John Wick Carries A Glock Now?

The new poster for John Wick 2 was released and it appears that one of the most humble actors in Hollywood has ditched his fancy Heckler Koch P30L pistols in favor of a custom job from Taran Tactical. The poster depicts John Wick while he is fitted for a new suit presumably, but he is holding what appears to be a Glock 34 with a Taran Tactical Combat Master package applied to it. This would be in line with what we have seen Keanu training with recently.

I don’t know about the rest of you gun nuts, but I really enjoyed the first John Wick movie quite a lot. The firearm selection was exotic enough to peak my interest, but not over the top and the action scenes were better than most of the movies Hollywood has vomited out recently. To add to my fascination with the John Wick movies, a video of Keanu Reeves shredding it while training with Taran Butler for the upcoming John Wick 2 made the rounds back in March that made most shooters look like they need training wheels. Nathaniel F covered the video a while back with some pretty epic tags that I plan to steal without remorse.

I will see John Wick 2 in the theaters, a rarity for me. I can’t wait to see if the training with Taran has paid off, as fast and purposeful as Keanu moves in that video I imagine he is going to look like he was born with a gun in his hand. Check out the Combat Master package over at Taran Tactical HERE, the MSRP is a hefty $950 not including the gun. I am sure that isn’t a problem for Mr. Wick though, he seems to have deep pockets.


Patrick R

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  • Nicholas C

    cool beans. However Keeanu should know and have better trigger discipline. Perhaps the photographer or or director told him to do so.

    • noob

      he just got a gold coin to take out a contract on his own foot.

    • randomswede

      …or the person doing the photoshopping.

      • PK

        My immediate thinking. The amount of things “fixed” like that in editing, when they were fine as-is…

        • randomswede

          “Fixed” by people who think things like more fire in an explosion makes “more better” whilst I think most moviegoers would welcome the break of more realistic explosions.

          • PK

            I’ve always found actual HE detonations terrifying. There’s not much to see, except the shockwave (if larger) and fragments/debris kicking up dirt. It’s noise and death, spreading outward.

            Fireballs and smoke? Fire can be scary, but you can see fire.

          • randomswede

            I’ll add tiny coin sized pieces of hot metal zipping by at near supersonic speeds and a dust cloud to show you where you don’t need to look for survivors.
            Perhaps that’s why, it would take the “fun” out of a mindless action movie…

    • Dougscamo

      No doubt….it is Hollywood after all….

    • tony

      he is ready for business, no need for trigger discipline

  • Dickie

    Yeah about them coins. Do they all have the same value. He gives one for each body to the cleaner. And also one just to open a door for the club. Think he needs diff denominations

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Or it is a really nice club.

    • anonymouse

      Entry fee for the most exclusive club in town

    • David

      They’re gold coins. They are worth whatever gold is worth in that scale and weight. So I’d imagine a fair amount of money. The club is also really expensive and exclusive.

    • noob

      Turning it on its head : In john wick’s world, you can have someone killed or have a body disappear for the price of the entry fee at his favorite night club.

      Also that cleaner guy must be the richest man in the universe with a scrooge mc duck vault of coins. What consumables will the cleaner ever need to spend coins on in the course of his business? Pay each helper a coin for the night and pocket the rest.

    • SerArthurDayne

      I believe in addition to the fact they are obviously very valuable (whatever a gold coin of that size and purity is worth at that time, certainly alot) I got the impression it was used to represent a scarce, SPECIFIC source of currency. As in, “We in this profession not only require deep pockets and big spending and high salaries etc, but it’s a SPECIFIC source of currency- untraceable, high-quality, high-purity, highly-valuable/always-will-be-valuable gold coins — ALSO- it’s extremely easy to store them and carry a great deal of “working capital” or even life savings on you/with you. When he digs up that concrete and pulls out his boxes, I forget, say he has 100 coins and it works out to be 10 Million- 10 million bucks is a lot of physically-heavy-and-bulky , let alone more. So gold coins like that let them use and carry and move/exchange high volumes of money in small , discreet, easily-to-carry-and-store packages. Of course, just my throw-away-thoughts, YMMV.

      • Gold actually weighs considerably more per dollar value than USD $100 bills at current exchange rates; gold would have to increase in value by nearly 2.5 times before 1oz of gold would be worth as much as 1oz of $100 bills.

    • The “melt value” of a similarly-sized current issue US $50 gold coin is ~$1,325.00 at the moment.

  • Robert w

    I thought he was using glocks when he was blasting through the club in JW1, at least a glock 26 as his backup.

    • Ben Loong

      That’s true. I distinctly recall him pulling it out AFTER he got thrown off of a
      second floor balcony and me wondering why he didn’t immediately just
      pull it out when he ran out of magazines for his primary pistol before
      engaging that one dude in hand-to-hand combat.

      • MJT

        In the scene you’re talking about I think that he first went for a spare p30 mag, found that he didn’t have any left, then would have pulled his G26 if the guy hadn’t come around the corner just then. IIRC, in the club (after sneaking around with his knife) he also used the G26 for the first few henchmen in the bathhouse before trying to use his p30 on the fleeing Theon Greyjoy.

        • BravoSeven

          His name is Reek.

          • SerArthurDayne


  • Fred Bilitnikoff

    Hate to be the grammar nerd, but it’s “pique” my interest.

    • Bf

      What the heck? I posted an almost identical post and it got taken down. Without changing the error btw.


        Yeah this is happening more and more recently.

        Most of my posts are now moderated (by IP?) since I started criticizing the editorial work (eg proofreading) or lack thereof. I don’t wait to be “that guy” but it is what it is, and the quality of the writing and editing is declining in correlation with the frequency of posts and number of new semi-pro writers.

        Pique versus Peak is high-school level stuff, folks. Aim higher, please.


          I also enjoyed the first movie. A really pleasant surprise. Not sure I care about which pistol Keanu is wielding though… too many movies, too many guns to do This for all of them, no?

          That Said, I am looking forward to the new Jack Reacher, too. The gunfight at the end of the last movie was one of the more interesting *sounding* gunfights I’ve ever heard on screen. Somebody had permission to do their job better than normal, which is refreshing.

      • roninpenguin

        I see your post. Maybe it just took a while to get added.

    • anonymouse

      Maybe he means his interest has peaked? 😉

  • HammaHamma

    Who killed poor John Wick’s new, second dog?

    • Patrick M.

      You think they’d learn

    • demophilus

      I hear this time they kill his cat. And steal his Vespa.

  • Mmmtacos

    There goes my wish that H&K would use this movie as an opportunity to debut the brand new VP9L!

    Then again, the world doesn’t work like that… especially H&K.

    Gonna miss the P30L in the sequel, but if that’s my biggest complaint then so be it.

  • Marvinator

    You saw the vid of him shooting at the Taran Tactical Innovations range right? Well now he has a Taran Tactical Innovations Glock.

  • Bill

    Funny, on my phone the poster of him in his natty suit is directly over the Glock ad with the tatted up neckbeard undercover cop in the trashy sleeveless shirt

  • A Fascist Corgi

    I’ll never understand why anyone liked the first John Wick movie. It was terrible.

    • SerArthurDayne

      Bite your tongue you fascist corgi.

    • jay

      Yes it was terrible, but it was an excellent keanu reeves movie.

  • Anonymoose

    A Taran Tactical G34 probably costs about as much as a P30L, if not more, and it sure as heck ain’t your barebones G19Gen3 that most Glock fanbois obsess over.

  • SerArthurDayne

    John Wick was a movie I had never heard of , I wound up watching, and was like, “Where has this been all my life.” Keanu KILLED IT as John Wick and it was a great, intense movie. Really, really awesome IMHO. If I-love-Obama-no-I-hate-him-no-I-love-him-but-I’m-mad-at-him-but-I-am-actually-a-genius-like-my-movie Matt Damon can make a franchise out of Bourne, Keanu can make John Wick the baddest mother $@$%er since Jules Winfield.

    • Mikial

      Damon’s name doesn’t even belong in the same sentence as Reeves.

  • John T. Clark

    The way that character blows through ammo, he needs to carry a Glock with a dozen or so extended Glock mags and an ammo dump pouch…

  • SpartacusKhan

    I recently got 3 Taran Tactical extended mag bases for my CZ. Mostly, I chose the TT’s because, well, they were the ones in stock and they had a variety of colors, but I am very pleased with the quality – nice machining and fit – and so far, very durable. Not one has taken a scratch yet at all. They showed up fast in the mail, too.

  • The_manBEar

    Aw he finally grew up

  • valorius

    Meh, the first one was just ok, barely.

  • Dan Kim

    Pique not peak.