Cue the Fanboys: Lipsey’s New Vickers Tactical Glock 17 and 19 Pistols

Vicker's Glock 17

Lipsey’s is now selling another set of Vickers Tactical Glock pistols. Presumably demand is high enough for pistols associated with Larry Vickers that the company is able to keep going back to that money well.

The latest Lipsey’s/Vickers venture covers two pistols: a Glock 17 (the G17RTF2 Vickers Tactical) and a Glock 19 (the G19RTF2 Vickers Tactical). Other than the one being larger than the other, the guns are outfitted the same. Here’s what you get:

  • special LAV serial number
  • RTF2 frame
  • black finish
  • Wilson Combat sights (gold bead front sight)
  • Tango Down extended magazine release
  • Tango Down slide stop
  • Tango Down base plates for the magazines
  • Tango Down grip plug with an integral disassembly tool and sight adjustment tool

The prior Vickers Tactical models offered by Lipsey’s had flat dark earth and grey frames. According to Lipsey’s this Vickers model “…bolsters the tactical color triangle…” Tactical color triangle? Hmmm.

Both the G17 and G19 have a suggested retail price of $729. Lipsey’s product pages for these guns indicated that the “Vicker Parts NOT Installed” (emphasis theirs.) I’m not sure, but does that mean that you get a stock RTF2 Glock pistol and a bag of parts?

For me, this is not a compelling pistol. On the other hand, I do look forward to reading Vicker’s book on the AR-15. For reference, you can go here and check out the prior article from Patrick about leaked information on these guns earlier this month.

Phil Note: I spoke to Lipseys the other day about the new 19 and they were sold out—quickly!

Richard Johnson

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  • tankton

    It is still slightly different from a stock RTF2 pistol. The gold bead sights are installed standard and the slide is a standard gen3 slide, without the fish gills of early RTF2 models (some of which were only available with fish gills throughout the entire production run of RTF2).

    • Harry’s Holsters

      It comes stock with a good set of sights. The tango down parts are close to free. I think it’s a pretty good value because of the sights.

      • Rob

        They are a great value considering what it would cost to put the parts on the pistol aftermarket. That is why they sell so quickly. It is not your typical signature series that sells for a premium with no value added beyond an engraving. (Chris Kyle TRP is a fantastic example of this)

        • Harry’s Holsters

          Exactly! I like Larry Vickers as much as the next guy but I’d be just as interested if his name weren’t attached to the package. I’d say 80% are in the same boat.

  • Sgt. Stedenko

    A lot of sheeple follow James Yeager too.

    • KestrelBike

      You have to admit, Yeagar’s arm-sleeve tattoo of brass & links is badass.

      • Billy Jack

        You can get one too if you let people stand on you while doing drills. Are you badass enough?

        • KestrelBike

          I think so? I just gotta get my mom’s permission. I won’t tell her it’s so I can get a tattoo, though!

    • Billy Jack

      In between the commercialism, rants and insane bs I kinda like James. If he had a tactical mullet I’d have to follow him too.

  • Bill

    “Not a compelling pistol.” Great line.

  • this gun is sucker bait

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Glock is the only handgun I’ve shot in 2016. I’m at about 7000-8000 rounds for the year so far…

    I wouldn’t buy one of these. Finger grooved when the 17M is obviously around the corner? Bad timing.

    • Joe Schmo

      The 17M has not been announced to be available to the civilian market. It may never come to the civilian market, but Glock would be stupid to not sell them to us.

      • Billy Jack

        One way or another they’ll be on the civ market. Cops are getting them too. I can see them now faded night sights, worn edges and a nice extra $100 markup as ***LIMITED EDITION*** trade-ins. Sigs don’t have grooves either. I’ll pass.

  • Joe Schmo

    I want one. I don’t care about the Vickers name (I like Larry, but not enough to buy much of what he sells) but I don’t have a Gen 3 yet and I really like the RTF2 frames. Plus, this one is black, if it were any other color I wouldn’t care for it.


    If Glock sold RTF2 frames, you could put almost anyone’s name on it and I would buy one.

  • Joseph Goins

    Whoever paid that much money for a Glock should be shot with it.

    • Rob

      good thing you have never seen a ZEV.

      • Joseph Goins

        I’ve heard of Salient. It made me want to smash my computer about how people could be that stupid. For that kind of money, I could buy a premium Wilson Combat 1911.

    • netPIMP

      except that the price for the package barely covers the cost of the additional parts it comes with, soooo… for those who want a one-stop-shop and the RTF2 frame, it’s a great deal – assuming the deal doesn’t mark it up to the stratosphere… 729 is the MSRP – most are not priced that high at retail… I know I won’t price the single 19 I got from them that high – unless I didn’t want to sell it, lol

      • Joseph Goins

        The cost of manufacturing a Glock is around $120. The wholesale price is (according to my brother who is a dealer) $375-$425. The MSRP of $729 is too damn high.

        • netPIMP

          … and again, I noted that most that are out there right now are not priced at the MSRP – they’re well below it. That said, you can’t get a *new* RTF2 Gen3 gun anymore – except for when these come out – so for those who are fanboys of that frame, this is an opportunity to do so, otherwise, you’re stuck to the used market… also, any dealer selling at dealer cost isn’t going to be a dealer for very long – so, welcome to America, where we have markups… I maintain that given the base RETAIL cost of the gun, plus the things that come with it, scoring one for around $600-625 is actually not all that bad a deal ASSUMING that the included items (frame plug, base plates, WC sights, mag release, slide release, trigger job) are of value to the end user – who is, ostensibly, buying it for the overall package…

  • M1911

    A fool and his money…

  • Anonymoose

    Needs moar 34.

  • mitori

    Glockmeister is selling these for $620. That’s a good value. Glock $500. Wilson sights $126. Tango Down parts $60. I don’t see what’s “fanboy” about this Glock.

  • Yep, That sure is a Glock 17.

  • Michael Bane

    The previous Lipsey’s iteration G19 was the single best out-of-the-box Glock I’ve ever shot, and I EDC a Glock and shoot them in competition. I like the sights and the trigger was good enough that I didn’t go racing to GlockTrigger or Apex to replace it. I plan to shoot it in IDPA CCP, so I’ll pick and choose what parts I use.

    I too wonder when the M-Series military Glocks will make to it the civilian market. My understanding is that Glock is pretty heavily backordered at this point on their standard models, which would put the M-Series guns a little farther out in the future.


    Michael B

  • blanddragon

    When you fire does it play a LAV comment ‘Bro goin hot…’?