extended mags on single stacks so I’m different than the average person carrying behind the hip.

    1911 is one of the best guns for niches such as 9mm carry for strong people who suffer from arthritis. You have to be larger to conceal it but for some people it’s a great choice.

  • Steve

    Hey guys its James responding to every comment…sad…desperate.

    • James Reeves

      I would define “sad” and “desperate” as posting *from the same IP address* under the handles “Steve” and “Jesse” with two fake emails…but that’s none of my business (insert Kermit). LOLOL. I feel bad for you, my man. Thanks for watching anyways. Steve/Jesse/whatever your name is. LOL.

  • claymore

    Kel-tecs have terrible “Sites”? Do they replace the sights?

    • maodeedee

      No, it’s their web site he was talking about.

  • Joshua Knott

    ahahahahah thank god cz didnt make that list. Nothing against the glock, but once you go cz you truly never go back.

  • Bob

    Ooooo… A P7 dig. Bet you couldn’t wait till Alex C was gone, could you? ;D

    Anyway, I have to say I really agree with the Glock 19. My father bought one, likes it a lot, but when I was in Big R looking at the Glocks on sale I couldn’t quite see why I should trade those extra rounds for a slightly shorter butt, so I got me a 17…

  • Pete Sheppard

    Fun video–thanks!
    I read the ‘compact’ for G19 as compared to the original ‘full-size’ G17.
    As for the list, I’m surprised to hear revolvers (j-frames) and Kel-tecs ‘overrated’. Most of what I’ve read indicates they don’t get much respect.
    1911, I agree. Back when I started CCW, all these micro-guns were unheard of; you had Commanders and expensive custom chop jobs. NOW, of course, there is a vast selection of truly small, effective pistols with really good ammo!

  • Trey

    Really enjoyed the age humor not. I will agree that modern Pistols made out of materials that don’t rust do tend to be better next to one’s body on long periods of time. Of course there are reasons why revolvers are not overrated for instance it happens to be the firearm that the shooter is most comfortable with but let’s let mr. Tacticool tell us all why it’s overrated idea being comfortable with the weapon you’re going to carry

  • Independent George

    I the mid-size pistols like the G19 has its place. Namely, for OWB in cold-weather cities where you spend half the year covered by five layers of clothing and could probably conceal a blunderbuss if you really wanted to.

  • demophilus

    I dunno. As for “German” guns, the original P99 was underrated — no bigger than a G19, and IMHO it pointed and shot better.

    As for revolvers, snubs and pocket guns have put down a lot of miscreants, agricultural pests, rabid or barnyard animals, and not a few large hooked fish (sharks, halibut, etc.). But that was way back when “tactical” was an adjective, not a lifestyle.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Agreed. You have to want to carry a Glock 19 to make it work but I think the single stack 9s follow into that category as unless you’re a giant or wear very baggy clothing You’re going to have to carry IWB or OWB at which point almost any gun becomes slightly noticeable.

  • guest

    I would agree about revolvers–maybe not generally, but five-shot snubbies. Let’s go down the list of snubby attributes, shall we?

    * tiny sight radius plus Arrow Staple Gun trigger pull makes the 2″ snubby the single hardest type of firearm to shoot accurately under stress–just the thing for Grandma, or your wife, who’s never seen a gun except on TV

    * with the hottest .38 Special +P loads, recoil will bounce the fillings right out of your teeth, yet it’s still only about as powerful as .380 ACP (remember that published ballistic figures for .38 Special still almost universally assume 4″ or 6″ barrels, not 2″ snubbies, so cut 150-200 f.p.s. or more off those velocities to see what you’ll actually be getting)

    * oh, you want to shoot fullpower .357 Magnum out of that 14 ounce alloy-frame snubby with the 1 7/8″ barrel? enjoy your 9mm ballistics, six-foot-long blinding white fireball, bruising recoil, and split times that can be measured with a calendar

    * speaking of things that can be timed with a calendar; those five shots had better be enough to do you for the rest of your life, because that’s how long it’s going to take to reload and get back in the fight

    * massively fat cylinder that makes the gun less concealable than a slim singlestack .380 or 9mm that’s at least as powerful if not much more so, holds almost twice the ammunition, and has half the recoil, and probably a better trigger too, plus detachable box magazines

    Admittedly most incidents of defensive firearm use come up at only 2-3 rounds, and a 5-shot snubby will probably, usually, mostly be enough. It has been said that if you have to draw the CCW gun, statistically speaking it will probably be in a dark alley against a couple of hoodlums armed with a machete and a sixty-year-old “Rohm” .22 revolver, and there will be winners and losers very, very quickly, before that 5-shot snubby runs dry. It’s still lacking in power and hard to shoot well under stress, and there are no positive trade-offs that you get here over using a thinner, more concealable .380 or compact 9mm that will have a better trigger, half the recoil, more rounds on tap, much more power if it’s 9mm, and probably better sights and a longer sight radius too.

    I can actually see the appeal of carrying something like a 4″ S&W Model 13 or 686, or GP100. .357 Magnum has a well earned reputation as a fight stopper, and the longer sight radius will make the guns easier to shoot for those who like a DA revolver. Or even a larger caliber. There may be someone out there who’s got an old S&W Model 58 in .41 Magnum who’s carrying it inside the waistband, maybe an old cop who shoots it really well. I sure as hell wouldn’t be the one to go up against him.

    But a 2″ five-shot .38 snubby? You’ve got to be kidding me. They were obsolete when Colt brought out the Model 1908 in .380, over a century ago. The existence of designs like the Kahr CW9 or the Glock 43 leaves me mindboggled that anyone would choose a J-frame over them. Thin singlestack 9mm CCW guns have been out there for decades now (go find a used Star Firestar M43 and check out the handling qualities some time)–they’re not some new thing. Maybe that guy from the Elks Lodge just hasn’t heard about them yet. I’m guessing that guy doesn’t do a lot of shooting either.

  • Joe Gamer
    • maodeedee

      They’re nice guns to shoot but not so nice to carry. They are thick as brick and just about as heavy compared to a single stack 9mm. I’d prefer one of the old HKP7’s.

  • maodeedee

    Very well thought out. I am an admitted Glock fan boy and a revolver fan boy as well. But the Glock 19 is too big and so is the Glock 43. The Glock 43 should have been made only SLIGHTLY larger than the Glock 42, either that, or offer the G42 in 9mm Makarov so you can shoot the 115 grain Buffalo Bore loads.
    That brings us to the kel-tecs. the PF9 is the perfect size for 24-7-365 concealed carry but it has a chintzy little stamped steel extractor that CAN NOT be relied on. Say what you want about Glocks but they do go BANG every time you pull the trigger.
    Revolvers? if they are small enough and light enough to carry, they are hard to shoot well. But the best compromise is an airweight 38 special snubby loaded with full wadcutters. I sometimes carry an old-school model 38 humpback airweight with the semi-concealed hammer and just have to plan on making all 5 shots count.
    As far as the German guns, I have a Luger and it’s beautiful to look at, but I fully understand why the Germans lost both world wars. Their best move in WWII was to take over Belgium and started using Browning P-35’s.