My friend at MAGPUL posted this picture up. It is a new style of DAKA pouch specifically for suppressors. No word on when they will be available but I suspect they will be soon since it is a simple affair to cut them and weld them.


  • Dickie

    Perfect for corndogs too for us that are not allowed the devices that help protect hearing.

    • Mattie Dimes

      Ah yes, the tactical Corndog. Nothing like being in a firefight and yelling “cover me I’m reheating!”

  • H&R Canada

    What next Magpul brand underwear, marketing gone wild.

    • Shawn


  • Dickie

    Magpul dildo pouches

  • joe

    But, but…suppressors mean No Dakka, right?

    • Garmanarnar

      Quiet dakka still dakka

  • Mazryonh

    I can’t tell if the sign in the picture says anything about not putting hot suppressors in one of these pouches. Sound suppressors heat up with every shot like gun barrels do.