Bullpup 2016: Trident Custom Coatings

Trident Custom Coatings is a company out of East Dundee, Illinois that specializes in firearms and some automobile coating jobs, but has recently gotten into customizing Glocks. Specifically the company uses Duracoat, Hydrodipping, Black Oxide, and Nickel Boron for their current coating process.

The company is trying to compete with the likes of Zev Technologies, and Agency Arms when it comes to customizing Glock handguns. This includes such modifications as lightening the slide by a series of cuts, slotting out an RMR placement, stippling the frame, and adding a number of after market accessories such as barrels, triggers, magazine releases, slide releases, and magazine well enlargements. Currently the company has three tiers of product where you can either purchase a Glock from them outright with all the modifications, or you can send yours in to be custom modified according to the tiers of modification.

DSC02351 DSC02353 DSC02354 DSC02355 DSC02356 DSC02357 DSC02360

Their custom coatings are very well done, including the diversity of process of what you want the coating to be, from the choices listed above. From sports team designs to gnarly looking Flying Tiger teeth on CZ 75 Czech Mate competition rigs, Trident Custom does a very good job of getting a complicated design or color scheme onto any type of firearm.

DSC02364 DSC02365 DSC02366 DSC02367 DSC02368 DSC02369 DSC02370 DSC02373


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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Is that last one supposed to signify SEAL Team 6 or the Washington Redskins?
    Either way it looks awful.

    I like the Tavor camo pattern though.

    • hking

      Chiraq Blackhawks

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Still looks like an 8th Grade art project.

        • SpartanGears

          but imagine the severe head banging that chief is doin’

  • JT303

    I’m not really a fan of their stippling jobs. I don’t know, perhaps looking at the work of Boresight solutions has spoiled me, but some of the stippled finishes I’ve seen look truly atrocious.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      And is it really necessary?

      • JT303

        Some people find that certain polymer pistols give inadequate grip texture. Personally, I’d take a set of Talon Grips, but whatever floats your boat, really.

  • Roy G Bunting

    I always thought it’d be cool to have a Glock painted kakhi (or your favorite pants color) on the front, white (or your favorite shirt color) on the back, divided by the angle and position of a Yaqui slide holster. It’d be the ultimate open carry camouflage. 🙂

    Notebook, it’d make “flashing” or accidentally being seen less likely too.

  • Giolli Joker

    When I see those heavily milled slides my first thought, by analogy, is perforated sheets of toilet paper.

    • Cal S.


      >Looks thoughtfully at drill press…

  • ReadyorNot

    From some pics I’ve seen floating around there seems to be a lot of non-Bullpup firearms at the Bullpup Shoot, hmm.

    • SpartanGears

      Maybe it works like being mentally transgender, you can be anything you believe

  • Martin M

    I’m usually not a fan of painted/dip/wrap gun art, but I actually dig the Flying Tiger Teeth in that configuration.

    • hking

      Not easy to make a Czechmate look any more badass than it already does, but they did it.

      • Martin M

        So that’s what that is. Not my sort of thing, but defiantly badass.

  • BattleshipGrey

    As always, I dig the Swedish M90 camo (the green one, not so much the grey).

  • Mystick

    [Insert dirt here]…

  • UWOTM8

    But what about the Lithgow Atrax that was rumored to be there, eh?

  • Matt in IL

    These were taken at the “bullpup shoot” in Mount Carroll, Illinois on September 17, 2016 in case anyone was wondering. I was there. Unfortunately, there weren’t many bullpups, and RatWorx was even charging people to shoot a silenced Tavor without a sight of any kind whatsoever. However, you didn’t learn that until you had paid and stepped up to the line.

    Back to the photos though, when I spoke with a representative at this booth regarding some of the admittedly cool options, he could not provide a price, saying only they were “around 150 or so.”

    I hope events are run better in the future.

  • John Rambo

    I saw the these pistols first hand and was not impressed. Stippling was sloppy on the glocks, there was overspray inside the magwell from the cerakote, and the coupe de gras there was a hairline crack in one of the slides as they’re milled paper thin. The pricing was all over the place for their packages and none of the representatives from Trident didn’t seem to know anything about firearms in general due to asking a few simple questions.

  • Troy Lee

    I had a chance to see there stuff at the shoot, while I’m not a big fan of painting guns… I thought they had some really cool stuff. I did get to talk to the owner for a little on some of the stuff they do and we talked about the custom glocks they had on the table. I thought they looked great and for competition use, they were spot on. They invited me out to shoot them and if I can make it out their way I will most definitely run those things to see what they got!
    Overall, I thought the entire event was great, not everyday do you get the opportunity to shoot some bad ass guns and also see some new products before they hit stores and catalogues.