Geissele Picatinny Bayonet Mount

Soldier Systems Daily is reporting on a product from Geissele Automatics that was shown at Modern Day Marine. This particular product is picatinny rail mounted bayonet mount. It can securely fit an Ontario Knife Company M9 (Modern use) or the M7 (Vietnam era issue). It is secured via three hand tightened screws to the picatinny rail. Interestingly enough there was a very specific design requirement for this, and that was that when Geissele took part in the M4A1+RFI enhancement program with their handguard, this would have allowed a full length handguard to still be able to mount a bayonet. So unlike the Tactical Beard Camouflage garment, this item stemmed from a real world procurement requirement. Either way, I’m sure this is being marketed more as a novelty item than any serious attempt for a government contract or mass civilian sale. Though the advantages of a full length rail system are aplenty, I don’t think the government would take this picatinny mounted product into consideration if it really came down to it.


My opinion on bayonets has come up before on TFB. Essentially it comes down to the psychological factor of their usage being much more prevalent than any real world reality when it comes to close quarter combat between armed belligerents.



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  • Joseph Goins

    Who the heck needs a bayonet in 2016? (This is a statement of utility, not legality.)

    • Joshua

      who doesn’t need a bayonet in 2016?

    • Ron

      They are still useful for crowd control and in the rare instances where they are used in combat. I don’t know if there have been any US Army bayonetting (probably less likely since many Army units don’t even issue them anymore) in the GWOT, but the Marine Corps actually had 2 bayonet charges in OIF 1 and a hand full of bayonettings in close combat.

    • Chris Richard

      I live in California got 10 rounds locked into the gun via bullet button. I need a bayonet in 2016 !

      • Uncle Festet

        If you can’t deal with a problem with 10 rounds plus a mag swap, you need more that a bayonet to resolve the problem.

        • Flounder

          Dude… it’s locked into the magwell… What is this mystical mag swap you speak of?

    • nova3930

      What you don’t regularly meet people that need stabbing?

      • Joseph Goins

        Shooting, yes. Stabbing, no. It’s too close for my taste.

        Give me the 16″ bayonet for the M1 Garand, not the puny 6″er for the M16/M4.

        • nova3930

          get a Mosin with bayonet. I imagine it’s what carrying a pike is kinda like lol

          • Joseph Goins

            Nah, I’d rather have a hundred round drum. Lot more effective.

          • Iggy

            ¿Por qué no los dos?

          • Joseph Goins

            Because when I’m humping around a hundred round drum, I’d prefer not to carry a 15 ounce bayonet plus mount.

    • Drang

      What, you don’t want the green grass to grow?

      • Madcap_Magician

        Why is the sky blue?

  • Uncle Festet

    #useless item.

    • Joe

      The entire…err point of this product was for a cancelled Marine Corps requirement the M4A1 + project that among needinga to meet other criteria needed a free float handguard AND a Bayonet mounting lug. Too bad it wasn’t successful.

      • Uncle Festet

        So an “unsuccessful ” project is a good reason for a useless design?

        Plus, now they are going to sell to civilians?

        • Joe

          The M4A1 + was cancelled. Doesn’t mean it was a bad program or wouldn’t have fielded a superior rifle to the Marine Corps.
          What’s fundamentally wrong with civilians owning bayonets?

  • SnakeEater-0317

    It’s a good work around. Most likely will end up sitting in the armory, never checked out, tossed in a nylon bag full of MK, M2, and 240 SL3. Probably beneath the old three-points and a few dozen shredded Christmas trees.

    There’ll be a few donkey Dlchs on top saturating the contents of the bag with CLP, keeping the mount ready for service.

    In a few years some dude will come along, pull it out of the bag, and wonder what the freak it’s used for.

    Someone will figure it out. Marines will strap it to their rifles and and conduct “bayonet training”. It gets placed back in the armory.

    The armorers have no place to put it other than in the nylon bag, with the random SL3, and CLP.

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    Finally there is a handy tool to hammer your bayonet/tent peg into hard ground.

  • AC97

    Excellent, I’ll be sure to obtain some of these for my RTF (Rapid Tactical Force) team.

  • mig1nc

    Need one for my #TheWalkingDead loadout 🙂

  • AMX

    Looks kinda heavy?
    I think a Sieh-type mount would be more appropriate, but that’d mean buying Glock knives instead of using old bayonets 😐

    • Anonymoose

      A what mount? I want to put my Glock knife on things!

  • Patrick K Martin

    The primary reason for the bayonet is psychological, it instills in the recruit the willingness to kill at any range by any means and promotes aggressiveness. We were actually itching to stick somebody in training and Drill Sergeants have to be damned careful that recruits do not injure one another.

    In the enemy it instills fear at close range, I have seen people argue with a man with a gun and that ends better than one might think, because a firearm is ALL OFFENSE! You can kill with a firearm, that’s it, if you don’t plan to kill you had better not pull a trigger. A bayonet is a hell of a lot more intimidating than when dealing with someone you do not or cannot kill outright, poke them a little bit and they get the idea that you are not playing. If they get too froggy you buttstroke their ass and they get the idea nine times out of ten.

    True, cold steel is not a winner of battles anymore (and in truth, maybe is never really was) but it does a remarkably good job under special circumstances. About the only thing better is a sword (as one asshat can attest back in Detroit) but swords are damn inconvenient to carry anymore. A good one is also a good knife as well, I sharpen mine since I stopped wearing green, I can guarantee you don’t want to be in front of me at spitting distance either.

    • Will Krause

      If they get too froggy you buttstroke their ass

      So why do you need the bayonet then?

      • Mazryonh

        Intimidation, most likely?

        Swords are damn inconvenient to carry.

        That’s what the market for “tactical” machetes and tomahawks is for now.

  • Ευστάθιος Παλαιολόγος

    Wonder why none has yet to make a bayonet handle with an integral picatinny rail adaptor…

    • Edeco

      Or a rail that mounts on a bayonet lug

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        That exists. I’ve seen it when I was searching for rail-mounted bayonet mounts.

        • Cymond
          • Tom Currie

            No, that junk comes in either a 3″ or 6″ blade. The grip is only about 2 1/2″ long which makes it useless as a knife in addition to being simply stupid on a pistol. And I say that as one of the few people here who will admit liking a bayonet on a battle rifle (but then again, I barely accept the M16 as a battle rifle, but that’s another rabbit hole we don’t need to go down).

  • Black Dots

    The Geissele Super Stabby

  • 2wheels

    Looks like a big hunk of useless metal that I can mount my other big hunk of useless metal onto.

  • Evil13RT

    To a large extent the concept of only killing the enemy at a distance is a luxury of ample logistics and the popular idea of modern war as an antiseptic business. We do the damage though missiles and bombs, and when it gets real close we kill people at a hundred yards with a single shot.
    I think the Bayonet is an uncomfortable reminder of how war used to be. So its not needed or wanted in our present political situation.

    That said, you have to plan for all the things that might happen when you’re training an army for whatever may come in the next decade or two.
    I’m not sure there will be a time when stabbing has gone entirely out of style…

    • In modern combat, I’d say it still has a place primarily for door-to-door action and room clearing, but would probably be better mounted on a 590A1 for that. A big-ass shotgun with a big-ass knife on the front has a significant amount of psychological impact on a potential aggressor.

      • Mazryonh

        Not only does a shotgun with a bayonet have a good psychological advantage, a long gun with a fixed bayonet period gives you a credible backup option when meeting hostiles at arm’s length if you have a malfunction or run out of ammo.

    • Mazryonh

      I think the Bayonet is an uncomfortable reminder of how war used to be.

      Depends on where you’re looking. There are still places where atrocities or surprise attacks are often committed with blades such as machetes. It just doesn’t often make the news in the First World unless it happens in a First World locale.

  • ft

    OK, this is another reason why some people are so against 2md Amendment thinking people. No one, I repeat NO ONE (except military) needs a a friggin bayonet and I don’t care if you think its your “right”or not. I disagree, its NOT your RIGHT to have a weapon with a bayonet. There is no reason on earth to have a bayonet on any civilian weapon and any person who wants one should not even have a firearm as far as I am concerned. Your only possible reason has to be related to sticking someone with a bayonet. What’s next. 40mm Grenade launchers under the barrel of your rifle or shotgun.
    How about really short, concealable grenade launchers?
    This kind of thinking is exactly why people like Pelosi and Ed Markey and Warren and others are so dead against ANY senseable arguments in favor of the 2nd Amendment.They see these things and their eyes cloud over and they go nuts against lawful, law abiding, licensed gun owners who only want to have guns for target or self defense. Unless someone is planning on stabbing a deer with a bayonet, there is no place and no good reason for this CRAP. Time to knock it off before these idiots ruin any chance of saving whats left of their 2nd amendment rights, which are getting attacked daily.

    • bluecheesedressing

      Okay- anything else I shouldn’t own or don’t need?

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        Using his logic… Since you have a computer/smartphone, you don’t need pencils or pens anymore.

        • Dougscamo

          Hmmm, “sensible”… I hear “reasonable” in the background…..?

      • Kyle

        Cars capable of going faster than about 70 mph? The last time someone got bayoneted to death in the US was general Custer. Clearly it is a truly devastating scourge that needs to be stopped.

    • John Yossarian

      “Time to knock it off before these idiots ruin any chance of saving whats left of their 2nd amendment rights, which are getting attacked daily.”

      Unlike you, who has just leap-frogged firearms to launch an attack on the defensive use of sharpened steel?

      And you are wrong that we don’t have a “right to keep and bear arms”, which includes bladed weapons. Knives, swords, bayonets, etc. are protected by the 2nd Amendment that you lie about wanting to preserve.

      Perhaps you aren’t American – But if you are, may I suggest emigration?

    • Roy G Bunting

      When it comes to slide fire stocks and “shouldering” arm braces, I’d agree. But a bayonet lug doesn’t do anything that a knife, stick and tape can’t.

      You can go to Cold Steel and buy a for-real spear for about as much as this, and spears (generally) are not restricted.

      I hear the argument you’re making, and it has a little validity, but this isn’t one of the problems.

    • 40mmCattleDog

      Claims that 2nd amendment is under attack, yet wants to ban attaching 8 inches of steel under the barrel.

    • DIR911911 .

      when the zombies come and you’re out of ammo . . . BAYONET BABY

    • Bob

      Hey there buddy, the biggest “themed” group of firearms in my safe are several WW2 rifle, all but a Bubba’ed one have bayonet mounts. If I want to have bayonets for them just for the cool factor, there is nothing wrong with that. I’m certainly not plotting to go around stabbing people. Hell, I want to do that I’ll go grab a sword. I have plenty of those too. I suppose you don’t like that either…

    • Edeco

      I’d rather we all lose the right entirely than take crap for it. Without principle, and access to the stuff I want some practical access to guns is worse than none at all, it’s just a bribe for fudds at my expense. So there’s nothing to scare me with with and nothing of value to offer me, to get me to believe that whining, sloppy, browbeating, neutered idea of individual rights.

    • Joe

      So your saying The 2nd Ammendment protects the Right of the People to keep and bear arms… long as thone Arms aren’t sharp and pointy? That because you believe no one NEEDS a bayonet people shouldn’t be allowed to possess bayonets? What part of Shall not be infringed do you NOT understand?

    • Joe

      And P.S. the 2A isn’t about hunting deer, or self protection. It’s about safeguarding ourselves from a tyrannical government.

  • santi

    Would have been great if that was a forward Bi-pod spigot mount.

    • santi

      Which just gave me a great idea.

      • I’ve considered doing this with a retired picatinny riser mount and an old kickstand from the scrap pile.

      • Mazryonh

        If you do end up trying that kind of configuration, you should notify this blog and send them some pictures.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    For the weight id rather have a rail that carries a spare mag.

    But I guess a bayonet might come in handy in a hostage situation….

    • uncle fester

      Rescuing or taking? ?

  • Christopher Wallace


  • This is awesome! Now I can put four bayonets on my quad rail! Of couse, then I will need an offset sight to see around the top bayonet. But that would make it even more tactical, so bonus. Only one bayonet on your rifle is so obsolete now.

    • Gus Butts

      I can’t wait to see the pictures of this pop up online.

      • Anonymoose

        I’m sure Demo Ranch will put up a video sooner or later too.

    • Squirreltakular

      I just want someone to mount two on the rails of their FAST helmet.

  • Roy G Bunting

    The rifle started out as a pike with a gun on it. The bayonet was a primary weapon until cartridges were adopted, and rifles were designed for use with a bayonet until the M16 (in the US).

    At this point, it’s a specialty weapon with very limited utility. But weird rail attachments get clicks 🙂

    • DIR911911 .

      “until the M16” . . . m16a1 and a2 had provisions for bayoneys

      • Roy G Bunting

        Agreed, but they are not designed to be effective pikes, they are rifles with knives on them.

        Compare and contrast to a Garand with bayonet. One is a formidable hand to hand weapon. The other is a lightweight rifle with a blade.

        • Yeah, modern rifles are just too light to be effective melee weapons; if it ain’t got a wood (or at least solid synthetic) stock on it, just acknowledge that a bayonet’s not an appropriate attachment and issue your doorkickers sidearms for in-close work.

          …I still want one of these things, though, because reasons.

  • Joe Moore

    I would definitely buy a QD version if it was lighter less bulky.
    On that topic, maybe we also need a new age bayonet / utility knife that is designed from the onset to be QD and rail mountable.

  • Cal S.

    Oh, you must be hog hunting in Texas!

    …without a blind.

    • It’ll certainly teach you how to pay attention to your surroundings and remain calm under stress, I can tell you that.

      • Cal S.

        Lol, I bet.

  • Mystick

    Let’s make something big and heavy to be able to mount something bigger and heavier, as far away from the mechanical fulcrum of the firearm to give it as much mechanical leverage as possible… BONUS: The first time there is significant lateral forces applied, if will destroy the aluminum mounting points it is attached to.

    • Mazryonh

      Someone needs to do some destructive testing in a video with this new bayonet mount.

  • Uncle Festet

    If you are out shooting and want to identify the “Tacticlown,” look for the guy with the rail mounted bayonet mount. If that guy is you, I am sorry.

    1) Nobody has been intentionally bayoneted in the US in over 100 years. If you want to defend yourself, there are a hundred better options.

    2) if the military feels it needs bayonet mounts again, real ones can be added to existing rifles at minimal cost and without affecting the balance of the rifle.

  • ??

    But what will the M203 say? “Get out of my battlespace fool???” (to the bayonet)

    • Bob

      Mount it on the side rail.

      • ??

        But then how do I use my sights on the 203 if it’s on the side rail?

        • Bob

          On the other side? Or does that interfere with the laser sight and flashlight? (I have no idea what the sights are like for the M203…)

        • Mazryonh

          Most M203 leaf sights are mounted on the top rail of the rifle. But if it interferes with a side-mounted sight you could just move the bayonet mount to the other side.

  • Ranger Rick

    Never thought an item of such limited utility, the mount not the blade itself would generate so much commentary. As much of a fan of Geissle products that I am, I would think a lighter and simpler method could have been devised.

  • Treyh007

    Let me guess, $200 MSRP……..????

  • Jim_Macklin

    A neighborhood watch/home guard with fixed bayonets looks serious enough the marauders might just stay out of range, avoiding the need for a truly effective bayonet mount or lots of ammunition.
    There are rifles with regular bayonet lugs and not even requiring high prices.

    Ruger AR 556 comes to mind. But Daniel Defense and LWRCI also make guns not legal in California

  • Pontificant

    Ahhh, ya know, ya gotta get four of these for yer quad-rail add four bayonets and BAM! You got yerself a medieval mace like thing on the end of yer rifle.

    All the TactiKnights are doin’ it…

    Yeah, good stuff…

    …Oh, and don’t ferget yer loctite… Yeah, important stuff, there, boy…

    • Mazryonh

      All the TactiKnights are doing it.

      You just know that someone’s going to make a video showing and testing a quad-bayonet array. Be your very own spearwall!

  • Anonymoose

    I believe they are, but I’ve just never figured out how to get the little grip cap off. They’re probably not in service because it’s only one point of contact. These days there are usually (at least) two points of contact holding the bayonet in place.

  • Cap’n Mike

    Basic at FT Leonard Wood in 1992 we did Bayonet training with GM Hydramatic M16A1s and all the furious butt stroking and stabbing didnt cause the rifles to come apart. Maybe they changed something.

  • richard kluesek

    why not, but for the weight, personnel want a field knife anyway so an additional function may be useful. As with handguns knives dont win wars but do boost morale and could get war fighters back home safely. This may also have an application on shotguns fo law enforcement and private personal defense. Is it metal or polymer ?

  • r h

    i will say this.. a blade never needs a mag swap.
    and id rather knife fight with my knife 3 feet farther away then the end of my hand..
    if your going to carry a knife ( personal choice) might as well be one you can strap to the end of your rifle.

    • Mazryonh

      Length isn’t everything when it comes to the effectiveness of a bayonet platform. British forces carried out a successful bayonet charge in 2004 with their bullpup L85 rifles, and those are shorter than M4 carbines or M16 rifles.

  • Mazryonh

    Someone needs to make a demonstration video of this bayonet mounting system with a bayonet mounted to a side rail of a rifle to see how it changes bayonet techniques, as well as how it stands up to hard use. Of course, purpose-built bayonet lugs are much lighter but usually don’t allow for side-mounted bayonets.

  • Mazryonh

    Been there, done that, for hundreds of years. Except they called it “horse cavalry,” but there should be nothing stopping someone from trying this with a motorcycle.