Today’s photo is a 7.5″ 300 Blackout. AR-15 format, but Low Visibility Gear and a lot of fun to shoot.

AAC’s “Honey Badger” did play a part as a role model for this rifle (it’s not a “pistol”), and there’s a B&T suppressor somewhere hidden outside the picture (not using the Surefire, but normal threading).

For some more information on the “Honey Badger“, chech TFB’s review. Will it ever hit the market? Who knows.

Components: JP Enterprises CTR-02 Upper with a MEGA Arms ambi-lower. Both very nice, high quality parts.

PDW stock from North Eastern Arms (Canada). Quality could (should) be a lot better than that, in my opinion.

7,5″ 300 Blackout barrel from Lothar Walther (Germany), bull barrel, pistol length gas system.

Samson Evolution Vertical front grip.

Phase 5 Tactical extended bolt release.

Surefire muzzle brake.

Geissele trigger.

Bravo Company charging Handle.

Lancer magazine.

Magpul pistol grip.

Noveske pins.

Aimpoint Micro H1, surrounded by a Tango Down iO cover, in a Seekins Precision mount.


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Copy of F01A1092_resize


  • Henry Reed

    Very slick little gun. Be interesting to see how far it would consistently hit.

    • Anonymoose

      I’ve been thinking that about a 7.5″ 5.56 as well. Some guys on youtube have pushed their 7.5s out to 500 yards. A 7.5″ .300 Blackout would definitely retain more energy even if it did drop like a rock after the first 100 yards.

  • Sianmink

    Waiting on the form 4 stamp for my own honey-badger inspired rifle. 8″ side-charger.

    • TheNotoriousIUD


  • Schnee

    I feel like buying a 300 BLK to throw in my safe is a like inviting that kid from school over to your party this weekend. You know, the one who wears a trenchcoat and black eyeliner, who cuts himself and carries a lumpy duffle bag around with him. It could turn out fine and he could be the life of the party. Or he could just pull a claymore out of his bag and go KABOOM cause he hates everyone so much.

    Me? If I want to invite a subsonic 220-grain friend over to my gun safe, I’ll just go with old .45ACP. I’d rather avoud kabooming the ones I already like….

    • Anonymoose

      Stop being paranoid and just mark your mags.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Nice analogy but things dont just explode.
      Its called human error.

    • Ebby123

      I suppose you’ll never reload either, seeing as that’s 100 times more dangerous than owning two different caliber ARs..

      ..Or own a swimming pool.
      ..Or a motorcycle.

      Your fear is based on anecdotal evidence – not data. As such it is skewed and irrational.

      • Schnee

        Just because something is rare (there are data now because there are at least two anecdotes of these kabooms) doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I personally think it’s a dumb idea to own ammo that will somewhat readily chamber in, and certainly blow up, a platform that is outwardly identical in most cases. This is why .38 Special cylinders won’t usually swallow .357 Mag. I especially don’t see the value add when the slugs have the same weight and velocity of .45ACP, but worse terminal ballistics.

        • CommonSense23

          Cause you don’t plan to shoot supersonic rounds. 300BLk is a speciality cartridge.

        • Xtorin O’hern

          make that three, i saw a kaboom in person but it was never publicized, it jacked up a transferable full auto lower too

        • Anonymoose

          .375 Winchester will go right into a .38-55 chamber, even though it’s basically the modernized high-pressure version of .38-55. Also, .300 BLK has better terminal ballistics and flight characteristics than .45 ACP.

          • Schnee

            Look, 300BLK is cool no doubt. I’ve seen some stupidly quiet suppressed ARs in that caliber. But I think the development process for 300 whisper should have caught this problem and designed around it. At the time it was a niche round and they probably didn’t foresee that it would end up on WalMart shelves in Texas. But it’s now out there as a common round.

            Agree on flight characteristics, though that’s kind of academic inside 150 meters. Don’t necessarily agree on terminal ballistics, especially given wide availability of hollow point etc. rounds in 45 with lots of evidence about expansion. The 300 isn’t going fast enough to yaw in tissue, and it’s a slippery little thing.

          • DIR911911 .

            poke that hornets nest , haha

          • 1911a145acp

            I have shot 9mm subguns ( MP 5) 45 Auto, 10mm Auto and FN 5.7 caliber AR carbines in direct comparison to 7.5 inch,10 inch and 16 inch 300BLK AR platforms w/ subsonic and supersonic loadings out to 440 yards on steel on our range. In terms of drop, accuracy, time of flight, perceived recoil and effect on target – 300 BLK is far superior in my experience. Hornets poked…..

        • Ebby123

          And your irrational concern is based on emotional fear, not on a factual likelihood that it could actually happen. Its the same mechanism that makes people afraid of spiders.

          The “News” told you it was a serious issue, and you believed them. Its the same reason people think violent crime is out of control when in reality its been plummeting for decades – the news told them so.

          Sampling Bias.

      • Anonymoose

        Or own a Glock or safetyless M&P, VP9, or P320, etc.

    • BillC

      Awwhh.. look at you being cool by being cute.

    • DB

      Hey Schnee, do you Sprint Car? Know it ain’t guns, but never seen that name anywhere except my Outlaw Sprint car Chassis!

    • Bradley

      Do you have any idea how many chambers will fit an incorrect cartridge inside and fire it? You might as well say that diesel fuel is dangerous and unnecessary because people have put it in the fuel tank of a gasoline vehicle. If you don’t feel that you can safely avoid loading the wrong ammunition, then I can’t say I blame you for nor wanting to own one. I don’t own one and really have no opinion on the cartridge, but the fact that someone can do something stupid with an item doesn’t make the item itself useless. I would be interested to see how you determined that .300 blackout has “worse” ballistics than a .45acp. Also there are lots of .300 loads that aren’t subsonic.

  • CS

    If you are unsatisfied with the quality, Troy Makes their own PDW stock. Theres a few others. Also a DOLOS quick detach barrel would really make this gun ever more amazing.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      The New Dolos being compatible with YHM rail makes it even cooler! An Mlok rail would really make that setup insane!

      • Anonymoose

        You could even do an extended YHM handguard over a pinned suppressor and have a 1-stamp backpack rifle.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          And I believe unless the new regulations changed that you can travel across state lines without filing paperwork with the ATF. Literally the perfect truck gun!

          • Anonymoose

            Precisely, as long as you don’t venture into a state that bans suppressors, salt waffles, or car-carry.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            Thank fully those states are all well North or very far West of my usual travel routes.

      • CS

        Whats the deal with YHM rails?

        • Harry’s Holsters

          Just more options and IMO better than the tube the original Dolos came with. Easier to mount a light and if you want a front sight.

    • Jeff S

      The Troy is crap. The proprietary buffer/bcg is a ticking time bomb.

  • David Harmon

    I think I need one of these in my life…