Schmeisser Rifles at IWA 2016 (Germany)

Schmeisser normally houses in the Waffen Schumacher booth at IWA, and this year was no exception.

Some of these pictures are from the spring of 2016, but it’s the first time they’ve been published and they’re unique to TFB.

All Schmeisser AR15s are chambered to shoot both .223 Remington and 5,6×45 NATO. The press material doesn’t mention if the chamber is .223 Wylde or not, but I presume so.

Below: The AR15 S4F model with a 10,5” barrel is 2 299 Euros. All the F-models come with the latest
Schmeisser Flip-Up BUIS sight. The optics are from FALKE in Germany. The 9×19 mm carbine can be seen partly.


Below: Top M5F including Falke optics with M5FL underneath, both with 16,75” barrels.

Falke 1-6 x 24 TAC Mil DOT is the name of the scope.


The steel gray model is the Schmeisser AR-15 Dynamic Rifle, with skeletonized logotype on the magwell as TFB reported about recently. The weight is only 2.9 kilograms.

Full name: AR15 Dynamic M5FL 16,75”, and it stands out among all the other black rifles.


The price of the is 2 790 Euro, which equates to roughly 3 200 USD. A lot of money, but relatively competitive for Europe.

Below: The top rifle is a Schmeisser AR15 LMR 18”. According to the manufacturer the surface is deep black hard anodized with minimal tolerances and a high precision barrel. The LMR features a crisp trigger pull and uses top of the line components made in Germany. The trigger’s first stage is 1.200 g
and the 2:nd stage is 1.300 g.


For some reason Germans seem to love quad-rails, or similar versions with as lot of Picatinny.



The LMR 18″ has a stock with an integrated spare magazine and ambidextrous quick-detachable sling swivel inserts. The steel gas block fits under the handguard and withstands maximum barrel heat.

The Schmeisser AR15 below the LMR is an Ultramatch 20”, with a stainless steel barrel. Also available in black oxide (not pictured).


LMR 18″ below.


A “basic” Schmeisser, like the AR15 M4F 14,5” or M5F 16,75” starts around 2 200 Euro, or about 2 500 USD. The M4 14,5” is 2 090 Euro.

There is also a AR15 M22F 16,75” in .22LR at 1 299 Euro and a 9×19 mm AR15 Carbine 16,75” (9×19)
at 2 299 Euro. These lowers from 9×19 mm or .22 LR rifles can quickly be converted to .223 Rem.


The Schmeisser video is pretty cool:

There was also a Schmeisser 1911 released, which is new to the company.

Eric B

Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with an European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatic firearms, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.


  • Uniform223

    So is it going to priced like the “BMW” or “Mercedes” of AR-15s?

    • Petto

      Aren’t Hk416s the Mercedes of ARs?

      • Phil Hsueh

        If H&Ks are Mercedes, then these would be the BMWs.

  • TDog

    Oh golly gee! More AR-15’s!

    • Dan

      Oh golly gee! Another comment about “too many” AR-15’s, from someone who clicked on the article under their own free will.

      • TDog

        Someone’s got to point out the fact that the firearms industry’s idea of “innovation” is taking a design that’s around fifty years old and slapping rails and other geegaws on it.

        Shotguns are experiencing a bit of a renaissance. Handguns are also seeing new designs. Imagine if all shotguns were Winchester 1897 derivatives or all semiauto handguns were “brand new” 1911’s.

        The AR is a fine platform, but the ability of companies to turn them out to the detriment of innovation and the refinement of other designs is pathetic. As a reflection of the gun industry, the AR is emblematic of a mindset that thinks that good enough is.

        EDIT NOTE: clarified my point in the end paragraph.

  • Ray

    Before any snarky comments: These guns are for the non-US market, where a boring Colt AR-15 can cost upwards of $3000. You’ll never see these guns in the US.

    • Liberals and Communists trigge

      Blame the post war “liberation” for that.

  • tigers are awesome

    I really love this gun where or how can I get one 🙂

  • Richard

    Looks awesome.

    Is it just me or is there an unfortunate association with their tagline ‘The Final Evolution’?

    I take it ‘Evolution’ and ‘Solution’ don’t sound similar in German.

    • Liberals and Communists trigge

      You really think we are still ashamed of the great Hoax? A German judge just recently ruled that the official holohoax narrative bullshit is false.

      Anyway, this comment is probably going to be deleted.

      • Richard

        I thought they were just super sensitive to anything to do with that.

        Like I heard that they even avoid the use of the word Cyclone (Zyklon) for any kind of marketing.

        • Liberals and Communists trigge

          Not for long. We wont we conditioned to be the dogs to the hook nosed again.

  • Henry Reed

    Is that a DI gun being shot right out of the water?


  • KiwiShooter

    I can attest to the quality of these as I have had a Schmeisser AR15 for 4 years now. In that time it has successfully unloaded somewhere in the vicinity of 5000 rounds without a single malfunction. It’s also proven to be very accurate. There were quite a few sold into New Zealand at a time when US made gear was hard to come by. That has since changed and the US made rifles have become far more popular. They are nice guns, but if faced with buying one again versus a high end US brand, price would be the only deciding factor.