Savage Arms Updates 10/110 BA Rifles with NEW Stealth Precision Line-Up

Stealth Precision

Most of us likely remember the original Savage Arms 10/110 BA which was discontinued. Monstrous in size. Monstrous in price. It was notably accurate, but the sheer weight, size, and price tag definitely hindered the popularity of the model. Savage Arms did not give up on the BA series of rifles though. They were just going back to the drawing board. The new result is the 10/110 BA Stealth Precision rifle line-up.

Stealth Precision

The original, but now discontinued 110 BA in .338 Lapua Magnum

The new 10/110 BA Stealth Precision rifles are offered in 4 calibers: 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, and .338 Lapua Magnum. Two calibers dedicated for the short-action 10 BA, and two for the long-action 110 BA.

For those unfamiliar with the Savage Arms rifle numbering system, any short-action caliber receives a 2-digit model name while long-action calibers get a 3-digit designation.

The short- and long-action models have a lot in common, but they do have some small differences as well.

10 BA Stealth, Precision (Short-Action)

  • 5/8″x24 TPI Threaded Barrel w/ Thread Protector
  • Evolution Gun Works (EGW) One-Piece Scope Rail
  • Fab Defense GL-SHOCK 6-Position, Shock-Absorbing Buttstock w/ Adjustable Cheek Piece

110 BA Stealth, Precision (Long-Action)

  • 5/8″x24 TPI Threaded Barrel w/ Muzzle Brake
  • Drake One-Piece Scope Rail
  • Fab Defense GLR-16 6-Position Buttstock w/ Adjustable Cheek Piece

The BA Stealth, Precision series has a lot of what tactical shooters are looking for in a rifle nowadays. Savage Arms expanded on what exactly went into the process of building this new rifle:

Savage teamed with Drake Associates to expand this “BA” line of long-range chassis rifles. The new Model 10/110 BA Stealth features a factory-blueprinted Model 10/110 barreled action mated to a custom version of the Drake Hunter/Stalker monolithic chassis, which has been enhanced to Savage’s specifications. A similar Savage/Drake combination recently took first place for a National Guard Team and 8th place overall at the 2015 U.S. Army International Sniper Competition.

This is definitely a rifle I would like to take to the range and see what it can truly do. It has all the makings of what should be a top-notch shooting platform.

You can view a specification rundown on the Savage Arms website here:

The short-action calibers are currently MSRP’ed around $1,200 while the long-action models flutter from $1,400 – $1,600. That sounds like a lot, but it is still almost $1,000 cheaper than the previous models.

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • JumpIf NotZero

    Still missing a LOT of the features the Ruger Precision Rifle comes with.

    But, I do give them points for not making the chassis much bigger than it needs to be (although that hand guard could be longer). Definitely an improvement on their old hog.

    • JustAHologram

      Well Ruger’s universal mag well is a tough act to follow but we don’t know what kind of out of the box accuracy this has

      • Drew Coleman

        Savage rifles are pretty well known for being accurate, aren’t they?

        • JustAHologram

          They are, it will be interesting to see how this stacks up to the RPR in that department

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          Accurate, easily rebarreled, and some of the best factory triggers. As JAHologram said, the RPR’s dual-mag compatible magwell is a tough act to follow, but the BA Stealth has some serious strong points.

    • iksnilol

      The RPR isn’t made in .338 tho 😛

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Check in soon.

        • BobinMI

          If you’ve got info let me know now before I drop the coin on one of these in 300 win. I prefer the RPR in every way but caliber options.

  • Budogunner

    At least it comes in .300 Win.

  • Aaron E

    I have owned a Savage Model 111 in .30-06 for over 15 years, and it has been a true performer for me.

    However, since Savage was acquired by ATK a few years ago I’ve had several law enforcement sources complain of accuracy issues with Model 10’s. One rifle was shooting 2-3 MOA consistent among several shooters who tried to diagnose the problem. During an advanced sniper course another Savage had the bolt break and partially come apart. There was a lot of shooting, but no other rifles had problems.

    On the other hand, 6-7 years ago a shooter at a basic sniper course used a Savage and was one of the most consistently accurate shooters in the class. I like Savage rifles a lot, and what they have brought to the rifle market (Accu-trigger, Accu-stock, etc.). I’m concerned that the buyouts may have reduced some of their famed quality control which has resulted in sporadic accuracy issues.

  • ??

    I had one of the .338 110BA rifles. It really was gigantic. The muzzle brake was very effective. I really did enjoy hitting gongs at 1500 yds. But alas the .338LM becomes ridiculously expensive to shoot in volume so I sold it. This new set up looks much more manageable to lug around. The new 110 stealth weighs 11lbs vs the 15lbs of the old rifle. Pretty interesting, looks like a good set up this time around.

  • John

    These things are being cranked out like Skittles now after I already bought a .308. Where were all these cheap, accurate accessorizable rifles 4 years ago?!?!?!

  • SlowJoeCrow

    Needs a left handed model, preferably 6.5, but .308 would be OK since 6.5 is a simple barrel swap.

  • Leveller

    Almost $700.00 More than the Ruger Precision Rifle?

    • BobinMI

      They seem to be going for very similar prices on Gunbroker and the savage comes in Magnums

      • Leveller

        There’s a Company near College Station, Texas (Texas A&M) called Champion Firearms which was as of 6 month ago. Selling the Ruger Precision Rifle for ~$950.00, whether they still are I don’t know.

        • bobinmi

          a quick search found 6 places that are selling the savage in 6.5 and 308 for 949.99 or less and the magnums are going for about 1150