TFB has reported about the brand new CZ Shadow 2 both once and twice before.

The first time when it was released to the press and later when it was released at IWA in Germany 2016.

Here it can be seen in action at a recent IPSC Handgun match in Sweden, ONYX 2016.

I managed to capture the muzzle flash in the right moment.

Copy of ONYX-2016-24

The match was a large Level II, with 8 stages, 174 competitors and minimum 163 rounds.

The same competition (with some minor adjustments) worked as the Swedish Championships for Police in Dynamic Shooting (only equipment approved by the Police allowed).

The Shadow 2 handgun was developed by and for IPSC and similar practical shooting sports in mind.

As IPSC celebrates its 40:th Anniversary this year there will be a special version of the Shadow 2 to recognize this.


The online (European) configurator is up and running or those interested. I for sure am, please write me up for the limited edition.



  • Emfourty Gasmask

    when will they be released in the US ;.;

    My wallet burns

    • John T. Clark

      I envy people who live outside of California…

      • mig1nc

        We feel sorry for those that live inside California. 🙂

        • John T. Clark

          and I appreciate that! Truly beautiful country but the blue state politics just beats you down.

      • M1911

        I also live behind enemy lines, but in Massachusetts.

        • Dougscamo

          Can’t say I “feel” your pain as I live in Virginia….but I feel we may be headed your way due to the power of the People’s Republic of Northern Virginia….
          (No offense to you poor shooters living in Northern Virginia)

          • supergun

            It is indeed a shame that a certain population has allowed their 2nd Amendment Rights to be illegally abolished. It is like a cancer.

  • PK

    The last photo, what is that in the circled portion? Were there other shooters on the line or does the brass really have some hang time out of that handgun?

    • Erik B

      He’s fast. Not unconnon with any handgun really.

  • ABeiruty

    Start saving from now.

  • supergun

    Used to be the Rebel Color?

    • Dougscamo

      Blue used to mean Republican when the Civil War maps were commonly used so you may be right. Could be since present Red/Blue designation changed when the liberal “darling”, Gore, lost to Bush….hence the “danger” in their minds….

      • supergun

        True,,,,but the Union was Blue and the Rebels were Red. We are the DEPLORABLES.

  • supergun

    Nice pistol to have and shoot.