All Compass Rifles Recalled by Thompson/Center

TC Compass

Thompson/Center announced a total recall of the Compass line of bolt action rifles. The rifles, according to the company, may fire when a round is chambered and the rifle is dropped when the safety is in the fire position.

According to the press release:

We have determined that there may be some instances, depending on the height and position of the rifle and other factors, where a chambered round may fire if the firearm is dropped with the safety in the fire position.

It sounds like the drop has to be of a particular height and/or at a specific angle for the round to discharge. Nonetheless, it is a significant hazard that the company has identified.

The company is advising all owners to discontinue use of the rifles and to return the rifles for a repair. According to Thompson/Center:


If you are a Compass owner, you should contact the company by calling them at 855-512-5935. Additionally, the company set up a website with additional information. Click here to go to that site.

Previously, Thompson/Center issued a recall in 2013 for the Icon, Venture and Dimension rifles. Those rifles experienced a problem where the safety was sometimes disengaged when closing the bolt.

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  • Flounder

    You say it is firing with the safety on… But the quote says the safety is in the fire? So the safety would be disengaged right?

    • You are correct, and I have updated the article. I apologize for any confusion.

  • Rimfire

    They seem cursed regarding the recalls on bolt actions. Maybe should just buy Remington, oh wait; nevermind…

    • Anonymoose

      They should just stick to single-shots.

  • Disarmed in CA

    Good job owning up quickly to a potential problem.

  • Wasn’t it the TC Ventures that all got recalled as well about 5 or 6 years ago? I remember we had to ship every one of them back, in all calibers. Everything. (some 50 rifles) I am pretty dang sure that was TC as well. Huge PITA.

  • So, they don’t have a thing in the stock which tells time. Lame. False advertising.

  • Burst

    Dropping your rifle with the safety off is probably not a recipe for great things, even at the best of times.

  • Gunner4guy

    WTH ever happened to Quality Control in the firearms world? Seems like every time you turn around there’s a recall. Or…. IS there any QC anymore?
    Given the political climate and all the bad PR resulting from the recalls, why don’t they(the makers) do a better job?? (smh)