BREAKING: Bass Pro Shops to Complete Purchase of Cabela’s


Cabela’s put themselves up for sale about 10 months ago, and Bass Pro Shops is completing their overall purchase of the retailing giant. Initially, Bass Pro Shops only bought their line of reward credit cards. An announcement today on Cabela’s website states that the sale/purchase of their company is going to be complete soon. Business Wire was the 1st to post on this transaction, and that is the public statement listed on the Cabela’s website as well:

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Incorporated (NYSE:CAB), two iconic American outdoor companies with similar humble origins, and with a shared goal to better serve those who love the outdoors, today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Bass Pro Shops will acquire Cabela’s for $65.50 per share in cash, representing an aggregate transaction value of approximately $5.5 billion.

At the moment, there is no talk of closing any Cabela’s stores, closing of Bass Pro Shops stores, or re-branding of stores into Bass Pro Shops. It appears to be all happy business so far and the deal should be fully completed by early 2017.

Something that may come as a surprise, but makes good business sense is Bass Pro Shops’ announced coordination with Capital One to take over the credit cards for both companies. This will occur once the acquisition is complete. The points cardholders have for either the Cabela’s CLUB, Bass Pro Shop, or co-branded cards will remain the same.  Capital One, a subsidiary of Capital One Financial Corporation, will take over the servicing of these cards in early 2017 in what should be a multi-year deal between them and Bass Pro Shop.

To view the public statement on Cabela’s website, click HERE.

To view the article 1st posted on the Business Wire, click HERE.

To view the public statement on Bass Pro Shops website, click HERE.

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  • TechnoTriticale

    So in terms of collapsing the branding, which chain’s name is thought to carry the most goodwill?

    • Harry’s Holsters

      I know people that are avid fans of one or the other. They will probably make more buy keeping the names separate.

      That said I think Cabelas has the best name but I one have Bass Pros in my area.

      • Bill

        In my experience at both I’ve come away thinking that Cabela’s was a notch above Bass Pro. They might be wise to keep separate branding, just like big automakers do.

        • Russ Kell

          I’ve got a Bass Pro locally, and have been to several Cabelas. IMHO Cabelas has better prices and special deals (on the stuff I want).

          Since I already have to pay tax on items from Cabelas that I order online (one in Reno, but not Vegas) if I could have my Cabelas stuff shipped to my local Bass Pro and forgo shipping, that would be nice.

          • S. Plankenberg

            The Bass Pro in Springfield, MO charges an extra 1% sales tax to help pay for the Wildlife Museum that was built largely with local tax dollars BEFORE the additional 1% tax was implemented. AND, it cost something like $20 per head to get in to see the thing.

            I figured I’ll be damned if I would pay $20 dollars to see something that they had already used some of my tax money to build, and so did a lot of others.

    • S. Plankenberg


  • Harry’s Holsters

    Big business seem to be getting even bigger. Hopefully someone similar will step up to compete in that space.

    • Sasquatch

      You still have the monster Academy, Field and Stream,
      and over priced Gander Mountain.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        I still haven’t visited the new Field and Stream in my area so I can’t compare there but Gander isn’t in the same league and from what I’ve heard about Academy it isn’t either.

        I put Gander on the level of your local grocery stores where as Cabelas and Bass Pro are like Costco and Sams Club.

        A buddy’s buddy sold guns a Gander and they paid him on commission. They sell everything for MSRP! Not that they are getting rich of that but they are getting much better margins than the average store. I remember visiting one and seeing 5.7 ammo for 40 cents a round a year after sandy hook and 5.56 was still 60 cents. So sometimes a good deal will slip through.

        • Anonymoose

          Field and Stream is Dick’s trying to rebrand after the post-Newtown boycotts. Academy is also being boycotted after they hid away their salt waffles after Orlando.

          • I haven’t bought a single thing from either chain since they outed themselves as pearl-clutching ninnies.

          • Anonymoose

            Same. I do all my shopping online nowadays.

      • Rooftop Voter

        As I wrote yesterday, Gander Mountain is locally known as Gander Jewelry. They are not ashamed of their prices and don’t even blink an eye when they tell you about it either.

        • Sasquatch

          Oh I know. I use to work behind the gun counter at Gander Mountian. Working their you were able to pick out quickly people who have know idea what they are doing. Like for instance a guy wanted to see the wasar 10 we had so I handed it to him. He look at it and said “880 bucks! That’s a good price!” I was so hard to keep myself from face palming me for head……

    • I was fairly impressed with Field and Stream the last time I visited one during IALEFI. Although since they are owned by Dicks sporting goods I doubt their executives have the resolve to push deeper into the hunting/sportsman industry.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Everyone in my area loves it. They all buy ammo and the prices sound fair. I frankly avoid those places to buy guns and buy most of my ammo online or at a few local shops so I don’t really have a reason to go there.

  • Anonymoose

    I always considered the Cabela’s house brands to be better than the XPS stuff, so hopefully they can hold onto their quality.

    • Bill

      My first stop in Dundee, I thought I’d died and gone to not Hell.

  • derpmaster


    We just got a Cabela’s after a several year wait and I vastly prefer it to BassPro. Please don’t ruin it.

    Also Capital One are the scum of the credit industry and I would never sign up for one of their cards.

    • marine6680

      I seriously hope they do not ruin Cabela’s…

      Cabela’s has more functional stores for those who want to actually buy things rather than fart around gazing, better selection, and generally better prices for the same or similar products. Ammo prices were always much better at Cabela’s for example.

      This buyout will lower true competition… And could end up hurting consumers in the long run. I am not optimistic.

      • noamsaying

        I agree. Cabelas seems to have more sporting equipment. Bass Pro seems to have a lot more in the way of clothing.

        • ATman

          Maybee things are just weird here in Canada but our Cabelas has about 2?3 dedicated to clothing sales and the worst ammo prices in town compared to the mom and pop shops and Canadian stores. I have stumbled into a couple of deals but nothing earth shattering.

          • marine6680

            Their big brand ammo is typically even in price, or a bit more than other places, but their house brand and the lesser known or foreign stuff was usually priced well…

            Not as good as a larger gun store… I had a PSA that would get good bulk deals… But their individual box prices were similar.

            They also tended to have the largest variety of ammo available.

            They do have a large clothing section. But the majority of the stuff in the stores was directly useful in outdoor pursuits. About a third of the local store is clothing related, but that includes hunting gear, fishing gear, footwear and the like.

          • ATman

            Please note I live in Canada in a place that requires blaze orange while hunting and I don’t care for the name Cabelas printed on chinese stuff. I have seen in the states some good deals and house brand ammo but everything at the store near me adds a 20+% markup to firearms related goods and ammo.

  • Sasquatch

    Wow could of guessed it but still wouldn’t think Cabela’s would sale.

    • Swen

      They were told to increase their stock value or face sale per internal hedge fund. Forgot where I read that about a year ago.

      • White Nationalist

        They should have went private(like BPS) and told the Tribe’s hedge funders to F off

        • DallasDoc

          “should have went” — typical of anti-Semitic swine to not only be losers but not know basic English grammar.

  • Edeco

    Hope they don’t change the bathrooms. I’ll hold it for 250 miles to make a Cabela’s my territory. No hardship to buy something afterward.

  • Gary Kirk

    Ehh.. Screw em both.. Hate having to take a number for a couple minutes of uneducated idiot telling me I need to buy this pistol or that, when I’m just trying to get a scope.. I have my ffl guy, everything else I’ll get myself. And just go to gun shows to check things out in person anymore..

  • Sgt. Stedenko

    The Cabela’s by me had three rifles stolen last year around Christmas.
    A Springfield M1A
    A Black Rain Fallout AR
    A 28 gauge Beretta

    After that, I decided the knuckleheads at Cabela’s were too stupid to earn my business.
    Next thing, they’ll allow you to put ammo in a gun before walking out the store with one.

    • Anonymoose

      “Hey, you can’t do that!”

      • anonymous

        + 1.0

  • Billy Jack

    Just bought** a Sig from Cabela’s. I used asterisks because I only really bought the idea of getting a Sig but Cabela’s had other plans. I spent my money and now I’m waiting for it to be returned to me. I’m still in shock at how horrible their customer service is. I was initially happy with the purchase and it’s a day later and I think they only employ liars and thieves. Everyone I spoke to today told different lies. Unbelievable. Even managers were lying. I figured paying more from a big store was worth it to avoid the occasional hassles I’ve run into at smaller shops. Complete wake up call. A new Bass shop is opening near me and I won’t spend a dollar at either store ever again. I’m glad this is on TFB so I can’t let loose with the expletives.

    • Gary Kirk

      Know that feeling

  • Justin Roney

    We have both in DFW, and this is really disappointing. Cabelas has always had a much better selection of just about everything, especially guns and ammo, AND their prices are mostly competitive, whereas most of the guns at Bass Pro are all overpriced. Cabelas has also had a much better selection of reloading components and equipment. If Bass Pro jacks that up its going to be a real loss.

  • S. Plankenberg

    This deal will be to the detriment of Cabelas and their employees.

    Bass Pro has a reputation for not treating their employees very well, and being ruthless with their vendors.

  • TW

    Better use the rest of my gift cards from last holiday season on more mags.

  • Mark Horning

    Certainly bad news for the customers. Cabelas has always had a better selection of “gun stuff” be it guns, ammo, reloading supplies, safes, as well as better prices. Their guns are of course horribly overpriced, but Bass Pro is worse.

    And as said by another poster, Capitol One are complete scum. Cabela’s Club was (shocking I know) actually known for decent service when needed.

    As soon as they start discontinuing items and consolidating SKUs (prob early next year) it will be time to spend those Cabelas Points.

  • Oldtrader3

    Cabela’s has lost some goodwill since the management was bought out by ex-Remington execs under Cerebrus Inc. (Hound of Hades), some years ago. They ran Cabela’s like they ran Remington-Marlin, which is into the ground. First thing they did was take $250 Million out of inventory for their credit card business. Everything was backorded for a long time. That is when I stopped buying from them. I just recently returned as a Cabela’s customer after almost 10 years of not being one.

  • TheGrammarMan

    LOL keep smoking that weed if you think this is gonna be one big happy family after the deal closes. No good news here, unless you are in investor in Singer’s corporate wrecking hedgle fund that started this.

    Cabela’s HQ staff will lose their jobs, that’s about 2000 people, including the credit card business. Capitol One is a crappy credit card issuer, not consumer friendly, or do they even give lip service to it…. run from that card like your hair is on fire. Your Cabela’s points will probably expire or take a hit as well. As far as the brick and mortar stores go, they will be rebranded in some fashion and don’t be surprised if they all become Bass Pro… that company is majority owned by the CEO and founder so there are obvious ego issues involved – bye bye Cabela’s brand. Cabela’s owns most of it’s stores and real estate, and so selling that off will help pay for the deal for Bass Pro, which means closing unnecessary Cabela’s stores – more jobs lost. Prices at Bass Pro, which are generally higher, now have no reason to go anywhere but higher.

    The smart LGS which reinvests in it’s business will do well in this environment. Unfortunately, not too many do what it takes.

  • Marcus D.

    Meh, the nearest Cabelas is 200 miles away on the other side of the Sierra Nevadas, and the nearest Bass Pro Outlet almost 200 miles south. With California’s 10 day wait to pick up any firearms purchase, I don’t think I’ll be buying from either one any time in the foreseeable future. The Dick’s in town sells only long guns, and a paltry selection at that, with a much better selection and prices at Sportsman’s’ Warehouse (which also has a much better selection of outdoor gear and firearms accessories).

  • MindMelder

    This is like the ugly sister being picked for the bikini magaizine cover instead of the hot one. I very much prefer Cabela’s to Bass Pro. Don’t reinvent the wheel and come up with a block Consumers will move to their local shop or to GB exclusively.

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    Now I know why Cabelas cancelled building a store here in Wesley Chapel. There’s a Bass Pro 10 miles away.

  • Rooftop Voter

    I always love the press release that is put out by the folks upstairs when something like this happens:
    “At the moment, there is no talk of closing any Cabela’s stores, closing of Bass Pro Shops stores, or re-branding of stores into Bass Pro Shops.”
    In actuality, this is what they are really saying:
    “At the moment, there is no talk of closing any Cabela’s stores, closing of Bass Pro Shops stores, or re-branding of stores into Bass Pro Shops, yet.”

  • C. Her

    Before this acquisition Cabela’s had complained about lower sales expectations for several years. Cabela’s also had to price their goods competitively vs BPS. With this news there will be little competition so therefore no incentive to be price competitive which will equal less consumers spending money at bela’s or BPS.

  • Bucho4Prez

    Which one has the giant kiosk of bulk candy near the check out? That will influence how I feel about this…

  • Uncle Festet

    A big reason for the transaction was inventory management. Because of problems with its systems, Cabelas was inefficient and often had to sell stuff at significant discounts to clear out excess inventory.

    In contrast, BassPro has been able to avoid clearance pricing and thus maintain better margins. With this transaction, they will probably keep most of the stores while replacing virtually all of the management/distribution staff.

  • Hmm… what a coincidence. First, Le Baron up in Canada recently closed down all four of its branches (now in a liquidation state), now Cabela’s down in the States?


  • no n0

    not a fan at all of BP
    will be paying off my Cabelas card and moving on…

  • Chuck Ellis

    IF you have a Sportsmans Warehouse in your area you know the difference. If not, you can buy online. I am a 13 year part time employee and we do whatever it takes to keep the customer satisfied. BPS very near to our store. Several staff left when they built a new BPS only to complain and leave them.