Arsenal Offers Factory Range Program

Respected AK manufacturer Arsenal is now offering a factory range program that will allow the Las Vegas based company to get their rifles into more hands than ever before. Specifically targeted at ranges with a rental program, Arsenal has designed the program to work hand in hand with their distributor program. Rifles eligible for the program are the SAM7, SLR-106, and SLR-104 variants.

Arsenal says there is no minimum order for the range program but will limit the program to 5 rifles per year in order to prevent dealers from circumventing the in-store stocking program run by Arsenal’s distributors. While rifles that are intended for sale will still be handled by the normal channels, ranges that are seeking to participate in the program can contact Arsenal directly.

Arsenal has made quite a name for their self in the AK game when they started converting the now highly sought after Saiga rifles into more militarily inspired designs. Based on the examples that I have had the pleasure of handling, they did quite a good job with the conversions. Now all of their rifles are made in Bulgaria or the US as a result of the political mess a while back.

You can contact Arsenal directly for more information about the range program. If you are a consumer, you can visit the Arsenal website for more information about their product line HERE.

Patrick R

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  • what is the eligibility criteria for owning these rifles….is there any local distributor list is there?

    • Phil Hsueh

      Arsenal AKs are available pretty much anywhere AKs are legal, even CA. Just check your local gun store or you can order them online and have it shipped to the FFL of your choice. They’re not hard to come by, just pricey at $1,000 plus but they’re supposed to be very well made guns though.

      • Thanks for the information 🙂

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Arsenal USA began as an importer of Arsenal AD of Bulgaria’s guns or the famous circle 10 factory in Kazanlak. The Saiga conversion was just part of their business. They’ve been around since the late 1800’s and definitely know how to make a nice AK.