San Pedro Rooftop Snipers

My friend Chuck B. got an interesting visit last Monday.

…and just had two LAPD SWAT officers walk through my yard and borrowed my ladder to climb onto my neighbors roof to get a better vantage point for a “shooter” on 26th street.

Chuck took the photo above using a pair of Leica Binoculars and his cell phone. Here is another photo.



Can anyone identify the rifle on the right? It looks like it could be a Ruger Precision Rifle or a Tikka. But the rail looks different.

Edit: My friends in LA have ID the rifle. It is a McMillan CS5.

Nicholas C

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  • Ben

    Maybe an RPR with a Midwest MLOK handguard on it?

  • Cameron Bissell

    Probably a700 in some chasis

  • Rob

    Judging by the handguard, the bolt handle shape and the track that the bolt rides in it looks like a McMillan alias STAR-Q.

    • nathan bellah

      I think you are right. Looks like a CS5.

      • A bearded being from beyond ti

        Doesn’t look like a CS5…

        • nathan bellah

          Alright. Correction, to me it looks like a CS5. The bought a few sniper rifles from McMillan a couple of years back. Hard to see the length here… What are you thinking she is?

          • A bearded being from beyond ti

            I’m thinking your english could do with some improvement.

          • Sgt. Stedenko

            Looks like your rifle recognition could use some improvement.

          • Sasquatch
          • nathan bellah

            I am an avid reader of this site. I come a few times each day to see the updates on what is happening in the firearm world and I never comment. — My fear that I will misspell a word, improperly use a semicolon, or execute a comma splice error keeps me petrified with fear. Petrified because I know men like you are out there. Keyboard cowboys. Watching. Judging. Keeping that close eye out so that you can pounce when someone trips your troll trap. Today, I got brave. Stepped out. And wouldn’t you know it, I got caught. I forgot the letter ‘y’ on “they” and forgot to reference what “they” referred to. I also referred to to the rifle as a female… Well. I am from Texas. All my rifles are female. And I would never disrespect them by calling them an “it”. All that’s on me. — But you still owe an answer to a posed question. What do you think the rifle, that I referred to as a female, looks like? Do you have an opinion that borders around a solution requested by the reader? Or do you you just have an opinion on what others think?

          • Rooftop Voter

            Fuggedaboutit! This board is not doing tech papers on the Hadron Collider. A faux pas now and then is OK.

          • Core

            It’s nice to know people are willing to stand righteous while taking it upon themselves to rid the world of poor grammar..

          • Deplorable-Shocked&Amazed

            As could your attitude

        • G

          It’s the same rifle but with different barrel lengths (and twist rates). It’s kind of hard to tell them apart from that angle.

  • Zach Haag

    M4, probably a Colt

    • Anonymoose

      It’s a bolt-action.

      • Zach Haag
        • Martin Grønsdal

          I saw that too 😉 good job

          • Bill

            …and later that day Officer X explains why his issued rifle slid off a roof and fell a couple stories…

          • nicholsda

            Wait till you work on a 200+ year old home in Ohio. First rule is don’t lay anything down as it will be on the ground before you remember that rule. You can walk on the roof slabs as long as the dew has dried but the metal roofing is just too slick. Barn roof pitch is even worse and requires a ladder anchored by a rope and tractor to be able to paint the roof. And yes, hot tar work in Florida heat in the summer is brutal.

      • Bill

        That was my guess

  • Bill

    Extremely high on the list of things that suck: proning out on a dark, abrasive shingled roof during a hot humid summer day at noon while wearing all black clothes, for hours. While the negotiators try to bore a guy to death.

    • SCW

      It does suck without the right equipment. I’m a roofer and we use old couch cushions to sit on to keep from getting burned. They also stick to the roof pretty well so it’s a big help on a steep roof. I definitely feel more tired after a day without a cushion b/c you have to constantly fight to stay on the roof.

      • Swarf

        Spent a summer doing roofing work in New Mexico.

        I was in my mid-20’s and in prime shape, and it was still brutal.

        • Rooftop Voter

          I helped hot mop once. That was enough. In FL, in the summer.

          • Bill

            I worked for a while in a factory that made shingles. To this day the smell of hot asphalt or tar makes me queasy.

            One of the worst injuries I’ve ever seen was when a pipe broke dumping water into a roller pan of molten asphalt, the resulting eruption sprayed the stuff all over a worker.

          • Billy Jack

            Well at least you know if you make it to hell it won’t be anything you haven’t already lived through. I don’t know how people do that. Gotta change your name to Shadrach.

      • Bill

        Props to you, sir, figuratively and literally. I don’t have the skills, or the stones, to do roofing. I get nervous and dizzy on a stepstool, and roofing is way too much like real work.

        • Swarf

          Hell, I just did it for a summer. And I was a kid. The guys who deserve kudos are the ones who do it at the age I am now and still send half their paycheck off to support extended family in another country.

          • SCW

            A few years ago I worked for a company that had a 63 yr old guy still out there roofing.

          • Deplorable-Shocked&Amazed

            Now that guy has my respect and admiration as do you sir

          • iksnilol

            You mean those people stealing jobs and robbing the country? 😛


          • Swarf

            Yeah, exactly. I grew up in New Mexico, and I’ve lived all over the country and worked in jobs over-represented by South American labor (like restaurants and construction), and to a man, they were kicking ass every minute they were paid to be there.

            You know who wasn’t? Half of the other guys, white and black, who were doing the bare minimum to get a paycheck so they could score and pay rent or pay rent and stay drunk.

            And that same half was just itching to get THE magic injury that meant they could collect disability but still play COD and go on a JetSki.

          • iksnilol

            I can sorta relate. When my family arrived we did work “black” (unreported), and f*** it, you had to work hard. I mean, if they get somebody else, what are you going to do? Collect welfare? For what? You don’t have any work put in.

    • Billy Jack

      You forgot the hot tar leeching through your shirt and pants and the roof being an extra large cookie sheet. You know which team members have turpentine in their lockers.

      The SWAT theme song played in my head as soon as I opened this.

    • Herman Johnson

      Brother, you got THAT right!

      That ranks right above laying asphalt in July on I-495 around Washington….. that is when I decided that I was going to college as soon as I finished high school.

  • wetcorps

    Are those spurs on the sniper’s boots?

    • Lt. Dan

      How else is he supposed to ride off into the sunset?

    • Havok

      Climbing Spikes

    • Mr Mxyzptlk

      I think it is just the little fabric tab for pulling your boots on isn’t it?

      • Swarf

        That’s what I thought. Less tactical, more likely.

    • RSG

      No, slip on traction spikes. Usually for icy conditions.

  • Diving_TBD

    Its a McMillan Alias (as others have stated) – I know the guy behind the rifle. He loves it.

  • CountryBoy

    “I like climbing on stuff”

    The little boy never left some of us!

    Better get one of those shots though. The worst is doing that job and coming DOWN with shingles as well!


  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    OH goody goody! Maybe we get to kill someone today!

  • Devil_Doc

    Is the cop on the right wearing spurs?

    • RSG

      No. Slip on traction spikes for footing

  • Swarf

    Become an arborist. Bigger thrills, less hot tar and humping of shingles.

  • Lee

    Man I saw that first thought it was an Elisio tube guns? McMillan Alias it is… LAPD gets all the cool gear don’t they.

  • Frank Grimes

    Should’ve taken the ladder and made them give you Second Amendment Rights in order to get back down. Or maybe made a huge sign pointing out their positions or sued them for damaging your shingles.

    Any LEO that works in a jurisdiction with tyrannical gun control laws is nothing more than a traitor to their community and a modern day Gestapo thug.