RPM Precision Tavor Handguards

Canadian machine shop RPM Precision Tool has started producing limited numbers of their enhanced Tavor hand-guards. Done in both key-mod and M-LOK, these hand-guards are designed to add a little more rail space to the Tavor without sacrificing the original grip of the rifle.

I’ve been using their production model on a SBR CTAR, and they provided an extended length prototype that’s spent some time on my ever-changing long rifle.

I’ve tried several of the available aftermarket handguards for the Tavor, and while they’ve each got their advantages, none of them have really stuck for me. The RPM setup does not offer the internal flashlight, but it does offer full use of its keymod slots.

On most aftermarket handguards the slots directly against the polymer reciever cannot be used, Gearhead Works, Manticore Arms, and Midwest Industries all lose access to those closest slots. But the thickness and machining of the RPM setup means that all the slots are functional.

RPM Tavor Handguard

RPM has also beveled the rear of the handguard in order to bring the mounting surface that much tighter to the barrel. I’ve always felt that the factory handguard on the Tavor is a pretty good design when it comes to integrating handstops and grip posture. But after spending some time this summer with Brits and their L85A2s I’m starting to come around to the idea of improved rail-estate for bullpups. (That rail-estate buzzword is mine, no one else use it! Patent pending! Patent pending!)

A production version of the RPM extended handguard that wraps over the barrel is now being listed for pre-order. The one below has a 2 o’clock rail and some minor texturing at the 3 o’clock position, but versions exist with an additional row of mounting space instead of that “fluted” section.

I know how TFB readers hate articles without manufacturer links, but unfortunately RPM doesn’t have much of a web presence yet. They’re selling these handguards over the counter at a few Canadian gun shops, and looking at the possibility of export to the USA soon. Price on these varies between $200CAD and $300CAD.

Edward O

Edward is a Canadian gun owner and target shooter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Crawling over mountains with tactical gear is his idea of fun. He blogs at TV-Presspass and tweets @TV_PressPass.


  • Kyle

    That really makes the rifle look substantially better IMO and adds some keymod space. Something about the standard hand guards on Tavors has always struck me wrong.

  • Markbo

    All Tavor handguards strike me as wrong. Not everyone likes a verticle add on grip. How hard would it be to have a single finger sized curl to the front of these just to ensure the probability (not possibility) of slipping and shooting yourself in the hand is done away with?

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    That contraption on the third image is so ugly i love it.

    • I call ‘er Bessie

      • mbrd

        whole thing looks kind of ridley scott to me….

  • xebat

    To be honest the Tavor is a dead gun. I wish they would fix the X95 accuracy issue, it would be the moment a IWI bullpup would make sense to get over an AR15.

    • Minuteman

      I was thinking along similar lines. No use for any more Tavor after market. People will want the X95 and MDR now (which is a step above everything else, IF DT actually manages to release it). The X95 accuracy issues should be able to be remedied by getting the Geissele Sabra gen2 w/ Lightning Bow trigger package. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of it’s 3, 6 and 9 polymer P-rails though. Those things should the least be aluminum keymod. IWI uses yesterdays barrel technology though. I’ll probably not invest in a rifle using chrome-lining. Nitride is the way to go. Every high end vendor does it. PWS, LWRC, DDI, DT. IWI is missing the boat, and they will find out sooner or later. There are far better offerings out there. I would play the MDR card if I were in for a pup. Only if DT fails -which seems unlikely- would I go for the X95 as an alternative. I just find it hard to swallow that I’d need to spend roughly half k to fix the trigger on a 2k gun. At that price point you’d expect a darn perfect trigger. Yet IWI has let us down, again….

      • JSmath

        Who has said the X95 accuracy is a result of its trigger…? Most indications so far hover around differences in warm vs cold dispersion, which would have nothing to do with the trigger.

        • Minuteman

          Check… Either way, I’m not a fan of pups though. Only the MDR -by the looks of it- has what it takes.

          • JSmath

            There is nothing to check. The accuracy problem isn’t related to the trigger.

          • Minuteman

            Check as in ‘roger that’. 😉

          • JSmath

            Oh damnit, sorry mate

          • Minuteman

            No problem.

          • mbrd

            yeah, i missed that one too (palm to forehead smack, “g*dd*mnit, i could have had a v8!”).

      • Jalen Byon

        Do you know how many people still buy 80 year old bolt action Russian rifles solely to take advantage of its giant aftermarket?

        Do you know how many people still lovingly buy, sometimes many, 60 year old semi autos that happens to have the largest aftermarket by far?

        Not everybody replaces something that works just fine because it’s few years old

        • Minuteman

          To each their own, I just like latest and greatest high end AR’s. I’m an AR man.

          • Jalen Byon

            How can you say to each their own when you were just speaking for all gun owners by saying nobody needs aftermarket Tavor parts?

            And to use your own argument, why would you bother spending money on such an antiquated rifle when much newer alternatives exist like the scar, x95, or even the arx100

          • Minuteman

            Because the X95 is an evolution of the Tavor. Just throwing in my two pennies here.

            Well, I think I made clear earlier -and have done so in other topics on this board- that this is pretty much self-explanatory. As for the X95, it has accuracy inconsistency issues that have yet to be resolved, and the ARX a dung heap. Just look for Alex C’s article in the search box. As for the SCAR, I already elaborated on that in the French rifle replacement topic (HK416 vs SCAR). You can look it up.

          • Jalen Byon

            The whole point is nobody cares about your opinions. Don’t try to discredit a market that is clearly larger than your one individual self and say they’re wrong or misguided because something is out of date while you yourself are proudly in the past.

          • mbrd

            uh… i care about his opinions – whether i agree with them or not, and especially if i haven’t one of my own yet.

            good grief, it’s a forum for discussion, not a pissed on tree trunk.

            i’m not trying to offend you, i’m just saying i think we are all smart enough to not allow one guy to “…discredit a market that is clearly larger than [his] one individual self…”

            i want to hear every criticism, and be informed by each context.

            respectfully sir,

          • mbrd

            oh, and, i’d rather have a galil ; )

    • Nigel

      The X95 is not available in Canada yet and may not be for many more years. So the Tavor is still very popular up here and probably will be for many years to come due to it being non-restricted. So these RPM handguards are great for us up here.

      • Minuteman

        That makes perfectly good sense indeed!

  • I love how every picture has a different screw holding the hand guard on.

    • By which you mean: the last photo is different?

      • I may be wrong, but it looks like one picture has a flat head, another has a flat/Phillips combination, and the third has a chrome/stainless screw.

        • mbrd

          got to tell you, it’s far out to hear someone these days use the term “flathead” correctly (especially evidenced by your qualification of “flat/phillips”).

          i don’t know why people do not understand that “flathead” is a screw profile, not a type of tool.

          probably the same reason no one seems to get that the phrase “begs the question” is meant to be employed only when the answer to the question is “yes”.

          which begs the question, are we losing our language at least as fast as our manufacturing ability and therefore our manufacturing (and perhaps all) vocabulary?

        • mbrd

          i hope i did not misinterpret your statement… looks more confusing suddenly.

          i am, of course, kind of dumb…

  • Giolli Joker

    What is the thing attached to the bottom of the grip?

    • iksnilol

      It’s a bipod thingamajig made by FAB.

      • Giolli Joker

        Thanks, I see…
        When deployed it makes the Tavor look like an oddly balanced mecha…

  • iksnilol

    Umm… Rail estate has been used before, comrade.

  • Sasquatch

    One day I will have a tavor….. One day….

  • Patrick the Canadian

    Hi Edward, I’m a fellow Canadian who hopes you will keep updating your TV presspass blog. Just wanted to say that if you want to use the top most slots you’re in need of an arisaka inline mount, its low mounted and will allow use of a surefire scout (or their own light body) on a 45deg rail. They also make picatinny sections the same way. And on a final note: LONG LIVE MLOK! MLOK! MLOK!

    • Hey bud! Just out for a rip eh?

      I’m going to be doing more with TV-PressPass this winter. But TFB is just such a darn nice place! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve started doing videos on here now.

      I’m afraid I bought in to the keymod system early on. My only M-LOK is a polymer setup, and I found it . . . finicky.


      • Adam D.

        Do you have a picture of the Tavor MLOK handguard?
        I’ve checked RPM’s website, but they only had some machine parts in their gallery.
        The handguard itself looks nice and trim though!

          • Adam D.

            This looks really nice, Edward, thank you!
            Why didn’t you include this one in the article?

            This spring I had the chance to handle a Tavor SAR, it felt like a really nice gun! Excellent balance, you don’t really notice its weight, and very compact even with the 16″ barrel.
            I’d definitely be happy with one, especially with this handguard.
            Looks like the best rail design for the Tavor so far.

          • Anonymoose

            Still about about as short as a Mk18. :^)

      • Patrick the Canadian

        At least what you put out is good stuff, unlike a certain firearm site (cough *TTAG* cough) who just got super duper sponsored by clickbait.

        I do agree that on plastic it’s a bit of a pain but have you ever seen plastic Keymod? Nope.

        It is a good design but not the best when you introduce cross loading stresses and the necessity to have high-fidelity mounting. Meaning that it is much easier to remount a M-Lok interface with repeatable torque and placement than Keymod.

        M-lok is also much less dependant on the thickness of the piece it is attached to, hence its ability to be used with plastic and therefore being much cheaper for poor students such as I.

        If you come by Montreal I’ll let you play with my PWS Modern Musket with a Midwest G3 (I got it as a staff deal at work), it might be wearing a nice 1-4 by then…