Rebel Silencers SOS-22 Tubeless Suppressor

It looks like a new silencer company has emerged with a strange tubless suppressor design. I stumbled on them while browsing Reddit and noticed they were running a sale to introduce the new SOS-22 rimfire suppressor. It appears that the new company is more or less Veteran owned and is based out of El Paso.

The new suppressor is interesting because of its relatively low entry point and the fact that it only features 3 baffles. Rated for .22 LR, .22 MAG, and .17 HMR on either a rifle or pistol it seems that the SOS-22 checks all the important boxes for a rimfire suppressor. The SOS-22 weighs in at a scant 3.2 ounces thanks largely in part to its simple design and the fact that it is made from 7075 aluminum.


The most striking feature of the SOS-22 is its ability to take the suppressor down without removing the tube. The serialized portion of the suppressor looks to be the section that attaches to the firearm and the three baffled sections thread into the serialized section. With a noise reduction rating of 39-41 dB dry, it seems that they may be onto something. I wouldn’t be able to say for sure until my calibrated ears heard the suppressor back to back with some of the more common designs.

You can learn more about the SOS-22 on the Rebel Silencers website HERE. It appears current MSRP is $99 for individuals while dealers get a nice price break with a $50 cost.

Patrick R

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  • Budogunner

    “I stumbled on them while browsing reddit…”

    Their ads have been running on this site for weeks. : /

    • Friendly Man

      If people didn’t block the official ads, there wouldn’t have been two press releases from them on the site in so many weeks.

      • Sunshine_Shooter

        Lol, that would be the only thing that could ever get them to crank out stamps faster!

      • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

        Writers don’t see the ads when logged in. It makes it easy to overlook such things.

        • Dougscamo

          Patrick, use my standard excuse; “The sun was in my eyes”……

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      I don’t have the chance to browse Reddit often, that is entirely plausible.

      • AndyHasky

        I think you misread that comment. Or maybe I did.

        • Sunshine_Shooter

          No, you read it right. Patrick missed the adds running on the sight he posts to.

          • AndyHasky

            In that case, in his defense, I never noticed them.

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          I misread the comment. When I am logged into the website I don’t see many of the ads. I guess if I visited from work or paid attention to the banners on here I might have not posted this. Oops.

  • Ambassador Vader

    That’s a great price point, plus the tax stamp and your looking at <350 with tax out the door, but how do they keep the baffles from unscrewing while in use?

    • iksnilol

      Left hand threads hopefuly.

      • jamezb

        ball detent perhaps?

        • iksnilol

          I am still hoping for the modules being attached to each other with left hand threads. Is much safer and simpler.

          • Sunshine_Shooter

            Please educate me. How does threading a different direction keep the baffles together? Is it related to barrel twist direction?

          • iksnilol


            That’s why a left hand threaded muzzle device gets stuck, whilst a right hand threaded device will fall off. This is due to rifling twist and the torque generated by the bullet rotating.

  • mrsatyre

    A tubeless suppressor with a tube…?

    • iksnilol

      Where do you see a tube?

      • anonymouse

        “The most striking feature of the SOS-22 is its ability to take the suppressor down without removing the tube.”

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          “The” should have been “a”

          I wonder if this writer ever proofreads his stuff …..

  • claymore

    I predict future problems with this.The main serialized portion is fine. But the extra screw off sections can be construed to be “Parts” when taken off the rest of the body which we know are a no no with the ATF.

    • Glenn Bellamy

      That is the same as with any other suppressor that can be taken apart–loose baffles. In this case, only the serialized part can be attached to the muzzle, so the other parts can’t be used separately. Sure, all the parts are “silencer
      parts.” But nothing unusual about that.

      • claymore

        And therefore illegal

        • Ace Mcmac

          I don’t even know how to explain how wrong you are.

          • claymore

            see my reply to jameszb

        • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

          So every suppressor out there that can be taken down is illegal? Every single BATFE approved one of them?

          • claymore

            see my reply to jamezb

        • CommonSense23

          Have you seen the salvo 12?

          • claymore

            see my reply to jameszb

        • jamezb

          The ATF approved this design Mrs. Clinton.
          If you have the tax stamp and paperwork, the toy is yours.

        • jamezb

          Back in the ’80’s,RPB or Cobray sold a little toy, that attached to the threads of the then-popular AK22, and allowed you to screw any 2 liter bottle on the muzzle to use as a (completely ineffectual) suppressor. It began as an unregulated item, but after appearing on the ATF’s radar, became a serialized unit requiring a tax stamp. All it was, was a threaded muzzle attachment, the bottle being the “silencer parts”. by your reasoning, then, all 2 liter bottles are silencer parts. The company then went on to market a similar device that allowed you to screw an A2 buffer tube onto the muzzle of a .22 and use it as a suppressor, with similar regulatory results. In both cases the “parts” bottles, buffer tubes, were not considered ‘parts” unless you had the adapter to attach them with. This is a related determination it would seem.

          • claymore

            Can you buy just additional sections from them? Suppose you are shooting shorts or just want to see how quiet it is with just two sections put together. Go to the range with your form and start blasting away when in comes a LEO and asks for your paperwork and low and behold he says this is not the correct suppressor for this paperwork because in the description box it is 6 inches long and this one is not six inches long it’s only 4 inches. What now ? Unless the description box says 2 inches to 8 inches whatever and VARIABLE every time you add or subtract a section then THE SUPPRESSOR DOESN’T MATCH THE PAPERWORK.

            On another day your friend offers the use of his parts washer so you grab two on the dirty sections and head for his shop leaving the two section on your console in plain sight. For whatever reason you get stopped by law enforcement and the LEO is a NFA fan and sees your two SUPPRESSOR PARTS what then.

            You must never have dealt much with the atf what about the guy selling parts like freeze plugs EVEN WITH NO HOLES IN THEM and was arrested for selling suppressor parts ???? ANYTIME THOSE ARE DISCONNECTED FROM THE WHOLE THEY ARE SUPPRESSOR PARTS NOT A COMPLETE SUPPRESSOR.

            The ATF changes it’s mind OFTEN FOR NO GOOD REASON, tell the people that bought items that WERE LEGAL UNTIL THE ATF CHANGED IT’S MIND AND SAID NOPE NOW THEY ARE ILLEGAL.

            The ATF has called a FREAKEN PIECE OF STRING A MACHINE GUN PART think they will have a problem declaring these sections suppressor parts. Go ahead try and buy one section.

            It’s just like taking a 14.5 inch AR upper and adding a flash hider to make it 16″ or better. the flash hider MUST BE PERMANENTLY AFFIXED TO THE BARREL you just can’t add it or remove it when you feel like it because IT CHANGES THE DESCRIPTION OF THE UPPER AND CHANGES THE CLASS OF THE UPPER FROM NON-NFA INTO A NFA PART.


          • Ben Pottinger

            The problem with your line of reasoning is once you walk down that path you can’t come back. If you look at everything through the lens of the ATF backing out of their decision or “ruling” then by your very definition *nothing* is “safe” and so you should buy nothing and invent nothing.

            The shoestring thing they went back and clarified that obviously every shoestring can’t be a MG and instead only one used on the correct type of gun that then can fire automatically is a MG.

            And the 2 liter suppressors.. how many cases since the 80s when the thing came out have been brought against 2 liter owners? Did the atf make the two liter companies change thread pitch? Right..

            The regulatory agencies hold far to much power, there is no doubt about that and it needs changed, badly. But sometimes paranoia is really just paranoia.

          • claymore

            So go ahead and buy one.

          • Ben Pottinger

            Meh, I’ve already got 5 suppressors and am broke and disabled so I don’t expect to grow that collection unless we get really lucky and something like the hearing protection act gets passed. Can you provide a single example of an NFA regulated item being changed from regulated to prohibited or a NFA owner being prosecuted for having pieces of his regulated NFA item laying around?

            The examples some people use show a lack of understanding of how such laws are handled. Sure a “normal” cop can technically arrest you if he believes you have an illegal suppressor or MG, it’s why you keep your paperwork with you. But he and his don’t charge you, the federal prosecutor has to charge you and since you have your paperwork and they have the NFTTA (or whatever that database is called) it’s highly unlikely that he is going to recommend charging you seeing as its very very likely your NOT breaking the law. Sure the ATF is pretty rogueish, and I wouldn’t want to provoke them, it’s just highly unlikely to say the least.

            The guy who was arrested for freezer plugs was in ohio and was actually offering to drill out a “solvent trap” for customers essentially creating a silencer for them (and he was already a prohibited person and not allowed to own firearms). So he’s hardly a test case for atf harassment (regardless of what we might think about the constitutionality of them regulating the things to begin with).

          • claymore

            You better bone up yes indeed the suppressor laws IN STATES do apply not just federal laws.

            and yes there are examples of law both federal and state violations of federal law google is your friend. Or go to any NFA firearms board for more examp;es from people that have bee arrested AND PROSECUTED under either or set of law.

      • claymore

        see my reply to jamezb

  • thedonn007

    I think you would be better off with the 5.56 version that was discussed on TFB last month. You can remove a few baffles for use with .22llr.

  • Hoplopfheil

    Want. No scratch that. Need.

  • jamezb

    Ok, $99
    1985 pricing.
    You have my attention.


    Nice find. Thanks Patrick