PSA: Prvi Partizan Recalls All 6.5 Grendel Ammo, Brass

6.5 Grendel Recall PPU

Recently, Prvi Partizan (aka PPU) announced a complete recall of 6.5 Grendel ammunition and brass that it made. Typically, when a company recalls ammunition, it is limited to a specific lot number or load. In this case, the recall is for “ALL 6.5 Grendel ammunition” (emphasis theirs) and brass.

The announcement includes the two loads the company currently makes: a 110 gr FMJBT and a 120 gr HPBT.

According to the company, the recall is “Because of different chamber sizes in certain rifles” that could cause “excessive chamber pressure.” I find it curious that instead of issuing a warning that the ammunition should not be fired in a 6.5 Grendel rifle from Brand X, the company instead undertakes what will likely be an expensive recall.

Also curious is that the company states “If you have any 6.5 Grendel ammunition or brass manufactured by PPU…” you should contact the company to “…arrange for its return and replacement.” (again – emphasis theirs) This could suggest a metallurgical problem with the brass.

While I have seen some people say that they “heard” PPU was getting out of making 6.5 Grendel ammunition, the company still lists the loads on its website. Also, with the recent TFB article reporting on the Serbian Special Brigade move to the 6.5 Grendel with PPU being the ammo supplier, it seems unlikely that the company would cease 6.5 production. Time will tell.

Richard Johnson

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  • RogUinta

    Wow. Scooped by me, in a comment in the article you linked.

    I should start a news blog or something.

  • Gunner4guy

    Well, THAT kind a sucks…. Was planning on building a 6.5 Grendel over the winter but now…..???

    • McThag

      Endure the shame of a 6.8 build? 😉 Burn with the anger that it’s not what you wanted?

      • Gunner4guy

        Was counting on a good supply of the Prvi ammo since I like what I’ve had from them in 7.62×25 and 7.62×39 – good quality and good accuracy. Not impressed with the hype of the 6.8 SPC or the .300 AAC/Blackout. I can use the cheap stuff for practice but prefer decent ammo when I can get it.
        If, as another OP says that the cartridge specs have been changed, then that puts the die-makers in a bind too as handloading can squeeze out that extra little bit of accuracy and they’ll have to re-do their dies!!!!☺☺


        • glenn cheney

          Lapua brass, new, Senar bullets, seasoned to taste, add wallet, stir @ 1200 yds.
          Us poor folk get by on Mr. Hornady ‘s SST’s.
          Same here on 300 BLK. and 6.8 for same reason. Ammo cost, availability. Need to keep animals you can feed cheaply with abundant food available.
          Never know when you may have to cross the desert.

    • Evaris

      Now you buy Wolf for cheap ammo instead of PPU? Or Federal for cheap brass cased?

    • randomswede

      They made a very expensive recall to correct a problem, do you really think they’ll turn around and do the same thing again in 3 months?

      • Gunner4guy

        Who knows what the ‘suits’ will do? Over the years I’ve seen a lot of really dumb moves by firearms/ammo corporations….
        Change only for the sake of change is dumb but if for cause, then fine. But, if it’s to justify a beancounter having or keeping a job then……meh.
        If the recall is for safety reason then be upfront – I think most shooters can appreciate that honesty. Being secretive just invites all kinds of ‘theories’ that can damage a company more than honesty.
        STILL going to build a 6.5 Grendel, just annoyed that the ammo I liked is recalled. Can ya dig it?

        • randomswede

          “… the recall is “Because of different chamber sizes in certain rifles” that could cause “excessive chamber pressure.””

          That’s pretty upfront and safety related.

          • Gunner4guy

            You’re right about that, it is. However, is it too much to ask that the specs be standardized prior to a cartridge coming out? This should have been settled prior to, NOT after. Question now is: which chamber spec is the ‘correct’ one???
            My comment was a generalization on the recalls a number of companies have issued and tap-danced around the exact reason(s). Why does it feel like pulling hen’s teeth sometimes to get a straight answer out of a few of these manufacturers???

          • glenn cheney

            I knew it. Classic compound vs. parallel throats and Type I and II bolts, somebody at the factory loaded in the wrong specs I guess.
            I have tread that trail, so far, Betty hasn’t bounced me.

          • randomswede

            CIP, who does the same thing as SAAMI for europe, made a revision last year. My theory is that the CIP spec. was slightly off from the SAAMI spec. and that Prvi Partizan formed their brass to the “old” CIP spec.
            But that’s me making 5 out of 1 + 1 + x + y.

          • glenn cheney

            We on full alert here in my hole today, lots of incoming now that weather system has lifted, lots of “squirrel” activity noted.
            Your vector numbers likely spot on.
            We heard of past tribal engagements from warring tribal factions, Chief Billy and some munition sects. Be advised entering sector requires specialized extraction planning.
            Make sure your six is not strung to Junior back at the c.p.
            Recommend have LRRP team bypass , locate high value, Compound , Type II, Blue team to “Follow” with replacements. Good luck, see ya’ on the other side.”

  • Komrad

    conspiracy theory time
    Serbian .mil needs an assload of 6.5 fast and offers to pay PPU lucratively to “recall” their ammo

    • randomswede

      Theirs is supposedly “off spec.”, not quite SAAMI Grendel so either this ammo is made to Serbian military standard, more likely is it meets neither standard. Either way they’d have to have a very big incentive to pay for shipping ammo from the customers to their US facility and then to Serbia, and then ship fresh ammo from Serbia to the US and then the customers.
      Not saying you are wrong, just that it sounds unlikely due to the economics of transportation.

    • glenn cheney

      You might be closer than you think on that. More than those folks across the pond are fixing to go more mass as in 6.5.
      Wouldn’t be the first time one mil-con-provider accessed snother’s sandbox when launching new platforms.
      Somehow, bet old pre-sambo spec s somehow found their way into the mix.
      Prima facia evidence the 6.5 has issues, lol. Next batch will run.

  • DwnRange

    Seems a shame that information from August 2016 should just be making it here…………, good thing 6.5 Grendel owners don’t hang out at TFB.

    Bullet “set-back” in semi-autos can be hazardous to your health don’t ya know. ; )

    • glenn cheney

      Yes, someone needs to take the leade in this matter.
      Wonder if somewhere, Bill is trying not to smile.

  • lajavi krelac

    Ok guys, just checked this thing with a friend who works at PPU. According to him, problem is in a different (new) chambers. PPU manufactured ammo by Alexander arms demands and their specs. But Alexander arms changed certain specs (some 6 months ago) and now, head spacing is different. Also they changed primers. First, they used 5.5 LR and now it’s 4.5 SR (whatever it means). Next thing is “militarization” of 6.5 Grendel. It’s case is pretty thin on the bottom so they have to reinforce this part for military use in squad machine guns.

    • Adam D.

      Thanks for the “intel”!
      Prvi is a nice company, good ammo, affordable prices.
      Hope their Grendel offerings will sell well.
      Also, nice to know that Grendel finally sees some military use.
      Is it true that some of the Serbian SF guys use the caliber?

      • lajavi krelac

        No, SF just tested some Zastava rifles and carbines in 6.5 Grendel. Maybe they will get some, but generally, they would like to keep their HK 416s. Now, you have to understand, for those guys it’s question of prestige to be armed with German rifles and to look like their western counterparts. If you don’t look cool on pics, you suck… I know, it’s stupid thing, but that’s the way it is.

        • Mario AK

          SF guys are the same all over, vain as hell.

    • randomswede

      A Large Rifle primer has a ~5.5mm diameter, a Small Rifle primer has a diameter of ~4.5mm.
      CIP (European SAAMI) lists a revision dated 2015-05-19, not sure what they changed. The SAAMI spec. is unchanged since 2011 so I’m guessing CIP was slightly off from SAAMI and they fixed that.

    • Blake

      Yikes! The whole point of SAAMI specs is that they don’t change enough to cause problems!

  • glenn cheney

    I figured when I saw the header there was the possibility the old chamber, leade and throat stuff and the boogaboos of Type I and Type II days were behind.
    Apparently not so. Even the subject in greenie circles conjures ominous spirits. Just in time for Halloween.
    Burning incense, breaking out Jobutu’s Rum…..evil spirits, come out!

  • Shane

    So is this recall legit? I’m sitting on a few thousand round boxes of this stuff.