Molot To Produce The Vintorez Suppressed Rifle

The Vintorez (VSS) integrally suppressed sniper rifle is a system designed on the AK platform ** that fires a unique 9×39 cartridge with deadly accuracy out to 400 meters. Think of the Vintorez as being comparable to an integrally suppressed .300BLK rifle in the AR world. Developed specifically for Russian covert units, only a few civilians have had the opportunity to handle, let alone shoot, one of these rifles.

** My mistake, the VSS is not AK based as I originally wrote.

The overall operating principle and sound suppression system used on the VSS are derived from the AS assault rifle. The VSS is a gas-operated select-fire rifle. It has a long-stroke gas piston operating rod in a gas cylinder above the barrel. The weapon is locked with a rotating bolt that has 6 locking lugs which engage appropriate sockets machined into the receiver. The VSS is striker fired. It features a cross-bolt type fire selector switch located behind the trigger, inside the trigger guard; the safety lever and the charging handle resemble those used in AK-pattern weapons.

Molot Arms is preparing pull the veil of secrecy off the Vintorez by producing civilian models available for sale to Russians and possibly other countries at a later date. According to one source, 9×39 ammunition is already in production, however Molot is also set to produce a Vintorez in 7.62×39. Of course, sourcing commercial subsonic 7.62×39 may have it’s own challenges.


Molot Vintorez Rifles @ TFB



9×39 Ammunition. Credit: outlined the Vintorez rifle a few years ago:

Although the suppressor system is an older, rudimentary design similar to other Russian offerings, that does not make it ineffective on the battlefield. This system is purpose designed to be a formidable weapons system. While we do not know which came first, the ammunition or the weapon, I suspect that they were designed as a package. The ammunition is definitely specialized to accomplish a specific task, and the weapon is designed to maximize the capability of the ammunition. As a 200-300 meter silent sniper system, it is hard to beat having a highly effective lethal subsonic projectile, outstanding penetration, reliable cycling, and fully automatic capability for when circumstances really go down the tube. – DrPhillip K. Dater.


Credit: Dr. Phillip K. Dater

The silencer is exceptionally simple, especially when compared to Western designs, and bears more than a passing resemblance to the suppressor on the Soviet PB silenced Makarov. The entire silencer is unscrewed from the firearm after depressing a small button latch on the front of the frame of the firearm. This reveals the ported portion of the barrel. As shown in the accompanying photos, the stack is made entirely of spot welded sheet metal. The three baffles are punched and bent from a strip of 0.8 mm steel and are in the form of slanted “washer-type” oval baffles with the first and third slanting approximately 30 degrees (from perpendicular) one way and the middle slanted opposite. The strips, functioning as tabs, are spot welded to two longitudinal strips with a flat washer-baffle spot welded at each end. Reassembly consists of reversing disassembly. – Dr. Phillip K. Dater



Credit: Phillip K. Dater

Details on the Molot Vintorez are still limited, however the release is set for early 2017 with a price tag of $1,500 USD.

Will the US ever see a Molot VSS? Hard to say, but given the attached suppressor, importation restrictions make it seem unlikely in the short term. However, I am happy for Russian shooters and collectors – this is a unique rifle.

Thanks to “werewolf” for the tip.


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  • How does 9×39 fare out of a sixteen inch barrel that’s import friendly?

    • Harry’s Holsters

      Where can you get 9×39 in the US?

    • iksnilol

      Doubt velocity would increase much, would be relqtively quiet even with no suppressor tho.

    • JoelM

      About the same as .375 Reaper does.

  • derpmaster

    Wasn’t there some internet project to make these in the US? I assume it went the way of many such things and is now dead in the water.

    • Scott P

      Even if it was a thing, we struggle to make a basic AKM right. Imagine how much more complicated and expensive it would be to make one of these right?? Molot is $1,500. Being America you can expect the cost would be easily double that with possible substandard components and quality control. I mean where did they source the blueprints from a design kept mostly secret inside Russia?

      People don’t seem to understand that these systems were not designed to compete in a capitalist economy. They were designed where making a profit wasn’t an issue with an abundance of cheap, skilled labor. America is expensive, skilled labor with crap tons of rules, regulations, fees, taxes, that make copying systems outside of our system like the AR nigh impossible to accomplish at least competitively with other designs when making a profit comes in to play. One of the many reasons U.S. AK’s suck is because of all the corners that had to be cut to make a decent profit margin.

      • SP mclaughlin


        • micmac80

          Unfortunately true as most US made Aks are total crap and give a gun undeserved bad rep.

    • gusto

      or was it the same company that does those new sturmgevär replicas?

      • randomswede

        No, the people tinkering with a VSS replica where just some guys who met on 4Chan (if memory serves), no company involved.

    • ??
      • iksnilol

        That one’s in 7.62×39 judging by the mag.

        I think that’s just a pimped up AK to be honest.

        • ??

          It is. I just thought it was funny

    • wetcorps

      It was just a few guys doing it in their spare time and never went anywhere.

  • Red McCloud

    Molot isn’t affected by the import embargo and these have fake suppressors, not real ones (fairly certain Russian civvies can’t get suppressors but could be wrong). There is a very good chance these can and will be imported into the USA and it makes me extremely giddy.

    • Pete – TFB Writer


      If so, I wonder how hard it will be to change the faux suppressor out for a real one and a ported barrel.


      • Bryan Krass

        Import as pistol with the ported barrel. Add a US made stock, trigger group, piston, and muzzle device (for US made can.)
        Boom. Done. Compliant.

        • Anonymoose

          Except I’m not sure US import laws allow us to import new Russian handguns from Russia. I’m pretty sure Slick Willy and Yeltsin made that agreement, which is why we can only get Bulgarian Makarovs nowadays, with the occasional “Russian sneak” mixed in.

          • BrandonAKsALot

            This is correct. No pistols from Russia.

        • randomswede

          Need to find someone to replicate the trigger group first.

        • BrandonAKsALot

          Don’t need to do all that. It can come in as a rifle. The mags are 10-round and proprietary and it has a thumbhole stock. It just needs a 16″ barrel and faux supressor. I’m hoping like hell they come in so I have a rifle to go with my mag.

        • JoelM

          My bet is that they will sell this over there with the standard outer housing with a solid full length barrel inside. That would meet Russian legal requirements. They have no laws against building/conversion or possession of silencers over there. It is only illegal to sell/purchase or use them. I’m not sure our ATF would allow the outer tube to be imported unless it’s somehow made differently from the tube that fits on a silenced model so as to not be a “silencer part”. They consider the outer tube/shroud of a VSS to be a silencer all by itself. I’m sure if Molot wanted to make a US importable model they could do it though.

    • Scott P

      Looks like FIME would be the ones to get this deal if these were to be U.S. imported. They would probably do a limited run of fully suppressed guns.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      Do they take proprietary low cap magazines? If so they may not require much modification to import them which would make these perfect for low importation numbers these would probably justify.

      • Bryan Krass

        If they go the pistol route for importation, and then make the mags here, it’s be another three easy 922r parts for a rifle conversion.

      • BrandonAKsALot

        Indeed they do.

    • Tritro29

      Distribution is forbidden, but we can “have” them without penalty or arrest. There’s no legal basis for what describes a “suppressor”, but literally “attachment to shoot without sound”. The only problem is that the suppressors will be indeed Molot specials, probably better suited to US taste. Normal VSS/AS is quiet but has very typical thump and Gas tends to get all over the muzzle on iron sights.

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  • Reid

    Though I would rather have some version of the SR-3 Vikhr, this Vintorez is a yuuuge step in the right direction. These super-heavy projectiles optimized for work within 300-ish yards are extremely appealing.

    • DrewN

      I’ve never handled the SR-3, but I’ve shot the Val a ton. I’d snap one up in a heartbeat.

      • Reid

        How is the recoil with the Val? One of the things that impresses me the most about these guns is their lightness. If the caliber was to become popular enough, I would be keenly interested in trying it out in different kinds of rifles, but if the Vikhr, Val, Vintorez, 9A-91, etc. were really THE way to go for a weapon chambered for this round then I would of course love to have one of them. It’s just that for me, not having a suppressor is not a deal breaker.

        • DrewN

          Recoil was very mild in my opinion, probably just a hair more than .300 Whisper, but it’s been quite a few years. I’m not sensitive to recoil though, so it would need to really thump or really affect followups for me to pay much attention.

          • Reid

            Thanks for your information. I really appreciate it. Owning something semi-auto chambered in 9×39 has been a fixation of mine over the last few years, and now I’m practically giddy thinking that it could be a reality.

  • RedCat

    “The Vintorez (VSS) integrally suppressed sniper rifle is a system designed on the AK platform”

    Sorry, what?.. Not everything in Russia is an AK platform. AS/VSS/SR-3 are striker-fired.

    • randomswede

      They use the same sight rail, other than that I can’t think of a single interchangeable part.
      The SIG MPX has more in common with an AR-15 than the VSS and any AK.

      • RedCat

        Russians like kalashnikov-style long stroke piston. And they use it in most of their automatic weapons. But… Dragunov rifle is designed with short stroke yet still lot of people believe it is another oversized AK. I see no explanation but some strange stereotype.

        • Kivaari

          Except for the piston the SVD looks like an AK. Than the Romanian rifle uses a long stroke piston.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah but, the SVD mag isn’t close to the trigger guard. Makes it look much different IMO.

          • Tritro29

            The SVD looks as much as an AK as a Zebra looks like an Elephant. The only thing that they have in common is the industrial process to make them.

        • Paul Epstein

          Since Dragunovs ceased being imported, a lot of people will buy a Romanian PSL and think that it’s a genuine SVD. And the PSL is very much a slightly larger AK action, not like the SVD except for chambering.

          I’ve met a number of people who have done the above, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of what you’re talking about comes from that here in the US.

      • Pete – TFB Writer


    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Thank you for that. I’ve updated the original story.

      I’ll punish myself with vodka and kettle bells tonight.

    • Amplified Heat

      More like the spawn of a VZ58 (lower, FCG) the AK (gas system) and AR (IIRC the multilug bolt resembles this rather than the AK)

  • Sasquatch

    I’ll take two please.

  • Alex Page

    Shut up and take my money

  • Dracon1201

    This needs to happen. I may never need another rifle in my life.

  • Gabe

    The want is strong with this one.

  • Blake

    In post-Soviet Russia, rifle silences YOU!

    Oh, wait…

  • ??

    Holy magical Russian Death Whisperer!! I need you to be along side my American Quiet Demise Devices! Too bad we will not be getting the SP6 ammo unless magic happens somehow.

  • Southpaw89

    I’ll take it!

  • roguetechie

    I’d rather have a vikhr veresk or pp2000 but I’d so probably have to get one of these!

  • RSG

    I may be in the extreme minority, but I just love integrally suppressed rifles. Yes, you lose the ability to put the suppressor on different weapons, but IMO, the suppression is usually better and it has unequivocally better aesthetics. Still prefer a spikes integrally suppressed 300blk over this.

    • iksnilol

      Umm… that’s a standard sentiment.

    • Gunner4guy

      I like the integrally suppressed weapons also. I’ve owned a Ruger Mk. 1 and a 10/22 over the years(and foolishly sold them) both of which were integrally suppressed. To my uneducated ears they were very quiet compared to the same guns with screw-on cans. In addition they just LOOKED better and didn’t shout “He has a Silencer, he HAS be a gangster!” to the ignorant tools who had no idea how useful they are(this was in the early 90’s….).

  • Max Popenker

    Couple of important points.
    1. Suppressors are ILLEGAL to use (but not to won 😉 in Russia. These guns have long, unported barrels and FAKE / DUMMY spuupressors
    2. While civilian 9×39 ammo is available in Russia (made by Klimovsk plant), the MA-Vintorez will be intially available in 7.62×39 and in .366TKM. The latter is a nominally shotgun / smootbore round that can be fired through Paradox-type bore; this way, any gun chambered to .366TKM can be bought in Russia under shotgun purchase permit, which is easier to get than rifle permit

    • Chris22lr

      A little question for Max or any other Russian reader: are these civilian VSSs new rifles or factory conversions of old stock guns? I know that Molot Oruzhie does this with Vepr-KM and RPK (VPO-134?), but what about Molot Arms?

      • those MA-Vintorez guns are newly made relicas

        • Chris22lr


          I hope that these will be eventually exported to European countries too. Looks like a very nice reimagination of a gun that would be otherwise impossible to get.

  • Art out West

    A 9mm (.355 caliber) projectile is much larger than a .300 blackout projectile (7.62mm).

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Yup .055 to be exact.

  • Muri

    If the 7,62×39 variant ever makes it to Switzerland – day one purchase.

  • Igniz

    First off it’s not supressed. The barrel have the leigh of the supressor sleeve.
    You may own a supressor in russia though. It becomes illegal when you attach it to the rifle.
    Just like magazines with more… well usual ak magazines that lay around everywhere… For 4$ per piece.

    Secondly It is not that Molot that you think of. The one that make saigas and stuff Is Молот Оружие (Molot Weapons) Molot Arms make different stuff. Their relationship is another story.
    Funny thing is that you can convert it to have integral supressor but in russia… It is not a good idea.

  • JoelM

    Problem is, the ATF considers the barrel jacket on those to be a silencer part. They’d have to change the jacket design so it’s not interchangeable with a normal military model.

    • randomswede

      Has that been tested? I know that SIG tried the opposite with a flash hider that with a shroud turned into a suppressor and that was a no go, but I recall someone made/makes non suppressed DeLisle carbines that look like the original. Those are obviously US made and subject to other rules.

      Either way the sleeve isn’t very complicated to replicate, especially if you leave out the sights.

  • Seth Hill

    So how do we get these here in the US? The easiest way is to have them built here, then there is NO importation restrictions to worry about. Even if we were able to get suppressors removed from NFA, you still would have to deal with NFA rules due to the length of the barrel, unless you lengthen the barrel to 16 inches.

    Based on the measuring tape in the picture, I am guessing that the barrel is a little over 11 cm in length which is just over 4 1/4 inches. The stack appears to be about 20 cm long, which is a little over 7 3/4 inches. Even if you managed to get the stack declared as part of the barrel, you are still looking at about 12 1/4 inches in length total.

  • Джон Доу

    The manufacturer states this gun have nothing common with original VSS Vintorez except appearance. They designed it’s internals from scratch, with different locking system and long barrell hidden inside fake suppressor sleeve.

    What I say is the title is misguiding. It is neither a suppressed rifle nor Vintorez as we know it.

  • NotAHappyCamper

    Awesome… saving cash now. Def. want to buy one of these here in the states.