Breaking: KRISS USA Gen II Vector 10mm!

Kriss USA just announced that they are shipping 10mm Vectors. They will be available as an SDP pistol, pistol with stabilizing brace, SBR, Carbine and SMG.

KRISS USA is now shipping the KRISS Vector pistol, short barreled rifle, carbine, and submachine gun, chambered in 10mm.

September 22, 2016 – Chesapeake, Virginia, USA – KRISS USA, an innovative designer and manufacturer of small arms, has begun delivery of the first KRISS Vector firearms chambered in 10mm to authorized resellers and distributors. Available models include the Vector SDP pistol, Vector SDP-SB pistol with stabilizing brace, Vector SBR short barreled rifle, and Vector CRB carbine; the Vector SMG submachine gun, is available to law enforcement and military.

The KRISS Vector in 10mm greatly expands the weapon system’s versatility. The Vector is now a viable option for hunting, in addition to being more rounded for personal defense and competition shooting, thanks to the wide variety of projectile weights and the high velocity nature of the 10mm cartridge. Additionally, the patented KRISS Super V System is a perfect fit for the 10mm auto as it channels the powerful energy of the cartridge to reduce muzzle rise and keep the shooter on target.

Offering and Pricing
The KRISS Vector SDP, featuring a QD sling swivel at the rear and a 5.5” threaded barrel, starting $1,369.00 MSRP.
The KRISS Vector SDP-SB, featuring the SB-Tactical stabilizing brace and 5.5” threaded barrel, starting $1,519.00 MSRP.
The KRISS Vector SBR, featuring a six position adjustable stock and 5.5” threaded barrel, starting $1,569.00 MSRP.
The KRISS Vector CRB, featuring a six position adjustable stock and 16” barrel, starting $1,519.00 MSRP.
The KRISS Vector SMG, featuring a side folding stock and 5.5” threaded barrel. Law enforcement and military inquiries for the KRISS Vector SMG can be made by contacting KRISS USA.

The KRISS Vector 10mm is fed by a 15 round capacity, Glock® G20 magazine. Compliant models for California, New Jersey, and Connecticut are available with 10 round G20 magazines. Cerekote color variations for select models are also available in Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Combat Grey, and Alpine White.

For more information about the KRISS Vector GEN II 10mm, visit KRISS USA website at

KRISS USA is a leading manufacturer, distributor and provider of small arms, training replicas and accessories for commercial, military and law enforcement users worldwide. KRISS USA is part of a group of companies that focus on delivering proprietary technologies to the firearms industry, enabling more efficient solutions and corresponding to the 21st century security requirements.

Press Contact
Tim Seargeant
Marketing Manager
565 W. Lambert Rd. Suite F
Brea, CA 92821, USA
Phone: +1 714 333 1988

Contrary to some thoughts online, the 10mm Vector is finally here. It should be a minor modification from the .45acp Vector since they both use Glock magazines.

the Glock 21 and Glock 29 share similar frame size and the magazine bodies are similar aside from the feed lips. In fact it is easy to get a 10mm conversion barrel and a G20 magazine and shoot 10mm out of a Glock 21. And since they both share similar magazine dimensions, the 10mm Vector could use a Glock 20 magazine with a Kriss Vector Magex G21 mag extension. While I have not tried it, it should work. An extended Glock 21 magazine p, with Kriss extension, holds about 25-28 rds depending on the spring. Or if you have an earlier extension spring by Ismi springs (they were the original spring manufacturer for the Kriss Magex) then they hold 30 rds. That is 30 rds of 230gr .45acp. Pushing 30+ rds of 10mm should be well within the capabilities of the springs. So an extended Glock 20 magazine should get about 32rds.


Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • danmanmain

    About time! Maybe they could downsize the dimensions and make a 9mm also?

    • Brad Nims

      You’re in luck, they already make a 9mm version.

    • Anonymoose

      They’ve had the 9mm forever. The Vector has awesome controllability, so 9mm is kinda pointless since 9mm SMGs and carbines are already extremely controllable. They should do a .50AE, a .440 Cor-bon, or at least .460 Rowland.

      • Anomanom

        .50AE Vector carbine or super large pistol. Now that would be a worthwhile design.

  • lurpy

    At first I was like “why” and then I was like “oh, cause it’s awesome.”

  • Anonymoose
  • Liberals and Communists trigge

    Too bad, they are probably going out of business consider how they didnt appeal to this segment of the market like 5 years earlier.

    • Anonymoose

      I still want a Kard in .460 Rowland, and that .50 BMG they said they were making…

      • BattleshipGrey

        I finally looked up the numbers on .460 Rowland. Pretty impressive, but is it gaining much traction? I forgot to look for it when I was at Scheels today.

        • Anonymoose

          It’s still a boutique round. Only Buffalo Bore and Johnny Rowland himself produce loaded ammo. The good part is you can still shoot regular old .45 ACP and .45 Super/.450SMC out of it too without any problems.

          • BattleshipGrey

            Do the .45 bullets get any purchase on the rifling or is it just able but not accurate that way?

          • Twilight sparkle

            The bullets are exactly the same diameter

          • BattleshipGrey

            Ahh, I hadn’t looked at that number because “460”. Though I knew the caliber names are never to be taken too literally. I’ve been thinking of making my own cartridge someday using a .357 projectile but calling it .850 Battleship instead. 🙂

          • Anonymoose

            .45 pistol boolits are all basically the same (.452-.454) caliber up through .455 Webley and .460 S&W, as well as certain rifle calibers like .450 Bushmaster and that new-ish .45 Raptor thing. .45-caliber rifles such as .458 SOCOM, .45-70, the .458 magnums, and .460 Weatherby use a .458 caliber boolit, so firing a .45 ACP or Long Colt boolit through those bores might give you poor accuracy, but the .460 Rowland is nothing but a .45 ACP that’s been strengthened and slightly lengthened. To make matters more confusing, “.44” in cap-and-ball revolver terms actually means you should .454-.457 caliber balls, and the changeover from heeled bullets to bullets with their bases fully enclosed in the cartridge case changed the .44 Russian (which was developed into the smokeless .44 Special) to a .429-caliber boolit.

          • BattleshipGrey

            Wow. Thanks for the clarification. I haven’t diversified into any .45s yet so it’s good to know there’s options :).

  • Hoplopfheil

    Now that’s more like it.

    I’ve wanted a 10mm SMG since I played Rogue Spear and used the MP5/10.

    • Mazryonh

      Your comment makes me wonder what Tom Clancy might have thought of a 10mm KRISS Vector. Then again, MP5/10s or other firearms in that caliber didn’t last long in the Tom Clancy game series anyway.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Great!!! So now all the people who have been writing that they want a 10mm subgun can get real busy – by not buying one just like they were never going to regardless of availability.

    • Nicholas C

      Isn’t that the truth? LOL lots of people talk a big game but when it is actually out and available, crickets chirping is all you hear.

      • DIR911911 .

        shhh , he’s right below you

      • Paul White

        I mean, if someone’ll go halfsies with me I’ll get one as soon as I find one 😛 Otherwise it’ll be a while to save that up. but I may have just found my next gun

    • Jeff Smith

      And winner of the most accurate comment if the day goes to…

    • Chris

      that is a shame. maybe they just want it for free. I’ve been wondering if they would make a 10mm model myself. pending gen 3 info and it being available in .45 and 10mm I’ll have to pony up. she’s gonna be mad. again

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      As a certified 10mm lunatic, I promise you I will be buying one of these.

      • CS

        I’m waiting for the 50BMG Kriss vector.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      I think they’ll sell. The people buying these are going to do it for collecting and not so much shooting. It should sell similar to the 9mm or 45 versions. Maybe even a little better.

      10mm is going for roughly $.05 more than 45 and the gun has increased capacity. For a gun I’ll shoot once or twice a year I’ll pay $.05 more for ammo.

    • Paul White

      I’m debating the finances. 1500 is a *big* chunk of change for me, but good god this is tempting.

  • Joseph Goins

    Oh, good! Another overweight, overpriced, overhyped gun on the market. For the same price of $1499, I could get a BCM rifle/pistol that weighs two pounds less, shoots a more lethal round (at half the cost), holds twice as many bullets (for a cheaper magazine), and has cheaper replacement parts. No thank you.

    • K-Gunner

      Hey! Who you calling overweight? Compared to your pencil barreled Skinny Minny? That’s no fun. More cushion for the pushin’. Yeah buddy!

      Did it occur to you that some of us just like collecting and shooting a variety of different guns and appreciate the unique design and ergos of the KRISS? Maybe shoot for fun and not be in prepper mode for the inevitable zombie attack? I own numerous ARs, including a BCM, and it’s fun to shoot something other than an AR platform rifle. It’s okay even for serious gunslingers like you to have some guns for pure sh!ts and giggles.

      • Joseph Goins

        Did it occur to you that I didn’t condemn people who want this hunk of junk? I don’t want it. If you do, power to you.

        • K-Gunner

          Well you just did in an awesomely passive aggressive way and that’s fine. Like I stated, I own a BCM rifle and you’re apparently a fan of BCM too. I’m sure that there are people who think that we were sucked in by BCM’s marketing and cadre of badass dudes, and overpaid for overhyped ARs. I’m extra stupid because I don’t even have a tactical beard. I do love all the cool stickers BCM throws in the box though.

          Happy Friday!

          • Joseph Goins

            No. You made the mistake of thinking I wrote my comment to you and/or others. I just stated my thoughts.

            I’m a fan of BCM because I’m tired of spending money on a PSA piece of crap. My four BCMs each have over 10,000 rounds with no issues. On one of the two PSAs I had, the gas key came off at ~2,000 rounds. On the other, the gas tube broke at ~3,000 rounds.

          • K-Gunner

            The KRISS is a very interesting firearm. It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of gun but for someone who likes variety and collects guns, it’s a great addition to the collection. There isn’t anything else like it and every time I show someone my Vector CRB they get this look on their face that is just priceless. Would I grab it if first if SHTF? Probably not but I wouldn’t say it’s a hunk of junk. I think many gun guys have that odd duck in their collection. It’s all good.
            BCM is solid. I always recommend them to people if they tell me they want good and don’t mind spending some money on their AR build. I have some PSA uppers that have been good but I would probably say that their quality has been going down but that’s another discussion.

  • Giolli Joker

    I find this gun (in .45 and 9) much more of a novelty with no clear purpose, than the game changer they would like it to be.
    10Auto is the right caliber for a peculiar range toy.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Hot 10mm rounds produce over 1,000 foot-pounds of energy out of a 16-inch barrel. That’s pretty comparable to a 5.56 AR-15 or a 5.45 AK-74.

    • noob

      I wonder if it will be legal to hunt deer with a semi auto vector in 10mm auto?

      You could go to the woods with a glock and a vector both in 10mm and only carry one kind of ammo.

      • Ken

        In some states you can. MD requires breechloading handguns be over 700 ft-lb in energy and barrel at least 6″. VA only requires .23 cal and 350 ft-lb.

        • Twilight sparkle

          Texas just requires that you use centerfire ammunition

      • And compatible magazines!

    • Henry Reed

      Yeah, at the muzzle. At range the 5.56 still wins, plus its fragmentation/expansion capabilities still outperform the 10mm. And there’s obvious body armor considerations as well

      • Ebby123

        True, but those are two different classes of weapons that serve two different purposes.

        The AR/AK platforms are intermediate caliber carbines – service rifles.
        The Kriss Vector / Sig MPX / CZ Scorpion Evo are PDWs – meant to be violently effective inside of 100 yards, and above all supremely fast, maneuverable, and controllable at high rates of fire.

        Yes, lack the ability to have full auto diminishes the value some, but not by much.

        • Henry Reed

          I’d still rather have an intermediate rifle cartridge at 10 yards than any pistol caliber. That’s why so many people use an AR for HD.

          • Ryfyle

            Isn’t there AR uppers that do 10mm Auto?

          • Henry Reed


            And I’m sure there are, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea

          • Ryfyle

            The Sig MPX should have been in 10mm Auto. I do remember seeing rumors of 10mm Magnum Uppers awhile ago.

          • Mazryonh

            Olympic Arms used to make and sell some, but they used proprietary 18-round magazines and have been out of stock for a long while.

  • gunsandrockets

    “Compliant models for California,…”

    Uh, so that model is going to have micro-stamping? I doubt it. And without micro-stamping it can not be added to the roster of “safe handguns” legal for sale in Commiefornia, uh California.

    • DW

      Applies to carbine only, SDP model is assault weapon under commiefornia laws, not even close to making it to that roster

      • Phil Hsueh

        Question is, with the new assault weapons laws coming into play how much longer will the Kriss carbines be allowed in CA? Will they be making them featureless or with some sort of fixed mags next year?

    • Joseph Goins

      Since you brought up micro-stamping, I’ll ask you a question that you might be able to answer. Can’t you just buy a new firing pin and “hide” the information?

      • gunsandrockets

        Of course. Micro-stamping is a joke. The whole nation knows it’s a joke. No one makes a gun with micro-stamping, nor is anyone ever likely to do so in the future. Yet the law remains.

        And I suspect that was the whole point from the beginning. Not to ensure pistols are made with micro-stamping, but to ensure that fewer pistols are legal for sale in Commiefornia, uh I mean California.

  • LazyReader

    Still waiting for KRISS TO unveil the KARD pistol and that 5.56 and .50 rifle and 12 gauge they’ve been talking about since…………………….insert old internet vid……

  • Keiichi

    For less cost, I purchased a used G20, a G20 lower frame, and a MechTech upper in 10mm… So rather than one carbine, I have both a carbine and a pistol that share mags and share trigger characteristics.

    If you already have a G20, save several hundred dollars getting the MechTech and G20 lower, and spend the savings on reloading equipment so you can feed the carbine… you’ll need it…


      I think a Roni or HERA contraption on the G20 would be interesting as a little SBR. Anyone tried it?

    • somedingus

      Seconded. Have you found anything resembling a decent aftermarket Hicap magazine for the g20? I kludged one together out of a Korean made G21 25 round magazine but it wasn’t super reliable and only really worked with hp rounds…

      • Keiichi

        I use the Arredondo +5 extensions, though they require some modification of the bottom of the magazine to make them function. 20 rounds in almost the same form factor as the standard 15 round mags is plenty for my needs.

  • PeterK

    Well here’s hoping that someone else will buy these so that other manufacturers will take note and give us better AND cheaper 10mm carbines. :p

  • “it is easy to get a 10mm conversion barrel and a G20 magazine and shoot 10mm out of a Glock 21” Easy, but not recommended. The G20 slide is much heavier. Ejectors and extractors are also different of course.

    • Nicholas C

      Really? Didn’t think there was a slide heavier than the .45 acp.

      • Yes, quite a bit heavier. Same with G29 vs. G30. In fact, I have a .40 conversion barrel for the 29 and any limpwristing can cause failure to cycle, unlike shooting 10mm in the same gun, indicating the slide is too heavy to cycle the .40 ammo I was using reliably.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Well it’s finally time to get a KRISS then 🙂

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Now I know what Vector I’m going to get! This with a Glock 40 is the perfect combo!

  • Joe

    Looking forward to a review, curious about recoil mitigation in 10mm.

  • I wonder what the ballistics are like out of the carbine?!?!?

  • Paul White

    Oh god. I wonder which 3 guns I should sell to finance this because I really really really want

  • We have one of these which is currently being tested. A review will be posted soon.


      Pictures and Video please!

  • John

    Cool! One of my predictions came true!


    If Griffin or Gemtech will make a “10mm/.40 HK 3 Lug” adaptor – we are in business.

  • Sasquatch

    What next!? Demands for one in 44 mag?

  • Mazryonh

    I know a lot of people here want to ride this hype train, but I have a feeling that this kind of platform is best suited for the professionals or others who can make use of the full-auto fire capability of the original KRISS Vector. 16-inch Pistol Caliber Carbines (which a semi-automatic version of the the KRISS Vector is) generally possess enough mass in and of themselves to make the felt recoil fairly low when using most pistol calibers, including the 10mm Auto, without tacking on anything else.

    I believe that this will be the most practical for LEOs or military personnel who want to use the KRISS system to deliver very controllable bursts in full-auto fire or burst mode. Those who can only use the semiautomatic-only version won’t get much out of the KRISS system unless they’re trying to deliver controlled pairs a lot of the time.

    On a side note, I hear that there are still a few law enforcement agencies in the USA who still use the MP5/10. Maybe KRISS will be marketing their 10mm SMG model to them too. Could be an opportunity for those old MP5/10s to be sold on the market if those agencies upgrade to the KRISS Vector in 10mm.