Ergo’s KeyMod Forward Rail

Ergo KFR

If you have an A2 style front sight base on your AR, but no rail coverage between it and the birdcage, I’ve found the product for you: the KeyMod Forward Rail (KFR) from Ergo Grips.

This rail system bolts down to the front sight base and adds a few extra inches of accessory rail real estate farther out the gun. While my initial reaction is that this is a perfect Mall Ninja® add-on, I can see where it might have some genuine purpose.

Consider the standard AR-15 with its round hand guards and FSB. If you wanted to add a light to the gun this KeyMod rail would allow you to do so with relatively little fuss. I’m sure you can think of other possible uses for this additional rail space.

I like Ergo products, but if I was adding rail space to a round hand guard AR, I’d just install one of the Magpul hand guards. Those hand guards are a direct replacement and take very little time to pop into place. Of course, the Magpul products to not extend the rail space beyond the FSB as the KFR does.

Ergo Grips makes the KFR from 6061-T6 aluminum and gives it a black anodized finish. The mini quad rail has a suggested retail price of $138.50.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Major Tom

    I don’t know about you but that’s a little too close to the burning bits of the muzzle for me.

  • Havok

    You were so focused on whether or not you could, that you never stopped to consider if you should.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      I’m guessing their market is LEOs who can’t make permanent modifications to their rifles.

      • White Nationalist

        How about a donut warmer attachment?

        • Anonymoose

          That’s why the barrel hangs out so far on a standard M4…

  • Pete Sheppard

    For nearly $140, I’d think long and hard…no, thanks.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      Unless you really want to not permanently modify your rifle the price put it in the range of buying an ALG hand guard and having a local shop install it.

      This does make sense if you’re an LEO who cant make a permanently modify their rifle. Bolt on part that can easily be taken off.

      • DIR911911 .

        so your department gives you a gun and an accessory but no way to mount it , highly unlikely. this is more like an answer looking for a problem.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          A lot of guys are adding their own lights and optics. Some guys don’t want to run with a stock gun and Irons if that’s all they are issued. Departments each have their own procedure on what can and can’t be used and what can and can’t be modified.

          • Drew Coleman

            Plus, some departments may not have the funds to kit every rifle with optics and a light.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            That’s probably the biggest issue.

  • Pedro

    There are no comments (for some reason) on the loss of Alex C, so I put one here. Dang, I really liked his videos and dry sense of humor . . . you will be missed. Btw – this looks like a good way do destroy a device that close to the muzzle.

    • Y-man

      YKR! I must say – we cannot say “Goodbye”, because he will continue to be part of the TFB family.
      I came to TFB because of people like him, and I actually MET him because of TFB… Flew all the way TWICE from West Africa to his home somewhere in Texas… Wow. Great guy.

    • Sasquatch

      Same with Alex leaving. I enjoy his stiaght forward professional review unlike a lot of mall ninjas we have on the internet. With of course as you mention the dry humor.

    • “In an age rife with uber-serious mall ninjas, one man dared have fun with guns! His name was Alex C. and he is a legend to our tribe. Wherever he wandered the children sang, the women wooed, and the birds chirped. Some say he spends his days in the archives with Ian now, mastering weapons long forgotten. Who can know, my child? Whenever you hear the lamentations of Winchester 73 collectors, or the sound of an Arisaka dustcover…remember that he is with you.” – a story we’ll tell our children

      • iksnilol

        I remember comrade Alexey, we did disagree on glory of Sergei Mosin however.

        Is he leaving because we joke he reload Krag like my babushka who lost arms in Sibir? Was in good fun is all.

        He was a good comrade, will be missed.

        • Dougscamo

          The irony of it all is that his last posting on TFB TV was on the revised Remington R51…that he was not happy with because of continued issues. No doubt, it would have been in another Top 5 Guns I Wish I Hadn’t Bought…but maybe that was what pushed him over the edge…..

    • John

      So long, Alex C.

      And don’t let the door hit you in your lever-action hatin’ butt on the way out. 🙂

    • Paul White

      I *really* disagreed with him on lever guns, but he did some dang good reviews and put out some good content on historical guns.

    • A bearded being from beyond ti
    • noob

      Alex may be concentrating on motor cars now, but he will always be making things go fast by setting off little explosions inside some kind of cylinder.

      Hope he guest posts from time to time.

      Or finds a way to put guns on cars and write/vlog about it.

    • Paul B.

      For some reason I can’t add a comment on the original post about Alex leaving so here goes. I’ll def miss your videos and insights. As others have said, you have a great, dry sense of humor and a calm, pleasant voice that is great to hear. Handsome dude too, so lets face it, that will help with whatever you decide to do in the future. You will def be missed.

    • Dougscamo

      Glad this came up because, I too, wondered why “No Comments” was attached to the news (yeah, I know I’m late but I was hunting and then cutting wood). Alex C marches to his own drum…to roll out an old saw…but anyone who had so much fun with firearms and video is going to be missed. His “Top 5 Guns” series was always entertaining. My personal favorite, humor considered, was Top 5 Guns With Cult Followings. His comments about if Gun Manufacturers used truth in advertising (can’t remember the exact name of the video) were a scream!
      Any man who can get away doing a Run and Gun with a Remington Rolling Block and saying LSD and guns do mix is really going to be missed by me….

  • iksnilol

    For 140 bucks I’d buy a new handguard, a free floating M-lok rail or something.

  • Gregory

    How much more crap can we put on our rifles. It is like a competition to see who can have the rifle with the most crap clamped onto it. The more crap on your rifle, the more manly one is. Whatever happened to K.I.S.S.

  • Badwolf

    Hey bro, I heard you like rails…

  • Sasquatch

    Um why……

  • White Nationalist

    How about a rail that mounts to the flash hider?

    • Sgt. Stedenko

      It’s been done.
      Looks like Amazon finally removed it
      Tuffforce Muzzle Brake
      The comments were the best part of the product.
      Lots of Chris Costa references.

  • Because every gun needs more shelf unit attachment points right? How long until some one makes a muzzle brake with keymod on it like some other railed muzzle brake?

    • iksnilol

      Uhh… it’s been done already.

  • Jalen Byon

    Bad idea.

    The only thing you would truly need is a flashlight, which there are already many and far cheaper light mounts that work with a2 bases.

    • Anonymoose

      Elzetta ftw!

  • LazyReader

    For those of us who what just a dash more picatinny

  • The Shark was jumped a long time ago with the Railed Muzzle Device.
    But this is an impressive follow up.

  • Lee Attiny

    Finally, a product that will allow me attach that second tactical light to my rifle. The tv remote mount takes up most of my 15″ quad rail and my iPad mount takes up the rest so this product is perfect for me.

    • Squirreltakular

      I hope you meant third tactical light. You know what they say; “One is none, and ten is still none.”

  • nova3930

    Might be ok for moving a light further out. Course a HSP thorntail does that for a lot less $$$

  • Gary Kirk

    Made from aluminum, clamps to the gas block.. That thing is gonna get pretty hot fairly quickly.. Watch what you mount on it..

    • iksnilol

      Mount bayonet on it, instant superheated bayonet.

      • Gary Kirk

        Kind of defeats the purpose of the bayonet though.. The whole cartuerizing ( not sure I spelled that correct) the wound thing

        • iksnilol

          Yeah, but like, coat it in oil or something so that it ignites. Then it’ll be more slow-cooking with added flambe.

          • Gary Kirk

            Magnesium phosphate?? Although it would really need to be cooking to light that..

  • Black Dots

    At only $140, this is an affordable way to melt my polymer accessories and/or give myself a 3rd degree burn.

  • Anonymoose

    Might be a good way to stick a forward-mounted light over your bore without a freefloating handguard.

    You could probably put the MOE-SL handguards on there and then put Keymod-to-Mlok adapters on the extension-thingy for commonality.

  • Hoplopfheil

    Some company should just make a muzzle brake with rails all over it.

    Also; sucks to lose Alex C! His stuff is always my favorite part of the site. No offense to the other contributors, but you know what I mean.

    • Jim Thatcher

      Nat F is my fav, but i understand. Ill miss Alexs knowledge and the joy he seems to derive from sharing it.

  • Jayhu

    Hahahahahahahahahaaha! 🙂

  • Badwolf

    Here you go…

    Only thing missing now is stock rails to make it a railed from start to end.

    • Anonymoose

      The PRS stocks have rails on the bottom, at least, and theoretically you could put an Uncle Mike’s style swivel in many QD holes found on popular stocks and then mount a rail section on that sling swivel stud…

      Also, I never thought about it, but if you had a steel front sight maybe you could mount it on that goofy-ass muzzle brake for the ultimate sight radius (after putting a couple layers of STEEL or titanium risers as insulation).

  • Anonymoose

    Being used by Canada is negative OPERATOR cred, unfortunately.

  • DW

    Guys, I totally get what this is for. You get a can of Fireclean and bacon, put them on this and enjoy the bacon after the range session. Nothing better than keymod grilled.