New Gear: JM4 Tactical Quick Click and Carry Holsters

JM4 Holsters

JM4 Tactical announced a new line of holsters that are designed to be a more comfortable solution to concealed carry when compared to other options on the market. Called the Quick Click and Carry (QCC) holsters, these rigs are vegetable tanned leather designs that use magnetic retention to hold your pistol in place.

The holsters are designed to carry a range of different guns in each size. Since the rigs use a magnetic retention device instead of a molded fit to keep the gun in place, these holsters are fitted a bit more like a pouch so you can carry multiple pistols (one at a time, of course) in each holster. For example, a “small” size holster can accommodate a Bersa 380 Thunder, Ruger LCP, SIG P238, and a Makarov in addition to more than 15 other guns tested by the company.

The base model comes in a plain tan. The company also offers brown and black rigs that are hand dyed and free of chrome salt. If you are looking for something more fancy, the company also offers custom rigs made with elephant and shark skin.

The company offers a 10 day money back guarantee. Pricing starts at $69.95 and goes up depending on the finishing you select. The exotic leathers start at more than $200, but that shouldn’t be any surprise to someone in the market for a carry rig made of these difficult to obtain hides.

Richard Johnson

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  • After purchasing several popular and expensive IWB holsters, I determined somehow that the cheaper nylon “Uncle mikes” style holsters do best with me iwb, or pocket (if I remove the clip).

    Never in a hunnid yearzzzz did I believe that I could spend $15 for a retention system and love it. Oddly enough BT380 and LCP(P3AT) are my two main carry pieces!

    Tempted to try this…

    • DIR911911 .

      that’s what I use daily and only wear one out after about 2 years. I use one with my taurus pt145 and my s&w 686+. super thin , keeps the metal off your skin and cheap. what more do you need?

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Suffers from the same problem as most universal style holsters. The XDs/XDm looks like it’ll work fine but the LCP has to much material where the trigger guard and grip meet.

    Are these just meant to be pushed into the waistband and held by friction? Is the retention light enough the holster won’t come out with it.

    • Shawndalyn Myers

      Hi Harry, we actually have multiple sizes to accommodate most handguns. The LCP would actually need a medium that has a cut that is meant for your shorter gripped guns. Our XL holster was actually designed specifically for the front curl of the XD and XDM.

      These holsters are intended to be worn with any type of clothing as IWB concealed carry. However it is the magnetic placement and strap that hold the holster in place and retains the firearm. We do have multiple video reviews that demonstrate them being used under the video tab on our website that can help you better understand.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Awesome! I’d change the marketing photos around to have the correct size gun with the right holster as that’s the first thing I look for and a big problem with “universal” holsters. If you all have managed to address this I’d hate to see you all loose market share for a mistake in a photoshoot.

        • Shawndalyn Myers

          Thank you for the tips. I have gone in and made some adjustments. We certainly appreciate the feedback.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Looked at your site a little closer and I’d also put some pictures of the holster in use to answer the questions a little better. Also embed a video to the product page. Put everything in one place for the people who find your site through something other than a comprehensive review.

        This is something I’m personally working on for my company. I want to use my own video and waiting for the 2.0 version of my product.

  • DIR911911 .

    seems odd that they don’t show the other side. on the website they show two pics of the other side of the holster , one has a belt loop and the other is plain smooth. seems like they are almost purposefully not showing how they are held in place. I highly doubt smooth leather against cloth is going to hold it in place. I skip anything that the sellers do in this manner of deception.

    • Mr Mxyzptlk

      The thing on the back isn’t really a clip, it is a flap with a very powerful magnet embedded in it. There is a matching magnet on the body of the holster, so what happens is you put the main body of the holster inside your waistband and the flap snaps down against this magnet through your clothing holding it tight. I believe that the inner magnet also retains the firearm.

    • Shawndalyn Myers

      Hi DIR911911! Mr Mxyzptlk is correct. There isn’t a clip on this holster it is actually held in place by magnets that take approximately 17 lbs of pull pressure to separate. The system does provide magnetic retention as well that will hold your firearm in place but still allows for your to draw with ease. The holster is actually designed with the purpose of allowing you to comfortably carry regardless of what type of clothing you are wearing from sweats to wind pants, to gym shorts, to yoga pants our QCC has you covered without the use of belts or clips. We do have many video reviews under the Videos tab of our website that explains everything about our product and gives you a full 360 degree view. Please feel free to check those out.

  • Noah Tahl

    The web site is atrocious. Pictures, but no real information. Apparently, the products are nice quality leather pouches for pistols, but there are no descriptions, videos, etc. to describe any distinguishing design features or benefits. Basically it’s a brochureware site without any attempt at real information. Get organized, people; your product may be ready for market, but your business is not ready to meet the public. Hell, even the YouTube link is full of nothing. This level of ill preparation just inspires no confidence at all.

    • Shawndalyn Myers

      Hi Noah! I’m sorry for the confusion. We do have extensive explainations of our holster in the product description of each product. We also have multiple video reviews that display and explain our holsters indepth under the videos tab of our website. I have also added additional videos on the homepage explaining more about our holsters. We have multiple videos displaying our holster on our YouTube channel in addition to the many reviews done by others that appear while watching our channel.

  • jerry young

    This all sounds good until you buy something like this and find it won’t work with your gun because a magnet won’t stick to it, I prefer a Kydex IWB holster, I have mine custom made to fit each gun I carry, the one I like can be converted to outside the waistband easily and have the best retention and draw of any holster I’ve used so far, I like the look and feel of leather for a show holster but unless properly cared for leather can become soft and deform soaks up sweat and discolors Kydex won’t deform and the holsters I use can be modified easily if you want to add accessories like a laser, I have a sub compact .380 that after having my holster made I attached a laser and had the holster reformed to fit it took all of about an hour, I have a full size 1911 style 9mm I carry everyday IWB my Kydex holster fits so well I hardly know it’s there

  • Marcus D.

    I thought this was an interesting solution, but not for the price. Since there is no molding–which takes more time and labor, I ‘d have thought the price would be under $50.
    I had a bad experience with a Remora that was supposed to be good for both IWB and OWB, and was good for neither until I cut off all the straps and held it in place with my belt–but it still moves around some, as I suspect this one will too. Since I am now skinny enough to wear an IWB holster instead of a pancake, I used this ad as an opportunity to go shopping, and ended up buying a High Noon molded holster for about $10 more than this holster.