Trijicon’s New MGRS: Machine Gun Reflex Sight


Trijicon announced a new reflex style sight designed specifically for military use on machine guns. The company states the new MGRS (Machine Gun Reflex Sight) is engineered for the pounding any optic will take when mounted to a rifle caliber, full auto weapon.

Here’s a quick look at some of the features and specs on the new sight:

  • made of forged 7075-T6 aluminum; weighs just under 67 ounces
  • comes with two different ranging knobs: one for the M2 (.50 BMG and not this one) and the other for the M240 (7.62); M2 ranges from 300 – 2000 meters; M240 ranges from 100 – 1200 meters
  • multiple night and day settings including a “super bright” daytime setting; powered by a single CR123A battery that is in an easily accessible compartment
  • 100 MOA total adjustment range
  • compatible with 3x magnifiers
  • waterproof to 2 meters
  • mounts directly to a Picatinny rail
  • comes with three detachable Picatinny rails for the addition of lasers, etc.
  • operating temperature from -50˚ F – 140˚ F
  • chemical and corrosion resistant; backed by a five year warranty


The MGRS uses a segmented circle reticle. The center dot is 3 MOA while the larger circle is 35 MOA.

The new MGRS should start selling in the spring of 2017 and will come with a MOLLE pouch. No word from the company yet on any plans to sell this to the civilian market.

Richard Johnson

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  • Minuteman

    Great. Now make an AR compatible version with a 1MOA dot that runs 10 years straight on a single AA battery and I’m in.

    • Anonymoose

      And weighs as much on its own as an unladen Colt pencil-barrel carbine.

      • Minuteman

        Weighing in at no more than the competition. You know who….

  • Anonymoose

    MOLLE pouch? At 4lbs it should come with its own small backpack.

    • Minuteman

      I think Trijicon intends to market this as an M2 sight. The Elcan Specter 6x on an M240 is hard to beat, Trijicon marketing dpt is of course fully aware of this, so they just drop in ‘M240 compatible’ for sheer marketing purposes. I’m not a fan of its odd battery though. I like having the option of using rechargable AA/AAA’s, which should be SOP if you ask me. YMMV

      • Anonymoose

        It could be a good sight for a 240H, M60D (for countries that still use M60s) or minigun, etc. Massive sights like this and the ones from Aimpoint and Eotech are way too huge and clunky for dismounted use.

        • Minuteman

          I forget to mention the Rheinmetall Vingmate in my earlier post. You might want to look in to it. Now that’s what I call a heavy weapons sight for ya! M2/M3, any STANAG compliant 40mm AGL and M134G compatible.

          • Anonymoose

            I just did. It reminds me of the colossal camcorder my dad used to have back in the day.

      • lol

        Every scout or pistol light uses cr123 and most of the eotechs.. cr123 are all lithium, no question if alkaline junk or not like AA.

        • Minuteman

          CR123 is fine. AA/AAA’s come in lithium as well.
          Hey wait a sec, I’m checking Raytheon’s Specter page right now and the product sheet states it uses 2032 batteries. That ain’t to bad I guess, because they come in rechargable versions as well (I like rechargeable batteries alot). IIRC they used to run on another battery. Did I miss something on Specter improvement?

    • Joshua

      You need a big chunky sight for the M2 and Mk19.

    • USMC03Vet

      Reminds me how we lugged around an pvs4 in 2003. I guess some things never change.

  • Ron

    That weight cannot be right

    • Minuteman

      Curious to know if it gets shaken to pieces, on the other hand Trijicon’s tests aren’t a joke though. Anyways, I wouldn’t opt for a RDS of any kind in the first place on a heavy weapon but run with Rheinmetall’s Vingmate instead. That thing is a beast.

      • Ron

        The Marines have been using the SU-260/P on their M240s for about 6 years now. So far they are still in good shape.

        Back in 04-08 it was common to put RDS if a RCO was not available on our crew serves and SAWs. When I was a MITT leader we used EOTECH 552 on the teams two M240s. Outside of actual contact we would shoot maybe a 1 K of round through them ever week during reset training on Fridays when the Jundi were on their sabath. Those sights lasted the entire deployment and were great piece of gear, they made hitting man size targets at contact to 200-300 meters very easy.

        • Minuteman

          I’ve always liked the EOTech reticle and fov a whole lot better than the Aimpoint’s. It’s just that Aimpoint battery life really does it for me.

      • phuzz

        I guess the heavier it is, the less susceptible it will be to vibrations, or at least that’s generally how it works.

        • Minuteman

          I don’t understand mounting a -from a max effectiveness point of view- mediocre RDS on a heavy weapon anyway. Why not mount something more capable and advanced? -> Rheinmetall Vingmate…

        • Minuteman

          Yep. I just believe in getting the right tools for the right applications. No point in mounting a RDS on a heavy weapon from a max potential perspective.

  • MarcoPolo

    Finally! Something to spend your Eotech refund on.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    My buddy needs this for the Semi Auto M2 he built for this 3 years olds first rifle.

    • Anonymoose

      Well, they do say that it’s better to start kids with crew-served weapons since they don’t recoil into your wrists/shoulder…

      • Harry’s Holsters

        I’m not kidding. He was trying to figure out how to make a suppressor work with the recoil system. I think he figured it wasn’t worth his time and still hasn’t setup a trust. Guy is crazy smart and has a ton of machines to make cool things.

        • Gary Kirk

          Or accidentally land himself in a heap of trouble real quick fast and in a hurry..

          • Harry’s Holsters

            Trust me he doesn’t do anything without it being in the level of the law. At least it will never make it to his machines unless he has the legal side in order.

  • Major Tom

    Sheesh, over 4 lbs heavy. With that kind of weight you could just chuck the sight into somebody’s face and score a kill.

  • ??

    Got this on my 10/22. They really need to make a 10/22 ranging knob.

  • Petto

    I like how Trijicon copied the idea from Korean Company and their DCL sight

    Trijicon sight might the more durable but DCL is already a battle proven sight and maybe costs less

  • Christopher Wallace

    well this looks amazing

  • Yay, and it will only be $6,000.00 bucks.