Bullpup 2016: New Manticore Products

For several years now Manticore Arms has put on an excellent show and sponsorship of a number of companies and vendors at the annual Bullpup Shoot in northern Illinois. Some of the prominent bullpup rifle companies that were there included JARD Inc, Desert Tech, and Vadum. IWI USA and Steyer weren’t there this year, however they had Class Three FFLs that brought demo guns with them for crowds to line up and shoot.

Never a company to sit on their previous accomplishments, Manticore had a number of products out this Shoot that TFB was able to get some hands on time with. Probably the most interesting to readers are the Tavor X95 and CZ Evo releases.

The X95 has an elevated rail system, essentially it is the same as the SAR, but bolted to a differently contoured plate that is mounted into the polymer frame of the rifle and bolted to the metal components above the barrel. DSC02331

This is their curved buttstock for the X95. Similar to the SAR’s product enhancement, this allows a shooter to get a tighter fit on the rifle, while still keeping it at legal ATF length where the tip of the stock protrudes.

DSC02328 DSC02329 DSC02330

For the CZ Evo Manticore brought out their new replacement enlarged charging handle and a telescoping stock. This is one of their best sellers so far.

DSC02342 DSC02343

Also their four position Evo telescoping stock as well.

DSC02338 DSC02339 DSC02340 DSC02344

Yet to hit the stores but in current prototype form now is their Sig MPX telescoping stock, similar in design to the Evo one but created specifically for the MPX. This is a collaboration with SB Tactical and should be available in October but through SB Tactical.


They also had their Transformer AK handguards with interchangeable slots for different rails, or coverings.

DSC02324 DSC02325

Then this bizarre offering, steel target toy soldiers! $100 for the soldiers, $125 for the vehicles. They appear to be based on World War Two plastic toy soldiers that have been sold in sets for a number of years. What separates the men and the boys is the price of the toys!

DSC02334 DSC02335


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  • Giolli Joker

    “Then this bizarre offering, steel target toy soldiers!”

    Well, with a chart that tells you at what distance you should place them to simulate a real one at X hundred meters/yards, it might be an interesting training tool on a limited range, imho.

  • Hamhands

    I like the idea of selling steel target toy soldiers, but I can’t help but feel that they’re going to be an absolute pain to lug around unless you’re like Hickok45 and have a private range to set them up and leave them there.

    • wetcorps

      Or unless you’re like Hickok45 : a giant.

  • The toy soldier targets are a must have.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    The collapsible stock definitely looks cool but from shooting it its not that comfortable and the I personally had check weld issues with the irons. Way to low. AR sights or a red dot would fix that.

    • Anomanom

      Their charging handles are top notch though. I got one of their Switchback handles for the AUG, and i can’t say enough nice things about it.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Quality was great! This stock just suffers from the same problems as others of it’s design and it seems like it’s 4inches wide when shouldering it.

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    I think the steel toy soldiers is a great idea!

  • Sianmink

    Why do they continue to hold this in Illinois, considering there are 48 more firearm-friendly states in the country?

    • Jim Thatcher

      I actually think that number is only 44, as New York, California, Massachusetts, Delaware and Hawaii are all less gun friendly than IL

      • Jim Thatcher

        Disclaimer, i live in IL

      • Patrick M.

        You forgot Connecticut and New Jersey

        • Jim Thatcher

          Youre right, i did.

  • Retriever222

    Huh, I thought they said the will be releasing their krink rail systems at the show. Well now I’m disappointed. I guess Zenitco here I come.

  • Joshua

    okay, where can I order the toy soldier targets from?

  • Ed Pallares

    What is the handguard shown on the evo pistol??