Shield’s RMS, A Really-Low Profile “Reflex, Mini-Sight”

It has often been a question of mine why the various supposedly low-profile red-dots have always typically required suppressor-height sights for co-witnessing. The whole point of the low-profile set-up and slide-melding is to reduce the height of the dot, but few companies truly take advantage of it.


Recognizing the potential utility of a mini red-dot on a handgun is the UK-based company, Shield. They have released their latest mini red dot sight, the RMS, which is conveniently known as “Reflex, Mini-Sight”. The RMS is designed to take advantage of slide melding and is so low-profile that standard height sights can be used to co-witness with the optic.


Further, the sight is designed to not require the rear sight at all. Those looking for a standard sight picture will find the built-in rear irons to be welcome feature. However, those looking to keep their standard sights and just add in the potential for a red-dot will also enjoy the sight, as no re-training will be required to get up and running. MPRMS-Bat-Out

The RMS is available in two configurations, a 4 MOA red-dot and an 8 MOA version. Sheild states its “tough enough to handle the harshest recoil” and manufactured from aerospace grade aluminum. The optic features automatic brightness adjustment and a quick-release side-accessible battery drawer keeping the optic zeroed for battery changes.



Retail is set at 319 GBP, or about $397 USD. They are available for order now. 

Color me very interested in one of these. With the easy change battery, it may just convert me to breaking away from the large-dot fiber optic sights I typically have mounted on my handguns.


Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Joe


    I’m waiting for a reflex narrow enough for a single stack 9mm.

    • onederer

      You may be waiting for a very long time!

      I have a single stack Ruger LS-9-S. Because of my age, no longer can see iron sights, without reading glasses. Which means with wearing glasses, I can’t see the target. (sigh!)

      I really, really need a red dot optic to see both (sights & optic) at the same time. And a variety of usable optics for pistols is rarely available. Also, the Ruger has very little real estate to be able to mount an optic, unless a side rail was designed, to sit over the slide, aka AK-47 style.

      Basically, now it’s point and pray for me, when it comes to pistols. Oh, I’ll hit the target allright, but forget about hitting the bull’s eye. I just can’t line up open sights.

      • Ben Pottinger

        Do what I did and use a laser on your really small stuff like the LCP or G43 and put a red dot on something reasonably small like the G19 MOS (which I am loving!). So I switch between my 43 and my 19MOS. For distances that your likely to use the little guns a laser works fine. Just be sure to practice a lot with the red dot, it’s a bit of a learning curve.

  • mig1nc

    Looks like they set out as a design criteria to make the width match the Glock slide. Actually I think that’s pretty smart.

    • Scouse

      Such a very sturdy construction, with the two side bars. Not to bulky either! Stop any damage from above. Not cheap. Any discount for Ex Pats?

  • nova3930

    That’s interesting. Could be a winner if they’re shown to be durable…

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      My thoughts exactly. If they can routinely withstand 3-4,000 rounds before failure these things will do well.

      • Joe

        Trijicon RMR’s are doing 20-50,000 rounds before failures.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          I think if a significantly cheaper option even reaches 4,000 it would be enough to upset the status quo.

        • Jason St Pierre

          Can’t they just pot these so they never fail?

  • Madcap_Magician

    Curious about water resistance with that battery drawer. I don’t care if I can’t take it SCUBA diving, but knowing it will stand up exposed to heavy rain would be nice.

    • These guys make some pretty serious gear, so I’d be shocked if it didn’t use an O-ring to seal the compartment.

      The bigger problem is the emitter, which can be occluded by rain drops on most sights of this style (to include the RMR). Not much to be done about that, and it’s why you’ve got backup sights.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    So, you have to buy a new slide too right?

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Send the slide off to get milled. ~$125. Less than the price difference between this and an RMR, in case anyone cared.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Cool thanks.

  • ??

    Brownells has the rifle optic in all of it’s configurations for sale $350-425. The more expensive has a reticle that can be changed into different configs. 8moa 1moa

    • Tony Williams

      I have tried various Shield lightweight sights and found the reticle shown on the top left above is by far the best, especially for a pistol, as the extra circle of dots makes locating the centre dot much faster.

      • ??

        Do they have an RMR footprint?

      • quasiXBL

        I would love that reticle. They are not making either of the circle-dot configurations for the RMS, unfortunately. 🙁

  • Bierstadt54

    If I were going to mount an optic on my handgun, this is what I would pick. Hope this becomes the trend.

  • mike

    The JPoint is the Shield Mini Sight – both made by Shield UK

    • billyoblivion

      Oh. Missed that.

    • ParaLarry

      If that’s true then there are serious problems with durability as tested by Suarez International.

      • Simply put, Suarez talks trash about everything he doesn’t sell, which makes his opinions completely unreliable. He sometimes has some interesting thoughts about tactics and mindset, but he’s definitely a salesman first.

  • kingghidorah

    I just bought the plate that replaces a Glock sight to mount an optic from fleabay. Leaning heavily on the Vortex Venom- for a G22. Would love to see this side by side.

  • Jeff S

    Made in the UK or China?

  • Bob

    In one of the pics it is mounted on a CORE, how is that done?

    • quasiXBL

      Direct mount with the JPoint plate that comes with the CORE.

  • Louis Bethel

    Which one is correct in the picture?
    The red dot or the iron sight?

  • iksnilol

    What about folding irons, so that the dot isn’t obstructed by the iron sights?

  • PSCimo

    Lots of consideration here of pricing. Pricing has its drivers. The cost of development and/or manufacture certainly. And, of course, making a profit. But sometimes it’s kinda like a ‘consortium’ of manufacturers MSRP pricing. The market is SO big they can sell all they can make for the foreseeable future…at the price set-point they decide upon. Everybody makes +$$$+ until the market becomes saturated and/or one of them breaks rank, selling at a lower price, to secure and/or expand It’s portion of the decreasing market.
    Or something BETTER comes along and buyers turn to buying it instead.

  • onederer

    The triangular version doesn’t fit on a Ruger LC9. (Shucks!). However there is one that will fit on a Taurus Millinium.

  • Markbo

    Like any/all of these sights on a carry gun, I have the same question which is not addressed in the story: How does it turn on and off?