Ukranian Malyuk rifle Developments at ADEX 2016

ADEX is the Azerbaijan International Defense Exhibition held in the capitol of Baku, Azerbaijan. Ukraine came out with the 7.62x39mm (Also 5.45×39 but not at the show) Malyuk. Essentially the rifle is an AK74 or AKM in the guise of a bullpup, much like many of the experimental bullpup conversions in the United States and Russia, but this one is actually being adopted by certain elements of the Ukrainian military.


Earlier on TFB we published some information that the Malyuk was working its way through trials and prototypes. Currently it appears that a third caliber was added to the rifle (5.56x45mm), a suppressor system (two different variants), has passed military trials, and has had 200 units ordered by the Ukrainian military. In addition, full production seems to be starting, with a commercial variant that might be sold outside the Ukraine as well.


It doesn’t appear that the three calibers can be converted to another, just that the rifle is made with the one. Previously it didn’t look like the Malyuk could be ambidextrous, but currently, similar to the Tavor, the charging handle can be switched to the right side if need be. It looks like the rifle is being equipped with either EoTech or Aimpoint holographic sights.



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  • Indiana Finney

    Anyone else notice the “Trigger” behind the actual trigger that seems to be present on both sides of the pistol grip? Considering the lack of paddle release in the back, might this be some sort of magazine release?

    • Twilight sparkle
      • Thanks! I was wondering how the hell they were going to hit the paddle mag release.

        Do you know, is this a drop in kit?

        • Twilight sparkle

          I think it started out that was but too many things have been changed, the original charging handle was removed and I can’t tell how they did the linkage for the trigger and mag release. Also magazines don’t rock in they go in straight like an ar.

          • So it no longer uses AK mags?

          • Twilight sparkle

            I believe it does, the front trunion is probably just very different. It would be nice to have more videos for this rifle

      • Guygasm

        Do you know if that release is supposed to be pushed sideways or used basically like a trigger? Seems a pretty crazy choice if you need to get your finger even a little inside the trigger guard to extract a mag.

        • Twilight sparkle

          You use it like a trigger. I do t see too much of a problem with it as long as it’s something you train for, the m1 garand had something similar going on with its safety and you don’t see too many complaints about that.

          • Guygasm

            Bit of a difference on the M1. You didn’t have to put your finger inside the trigger guard to perform a “safe” action (engage safety/release magazine), only for disengaging the safety. Still seems an odd choice on a modern rifle.

          • Twilight sparkle

            You have to keep in mind this is an attempt at modernizing an older rifle and they didn’t have too many places where the mag release could have mechanicaly been pleased that made any sense.

  • Christopher Wallace

    hope that charging handle is non-reciprocating…

    • Issac Staroselsky

      It is non-reciprocating

      • Christopher Wallace

        yo moms non-reciprocating… 🙁

  • If this is a drop-in stock for existing AK’s, and it works, I could see this proliferating pretty widely.

    Aside from the bullpup aspect, it also solves one of the chief problems of the AK, a reliable method of mounting optics and accessories.

    With this you get a modern AK the length of a Krinkov, without buying a new rifle and magazines.

  • forrest1985

    I get the 7.62×39 version but doesn’t the Ukranian company Fort already manufacture a liscensed version of the Tar21 in 5.45?

    • Tritro29

      Yes it does, but no one wants it outside Ukraine. And this is a way to modify extensively the 74’s they have in storage.

  • Edeco

    It’s pretty, but the bullpup concept isn’t as enticing to me with 7.62×39 as with 5.56 or 308, since it’s not as sensitive to barrel length and folding-stock 7.62×39 options are good.

    • Tritro29

      Mag release is tricky, I can see strelok Durakov fumble his triggers and release the mad instead of unleashing a lead wall.

  • Tritro29

    Just like Russian attempt to make a viable 74 conversion, this is really awkward. They should have stuck with the licensed Tar-21 in 5.45×39. That’s some rifle.

    • Alexandru Ianu

      Different company – Fort is the traditional Ukrainian manufacturer and they actually manufacture the Tavor in 5.45.

      • Tritro29

        Yet many of the parts are directly inspired when not lifted from the licensed TAR-21 (charging handle, handguard, layout of the add-on frame etc).

  • Quest

    Nah, doesnt really like it. But for an Ak bullpup conversion it really doesnt seem that bad. And atleast they have a good ejection port that doesnt send burning hot cases in your face when shooting around a corner!

    Terrible safety… omg. Rather make a new Rifle. When just a few special units are meant to use it, it wont even be expensive. But at the other hand… they propably are trained enough to use it , and are not in quard/patrol units.

    • Alexandru Ianu

      That’s not the Malyuk’s safety actually – it’s either the fire selector or it’s connected to the fire selector.

  • Ed

    Ukraine anti terror units use this weapon in conjunction with traditional AK-74s.

  • iksnilol

    Only 17 more years, any time now.

  • Reef Blastbody

    I could see this being popular in kit form on this side of the Atlantic. There’s already a very healthy AK building community, and more companies tooling up to do 100% US made AK pattern rifles.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I had no interest in this till I read they may export it. Looks like a decent as can be AK bullpup conversion.

  • small innovations is always welcome

  • Stanley Rabbid

    tbh that’s rather ugly
    still way better than keymod

  • Issac Staroselsky

    Interesting new AK/Tavor inspired rifle.If it was made anywhere,but Ukraine,it probably would be desirable on civilian market rifle,but as person grown up in Ukraine,I believe it will be unreliable, “crappy” engineered & made,just like “Red Army Standard” ammo,imported from Ukraine.
    Mag release,old “AK style” fire selector and absence of empty mag bolt catch,are examples of “crappy” engineering.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    I was wondering how the hell they got past rocking the AK mags in with the grip that friggin’ close. Usually the downfall of all the bullpup kits I’ve seen. Looks like he had a hell of a time getting used to it.

  • Hossi Blumengaarten

    what ever happened to the ukraninan VEPR bullpup????