AMTAC Suppressors Releases The “Hornet” – a PCC Specific Can

AMTAC Suppressors, known for their over-the-barrel designs, has announced the release of their latest suppressor, the Hornet. The Hornet is specifically designed for pistol caliber carbines in the 9mm and .357 SIG variety, coming standard with 1/2 x 36 TPI threading. An adapter is available for 13.5 x 1 LH threads for the Sig MPX.

Like other AMTAC offerings, the Hornet is an over-the-barrel design. The base length of the suppressor is 7.7″, but 4″ is installed behind the main threads. As such, the can only adds 3.7″ to the overall length of the weapon systems. The baffles are a monocore design and the can itself can fit over any barrel up to a .750″ diameter behind the threads.

The Hornet is full-auto rated for both super and sub-sonic 9mm rounds. It is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is available in three colors including Sniper Grey, Flat Dark Earth, and Black.

Unfortunately, no pricing was released with the Press Release. However, its likely pricing is in line with other AMTAC offerings. Their CQB suppressor is priced at $875 retail for a 5.56 variant.

Specs (Courtesy of AMTAC):

  • Length: 7.7″


  • Over-Barrrel Length: 4″


  • Diameter: 1.62″


  • Weight: 16.6oz


  • Thread: 1/2 x 36


  • Max Barrel Diameter: .75″


  • Suppression: Up to 30dB


Check out their product video below:

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Garmanarnar

    What about all the PCCs without exposed barrels? This basically only works on ARs, the worst PCCs.

    • billyoblivion

      Beretta CX4-Storm.
      CZ EVO Scorpion if you remove the faux-suppressor.
      Ruger Camp Carbine if you remove the front sights 🙂
      Keltec Sub2000, remove the front sight (and set a lower bar for “Worst PCC”)
      Citadel M1 9mm, again with the sights.
      Taurus Model CT
      IWI Tavor in 9mm.

      In fact, I can’t think of one that doesn’t have an exposed barrel, other than those in the “short barreled rifle” category. Which is probably what I’d do if I were going to get a suppressor anyway.

    • thedonn007

      Why do you considet the AR to be the worts PCC?

  • Nate O.

    AMTAC brought one of the pre-production units to a suppressor demo day that I host through work. They had it on a 9mm AR, and it seemed to work well. With modular pistol cans like the Dead Air Ghost, and mini 9mm cans like the Omega 9k, it is a difficult sell, especially at the price, and considering that a more traditional can is also able to be used on handguns, it really is a niche item for PCC. That being said, if you plan on using a PCC quite a bit, it would be a serious option to look at. As a lefty, shooting blowback guns like the Kel-Tec and my 9mm AR, there is an increase to an already noticeable blowback when attaching a suppressor. The larger blast chamber of the AMTAC suppressors does help decrease blowback (at least my impression having shot several of them full -auto). A suppressor that is not for everyone, but will fill the role it was built for very well in my opinion.

    • Adam D.

      Thanks for the info Nate!

      How did you like the can, was it “quiet enough”?
      I am very curious as to how this new Amtac can performs, I’ve already seen a few pictures on Amtac’s Instagram profile.
      For this size it better perform very well, the weight is pretty significant.

      I like the idea of a reflex/OTB suppressor, the Ops Inc/Allen can seems to work very well on the MK12 and the MP5SD has a de facto reflex can,
      here in Europe there are also a few manufacturers making reflex suppressors,
      but it’s only worth the weight if it’s quiet enough.
      Of course it makes for a better balance and shorter gun too,
      on a hunting rifle or tactical carbine it makes sense,
      but on a 9mm subcarbine this particular advantage is kind of a moot point,
      so the only serious selling point of an OTB in this case is more volume and better suppression.

      • Nate

        On a 9mm, for sure it was quiet enough. We shot both supers and subs, and outside both could have been shot all day with not problem. I have talked to other suppressor manufacturers and, although they obviously have some bias, they have said the real downside of reflex-style cans are that they are inefficient given their size and weight. When comparing something like the omega or sandman against the 223 or 308 AMTAC CQBm, the AMTAC does sound a bit louder at the muzzle. I think the reduced blowback also makes for a perceived better sound at the shooter’s ear when using the AMTAC as well, especially for leftys.

        For a dedicated SBR pistol caliber carbine, I think it deserves a serious look. For the person wanting a ‘do-all’ pistol can, I would look to a more traditional end of barrel can that you can put a piston in a use on handguns as well. In talking to Tyler from SiCo the same day, he made the point that as you get into suppressors, you start getting more niche cans as time goes on. That is what I see this can as.

  • thedonn007

    It seems a bit heavy, is it all stainless steel? I would still rather have my Octane 9mm.

  • is this the correct price mentioned…hope it will be available with little cheap price. Lifetime warranty sounds good 🙂

  • Joe

    So, pistol build with 4.5″ barrel, and you have something the size of the Colt DOE 9mm, but suppressed. Interesting.

  • Blake

    I don’t get it. If the entire baffle system is still ahead of the barrel, how does having a bunch of the can behind the end of the barrel even help? Just having a big empty space for gas to expand really help that much?

  • claymore

    All those “cans” LOL