5.11 Tactical’s HEXGRID Edges Closer to Formal Release

Debuted earlier this year at SHOTShow, 5.11 Tactical’s HEXGRID system is getting closer to production. Spotted at Modern Day Marine by SoldierSystems, the pre-production armor carrier is shaping up into production-ready format.

The HEXGRID is a new molle-compatible attachment system that gives the user the option to cant their pouches instead of using the traditionally vertical-only attachment path. The HEXGRID gives the option of six orientations, assuming one counts down as an option. The canted options are 120 degrees cant (or 60 degrees from vertical), which will be highly useful for ergonomic draws of items such as handguns, grenades, etc.

The carrier itself looks to be two layers. The outside carrier itself is a Helium-Whisper style thin webbing holding a sheathed armor plate. The plate itself is contained within a traditional cordura material, adding in loop attachment across the top of the plate bag.


Photo courtesy of Soldier Systems. Click the photo to be taken to the original article.

The carrier is designed to be fully expandable to accommodate any plate size through the strategic application of hook and loop and straps. The pre-production unit shown is clearly marked “Made in the USA”, which is nice considering 5.11 off-shores a fair amount of their production.

No word yet on when HEXGRID will be ready for prime-time, but if its being shown at a tradeshow, its likely the system will be public within a few months.

Check out additional details from Solider Systems, including additional photos.

Nathan S

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  • Anonymoose

    Looks like a cool idea, but I want to know how if it can withstand long-term abuse. I’d also like to see it in other colors and used on bags, chest rigs, and thigh rigs.

  • Roy G Bunting

    Coming soon to a supervillain called “The Hive” 🙂

  • Tierlieb

    I had played with a similar idea, but I was sorta unhappy with how much space is wasted if you really want to place to pouches next to each other: If you assume that a bar is about1″ wide, two bars are separated by about 2″ where one cannot attach a pouch.

    Another issue is that non-vertical attachment is only possible at 60°, which is not what most people wanted before (most offers where for 45° or 90°). That preference might change whoever.

    And the third issue is that bars are not 1″ wide, which means that pouches woven in will have some wiggle room up or down. Which is nothing I’d want on a quick draw from a mag pouch.

    Thing is, this could be done a bit better (solving issue #1 and #3) by using slots instead of cut outs, like Blue Force Gear themselves do it. They probably have that patented, though.

  • CavScout

    I suppose the HexMag proved that something with a hook, like a hex pattern, can become popular even though it’s nothing special and no better than all the nearly-no-name plastic mags out there. Anyone hear of SWT mags? No? a year or two older than HexMags.