NEW: Remington R1 LS 10mm Hunter

This past week Remington held it’s annual Writers New Product Seminar in west Virginia. Remington always does a good job of presenting it’s new guns and products for the coming year then taking us to the large BSA facility and ranges to get some trigger time in with these new offerings. Most will be announced in the coming months. Don’t ask I’m not saying a word until it’s time!

There were new offerings I can talk about and the R1 Hunter 10mm is one of them. Released at the end of last month the R1 Hunter is an extended slide 6 inch match barrel model in 10mm meant to be used primarily as a hunting pistol. I can also see it being put to use as a home protection pistol.The R1 is the top of the line in Remington’s 1911 lineup with an MSRP of just over $1300.00 but with a street price closer to the $980–$1050 range. The features of the 10mm are listed below.

Fully adjustable sights with a red fiber optic front sight.

Fully adjustable sights with a red fiber optic front sight.

I fired the R1 Hunter a good deal using Remington 180 grain FMJ at 1150 fps. All total I fired 200 rounds on paper and steel dueling tree targets. The six inch barrel made it faster to recover for a followup shot. The recoil was also noticeably softer than my old five inch barrel Colt Delta Elite. Accuracy checking was limited since we had several others on the line shooting. The accuracy was good with no problem with the dueling tree at about 20 yards. The trigger was very good and on a par with my standard size daily carry R1 in 45 acp.

Fiber optic front sight

Fiber optic front sight

This offering from Remington should do very well as we all know there are a good number of shooters wanting to see more choices in 10mm guns. This pistol should satisfy the handgun hunters out there firing a very potent round.

  • 6” Stainless Match-Grade Barrel – for superior 10mm accuracy and range
  • Picatinny accessory rail – for light/laser attachments
  • Wide rear and front cocking serrations – for positive grip regardless of field conditions
  • LPA fully adjustable match sights – for accuracy and precision
  • Extended beavertail grip safety w/checkered bump – for control and a sure grip
  • Ambidextrous safety levers
  • Skeletonized adjustable trigger – for a clean, crisp break
  • Tough PVD DLC finish – for durability in all conditions
  • VZTM Operator II G10 grips – for non-slip shooting in any condition
  • Stainless steel frame and slide
  • Two flush, 8-Rd stainless steel magazines

From Remington:

The R1 10mm Hunter LS (Long Slide) is a handgun built with the hunter in mind. From the extremely accurate 6” match-grade barrel, to the match quality fully-adjustable sights and VZ Operator II G10 grips, this pistol will get the job done at distance. The 10mm Hunter has the knockdown power and accuracy to be the perfect choice for serious handgun hunters


Remington Handgun Website

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • iksnilol

    Isn’t 180 grains at that velocity a bit slow for 10mm?

    • RavishedBoy

      Of course it is.
      I’ve seen .40 S&W doing better than that.
      What a shame!

    • Ken

      Factory 10mm is a bit light. They have to take into account 10mm 1911’s with less chamber support than other 10mm firearms. Usually, you have to mill out the frame to take a ramped barrel to get better chamber support.

      • iksnilol

        Still, no wonder the recoil was light when it was basically .40.

        • Ken

          Recoil will also be light because a 10mm handgun is larger and heavier than a .40 handgun and the 10mm operates at a lower pressure for the same velocity than a .40 due to the increased case capacity. I believe box flap velocity for factory 10mm ammo is tested from a 6″ barrel, so it will be even lower out of a 5″ standard 1911 or 4.6″ Glock 20.

          Even the reloading data is on the light side and doesn’t push the limits (for good reason, to be safe). SAAMI for 10mm is 37.5k PSI. The highest velocity loads for 180gr that Hodgdon publishes are Longshot at 34.6k PSI and CFE Pistol at 34k PSI. The highest pressure load they publish is a 135gr slug using CFE Pistol at 35.9k PSI.

          There is a cult following for the 10mm in the US (I’m probably a part of it). A lot of people hot rod their 10mm and push the limits. My first handgun was a 10mm Delta Elite and I have a Glock 40 MOS, but I have yet to reload 10mm. To me, It only makes sense to have a longer barrel to make use of a heavy charge of slow powder for 10mm.

          • My first was also a Colt Delta Elite shooting the only round made at the time the crazy hot Norma load.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, that’s what I meant. He essentially shot .40 S&W through a big pistol intended for 10mm Auto.

    • You need something like Buffalo Bore to heat things up.

  • NFarrar

    How can I trust a Remington pistol after the R51? How can I support Remington company after they released something as bad as the R51? That sad part is I really want a 10mm.

    Does anyone remember how they laid off all the Marlin employees and then the Marlins started shipping with barrels out of time to the sights were canted? When does the shooting public say NO MORE?

    • RavishedBoy

      Unlike the R51, the 1911 is a classic, proven, well known design.
      Let’s hope they didn’t tamper with it.

      • NFarrar

        The R51 is a modified version of the Remington 51. The original was very reliable. The R51 is so so. AFTER ALL R51s got recalled the gen2 seems to work with ball ammo. Hollow point nose dive with a varying degree.

        There are plenty of modified 1911 configurations that do not function 100% reliably. This is a modified 1911 design.

        • Jesse

          Remember all the 700s that had to be recalled?

          Using .40 / 10mm in a 1911 is very problematic. There is a reason a lot of the custom 1911 manufacturers stay away from it. Strayer is one of the only people to get it right.

          Last thing I want is a company using bottom of the barrel Korean parts with a track record of terrible quality control building me a pistol in a high pressure caliber.

          • Parts don’t come from Korea—LOL! 200 rounds no problems.

          • Jesse

            Just because they are imported as 80% frames and have the rails cut here in the US doesn’t mean they aren’t originally from Jella Province.

            I’m not saying Remington is the only one doing it, but don’t pretend like they’re actually being made here in the USA. Assembled here, but with foreign parts. All of the great American gun brands have sold out. Ruger may be one of the exceptions.

            That’s the problem with customers only caring about how cheap products are, it drives business overseas. If we want to make America great again we need to start caring about the quality of the products we buy. Don’t even get me started on Indo-MIM.

          • raz-0

            Which custom manufacturers stray away from the .40? Because I can list a ton of them that churn out custom .40s. Use a barrel with a clark/para ramp or nowlin/wilson ramp and it’s a non issues for the most part.

            Right there in that sentence, you ahve wilson, nowlin, and clark as custom gun makers who make 1911s in .40

          • Mr Evilwrench

            How many are making them in 10mm? .40 is 10mm’s weak little sister. It’s a pressure issue. 10mm is like a .357 magnum out of an automatic, not so easy. .40 can be poppy, but it’s not too hard to make an automatic for it.

          • teesquare

            SO…is that why the FBI DUMPED ALL of their 10mm handguns – over a decade ago?
            Look, the recent, modern load designs for the 9mm prove that we don’t need “new” alternatives in caliber. Just better ballistics studies and load development of the current calibers that are already available en masse.

          • Mr Evilwrench

            Right, but can you imagine the modern projectiles and loads applied to a 10mm? The FBI, being federal, has to hire little girls with little hands, which is a great qualification for pr0n, but I’m a substantial guy, and I can hold it well one handed. When I want the FBI recommended penetration of 12 pickup trucks, I’m covered 🙂

      • hking

        Everything Freedom Group touches has absolute garbade quality control. I wouldnt trust them making pencils after seeing what has shown up “factory new” at my LGS. Rust, barrels with no rifling, missing parts, peeling paint jobs, a true embarrassment to the firearms community.

        • It’s not Freedom Group. It’s been Remington Outdoors for well over a year.

          • hking

            Remington Arms is a branch of Remington Outdoors which is owned under the Freedom Group umbrella of suck which is owned by Cerberus Capital Management. It’s on the Freedom Group website, it’s on the Cerberus Capital website, it’s on their Bloomberg company profile, it’s on their Wikipedia listing, and on and on. Do you have some insider information that none of these places know about Remington not being a Freedom Group company anymore?

          • teesquare

            And WHO is the largest stockholder in Freedom Group….? GEORGE SOROS.
            Look up his political leanings, and his record of socialism, and gun hating. Then apologize to your conscience and your country if you have spent money that benefits them. Period.

          • Mr Evilwrench

            I thought that meme had been debunked and sorea$$ doesn’t actually own any of it?

          • Ebby123

            You do know that
            1 – Remington is a private company. It has no “Stock” for anyone to own shares of.
            2 – Cerberus is a privately owned company. It also has no stock to be owned.

            Please get off Infowars, and go outside. Meet some real people..

    • The Irredeemable Raven

      I have a R1E that has proven to be flawless.

      • Mine has been as well—-

        • teesquare

          The Nazis produced some good weapons as well… – would you proudly purchase them from Hitler for him to profit?

          • janklow

            …do you not see the massive problems with this analogy?

    • Giolli Joker

      It is actually a Para-Ordnance.
      Well… even Marlins were Marlins…

      • Bucho4Prez

        Have fond memories of my un-wieldy Canadian para p14-45. A fun but ridiculous pistol. I presume Remington gutted them like all of their other acquisitions though… Lots of other options out there, no reason to be patronize them.

        • Manfredi1

          What was ridiculous about it?

          • Bucho4Prez

            Next to the extra weight, the grip was about twice as wide as a normal 1911, which in my mind is one of the main advantages of the platform. Functioned fine, used great components, but not very practical

          • iksnilol

            Uh, what kinda P45 did you have had such a wide grip. From all the measurements I’ve seen it was about the same as a regular 1911.

            Now how square the grip was, that’s another matter.

          • Bucho4Prez

            Depends on the grips, but yes, you are technically correct on the dimensions. However it felt gigantic and weird in the hand. If you run into one, lay a hand on, and you will see what I mean. Other than that flight of fancy, they made good stuff.

          • Mr Evilwrench

            I still EDC a P12/45, but tho old girl’s on vacation getting her front sight tightened up. The grip *width* is indeed almost identical to a 1911 but very blocky. Fortunately I have big hands 🙂 I carry P14 mags for reloads. While she’s relaxing, I’ve been carrying my stainless Delta Elite 10mm from the 80’s! Pretty much the titular pistol, 30 years older.

          • iksnilol

            Please tell me you’ve begun wearing pastel colored shirts, white pants and of course shoulder holsters.

          • Mr Evilwrench

            Well, it’s after labor day, so the white pants have to go in the closet.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Don’t worry, some of us won’t forget what Remington did to so many companies.

    • totenglocke

      If you want a good 10mm 1911, take a look at Rock Island Armory.

    • DIR911911 .

      if you can forgive gm from not recalling cars for ignitions that actually killed people ,then having 1 crap product is probably forgivable

      • Edeco

        Yeah. For the risk to myself, I’m like “meh”. Didn’t know about the ignition as such, but I knew I was firing a Hail Mary when I bought a GM. What I don’t forgive is GM’s attitude and the consequences they put on others.

        Rem.s attitude seems OK, so I might give the R51 a try.

    • Ok it’s time to explain the Marlin deal. When Remington purchased Marlin and started turning out guns they found out real quick the machinery they bought was worn out. The old Marlin gunsmiths had learned to compensate by doing some hand fitting and tweaking the machinery. Now they probably should have checked the machinery before they purchased it but they didn’t and nobody from Marlin told them. So what happens is Remington had to buy new machinery and learn the proper way to set those new machines up.
      One thing most people don’t know is Marlin was in financial trouble and pretty much on life support. If anything with Remington buying them they probably saved the brand. all of this is widely known in the industry. You don’t have to believe me of course but this has been widely known for a good while.
      In fact a group of editors and writers at the seminar had a long discussion about this subject.

      • FightFireJay

        They had a duty to only sell guns that are safe, reliable, and accurate.

        They violated that with Marlin, the R51, and millions of bolt action rifles.

        It doesnt matter WHY Marlin suffered. It only matters that Remington continued to ship known bad rifles.

        • Under the old leadership there were not enough test done. Those who work for Remington are thrilled with the new policy put in place to make sure the guns are fully ready to go.
          The Gen 2 R51 had over 1.2 million hand fired rounds shot through them to make sure they were right.

          • Sledgecrowbar

            The problem is that there had to be a Gen 2. I want to like Remington but the corporate greed just oozes out of them.

          • The real problem was the previous leadership which had products being released before they should have been. That has very much been corrected.

          • teesquare

            WRONG… Perhaps I can agree with your “short term view”…But the REAL problem with ALL things connected to Remington – is George Soros.
            Interesting the hypocritical son of a b!t** owns the largest block of stock in Remmy – yet is a gun hating socialist scumbag.

            I WILL NEVER lend financial support to such by purchasing items that put once cent of my money in the coffers of an organization like that.

          • Ebby123

            teesquare – that’s pretty interesting to hear seeing as Remington isn’t a publicly traded company. It has no stock to own.

            Check your facts.

    • ozzallos .

      Their 1911s are generally well received. Where i wouldnt touch an r51, a rem 1911 is fine.

  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    now can you shoot .40 s&W out of a 10mm gun to have cheaper practice ammo and use the fullsize 10mm for hunting/ bear protection ??

    • Ken

      Not a good idea in a 1911 since the firing pin can protrude so far. If a round were to make it past the extractor, the firing pin can still set it off. In a Glock, it won’t.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        Wait, what? Are you saying that the 10mm case’s primer is set deeper than a .40s&w? Or did I completely misunderstand what you meant?

        • Ken

          If the round manages to get in front of the extractor, there will be a gap between the case head and breech face since the .40 case is shorter than the 10mm case.

        • If the .40 S&W case gets ahead of the extractor, the M1911 firing pin has enough travel to still ignite it. This leads to pierced primers and blown primers, as the primer is not supported by the breechface. When unsupported, the primer will be pushed out of the primer pocket before the rest of the case can catch up.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      I doubt your recoil spring would allow the .40 Short & Weak to cycle the action. It’s not a revolver.

      *EDIT* After seeing iksnilol’s post below, .40S&W may actually cycle the action of this gun.

      • iksnilol

        Still feels a bit dangerous due to headspace. You could get it work (probably) with just a barrel change though.

    • NFarrar

      Head spacing is different for 10mm and .40S&W. 10mm will not fit in .40S&W chamber. .40S&W in a 10mm chamber is a dangerous idea.

  • I see that Remington still has not fixed the mismatch between the frame tangs and the grip safety. That is the sort of slip-shod work that I expect from amateur gunplumbers, not from a major manufacturer. It is certainly unacceptable for a ~$1,300 MSRP pistol.

    • Jesse

      It’s an issue that goes all the way back to the factory in Korea. When you see 1911 from other manufacturers with the same problem then you know they came off the same boat.

      • They could fix the issue simply by changing back to a thicker grip safety. Or if they insist upon using their Ed Brown knockoff, they could change the tang dimensions for the frames they are receiving from Dasan. The R1E and R1C don’t display that kind of mismatch. True, those are a bit gappy at the top of the radius, but at least that won’t hurt you.

  • billyoblivion

    Another 1911.



    More innovation!

    • Dougscamo

      Even as a 1911 owner and shooter, I find that comment….pretty darn funny….

  • Spencerhut

    Could they at least use different serrations on the slide? I mean just enough so the design no longer screams “I’m a Para!”

  • sean

    I would never own a Remington handgun but i am happy the 10mm is becoming more popular and its a lot cheaper then my 6″ Fusion in a 10mm. I wonder how it would hold up to DoubleTap 200gr hardcast going over 1300fps?

  • Jeff Smith

    10mm is kind of neat. I just bought a S&W 1006 because it was a fantastic deal and because it matched my pocket knife.

    Not really, but I realized that when I got home and it made me smile. Also, it was a fantastic deal – $500 out the door at a local shop with two mags and the original box and it looks practically new.

    Sidenote: being friendly with the owners of a gun shop that has a 3 month layaway and a policy of letting you put whatever down on a gun you want is bad for your bank account. REALLY BAD.

  • Person

    10mm?! Sweet!

    Wait, does it take Glock mags?

  • Tetsu Uma

    Looks like the old Para Ordnance 10mm Hunter. If it shoots like one, it ought to be pretty good.

    • It really did shoot well and I would bet pretty close to the Para except for sights and other upgrades.

      • It is the Para LS Hunter with Remington rollmarks and a few part swaps like the hammer, trigger, and grip safety. The switch from the thick Para grip safety to the thin Remington R1E grip safety explains why there is such a mismatch between the grip safety and the frame tangs.

  • Roguewriter

    There are no good reasons to take this gun over a Glock 40. None at all. Hell, at the same price point I’d take a Tanfoglio Witness Hunter, all day, every day. I had a first gen Delta Elite. Friend of mine cracked the slide with some Buffalo Bore hot stuff. I’ve avoided the 1911 derivative 10mms since. I’ve shot a Dan Wesson Razorback, and it was a nice gun, but I don’t think it’s worth the price. On top of that you’ve got Remington’s infamous quality. Yeah, no thank you.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    Coming soon: recall and Gen 2 version!

  • Steven Alexander

    Here’s the big question. Does it have a fully supported chamber in order to shoot “real” 10mm ammo out of it, I.E. Underwood ammo etc. and reloaders who load to full spec as designed and not watered down loads on the mainstream commercial market.



  • teesquare

    Hmmm…another “decades out of date” idea from Remington… Surprise, surprise. The “Metric.40 cal.” HUNTING? pistol…REALLY? This one ought to set records for them…for WORST waste of money….