ADEX 2016- New Azeri long range rifles

ADEX is the Azerbaijan International Defense Exhibition held in the capitol of Baku, Azerbaijan. The Azeris began work on a 14.5mm and 12.7mm anti-material rifle back in 2008 and having it enter service in 2009. This was the Istigal 14.5 and 12.7mm semi-automatic rifle. I would assume that the Azeris ran into the accuracy problem that so many large caliber semi-automatic rifle manufacturers have encountered. Thus at ADEX 2016, the Azeri Ministry of Defense showcased their new bolt action, magazine fed, 14.5mm NST rifle. It weighs 20 Kg, has an maximum range of 2000 meters, and a maximum effective range of 1600 meters. The scope and muzzle brake are both designed locally in Azerbaijan. The scope looks to be a variable power optic, with an extremely large elevation turret to account for adjustments out to the ranges listed under the specifications.

There certainly is a trend in the Syria conflict to push the man portable anti-material rifle out to 14.5mm. This is mostly done out of necessity from the ample supply of ZPU barrels around. Most other armies like to call the 12.7mm or .50 BMG the limit to man portable small arms.

The original Istigal in 14.5mm.


And the current versions in 14.5mm and 12.7mm.

mubariz Istiqlal

The other precision rifle introduced is the bolt action .308 Winchester/ .338 Lapua “Vashaq” (Lynx). It appears that this is the Azeri response to the success of the PSR competition in the United States, albeit without the .300 Win Mag conversion ability. The rifle appears to be more based off of Accuracy Internationals entry with the sloped handguard. In addition, the pistol grip is an AR configuration. Keymod rails, with a Nightforce scope.


Before the Vashaq, there was the Yalguzag, only available in .308 Winchester, with a folding front sight, picatinny rails and much more of a design correlation with Accouracy International’s AX series. I realize there is a slight difference between the two rifles below, but generally they appear to be of the same model.Z5jT4Ne yalquzaq_snayper_220715

Then there is the SCAR-esque variant that looks to be a 7.62x54R mm Draganov magazine semi-automatic Designated Marksmans rifle. This has the name “Yirtijl”, and has a barrel that looks far too long.26oTjx1 w67STiw


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  • Vitor Roma

    14.5mm with the effective range of only 1600m? A .338 Lapua can do that. Talk about underrating a cartridge. Just the sheer power of the 14.5mm easily makes it a 3km round.

    • RavishedBoy

      Agree. 14.5mm is a true Monster.

    • iksnilol

      That’s true, but you also have to consider most 14.5mm ammo is MG ammo.

      • Vitor Roma

        They should make 2000 grain subsonic ammo, just because. =P

    • micmac80

      Its because no one makes target ammo for it .

      In any case its an antimaterial round . While 50BMG is hard hitting 14.5×114 is in class of its own short of uparmored APCs and IFVs all other armor is game

    • There is a difference between maximum range and maximum effective range here. The maximum effective range is the distance that the gun, the scope, the ammunition, and the gunner can reliably place accurate rounds on a vehicle sized target. No one is doubting that the rounds will travel further, however whether or not they hit anything is the problem.

  • Marvinator

    Looks like someone is trying to cash in on all the isis oil $$$$.

  • Friendly Man

    ZSU? Or ZPU? Order of mag difference, brah.

  • iksnilol

    That .308 looks like 7.62x54mmR judging by the mag.

    • Henrik Bergdahl

      Exactly. The SVD mags look that way because of the rim and was apparently very hard to make as good as they are. Definitely an x54r.

  • Stanley Rabbid

    >”.308 Win”
    >obviously SVD magazine

  • ABeiruty

    Cost, availability, reliability and accuracy for 50BMG rifle. All in all, does it compute? I will pick up the 338LM or 50BMG if the answer is YES.