Wilson Combat’s New Q-Comp Keeps Things Quiet

The renowned 1911 builder is bringing out a new compensator that will not only keep the recoil of your AR-15 in check but keep it to a dull roar while doing so. The new Q-Comp muzzle device was designed by Wilson’s own “compensator experts” to enhance recoil control under rapid fire conditions without pissing your range buddy off. We all have that one shooting partner that fits a ridiculous brake onto their rifle then shows up to the range with quiet determination to tear the very fabric of space in half with nothing more than muzzle blast. Instead of punching them, now you can suggest they pick up the Q-Comp to save your precious hearing.

The Q-Comp has been tuned by compensator scientists to minimize the side to side shockwave compared to other brakes on the market while exhibiting almost no flash to speak of. The Melonite QPQ coated steel comp has a slotted design has no prongs, fingers, or pokey things to snag or break off.

Wilson’s new Q-Comp is available in 3 thread patterns, 1/2″ x 28 for .223/5.56, 5/8″ x 24 for .30 caliber rifles, and 11/16″ x 24 for the massive .458 SOCOM. Priced at $59.95, they are available on Wilson Combat’s website now. Check out both their website and the YouTube video below for more information.

Patrick R

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  • AK

    Looks like they have reinvented the A2 muzzle device.

    • Major Tom

      Looks like it.

  • JayHu

    Yeah, I’m not really buyin’ it. It’s a glorified Birdcage. Interesting how the vid shows it pretty much exclusively on a 9mm. Smells like marketing hype.

  • gunsandrockets

    That looks a lot like a stubbier version of an M14 rifle flash-suppressor.

  • gordon

    This post sure reads like a paid advertisement. It’d also be interesting to see if there really are “compensator scientists” listed on their payroll.

    • bladeandbarrel

      Wilson has been building compensators since the late 70’s..

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      They paid nothing. It is more or less what was in the press release.

      • gordon

        Sorry, I didn’t notice the “Press release” tag on the post. I didn’t think that they had paid you but rather that you just copied and pasted a press release which is fine since you noted it. Again sorry.

        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          We don’t do copy paste jobs here, that post was written by me with the information from the press release.

          • gordon

            The headline and first sentence are assertions from
            you then. What gave you sufficient confidence in them to post them as fact?

          • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

            Wilson has a reputation for living up to what they claim. I have no reason to doubt the marketing fluff that was in the press release.

            Mind that I am not suggesting you rush out and buy one, just that what is in the post is the intended function of the product.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Keeps things quiet?

    Expect a visit from the ATF “Any device for silencing, muffling, or diminishing the report of a portable

    • noob

      $200 tax stamp for a compensator? not the craziest thing that has happened in 2016

      • RICH

        noob …A normal occurrence with ATF…..!

        • Juanito Ibañez


          Like what ATF did with the Colt XM-177E2 Moderator – ex post facto declaring it to be a “silencer” and requiring anyone who owned an XM to separately register and pay the $200 Registration and Transfer Tax on their moderator – or surrender it to ATF. 🙁

          And just how much did the 4½” moderator “silence” the horrendous blast of the 5.56mm from a 10″ (E1) or 11½” (E2) barrel?


    • From the side blast is what he meant

      • RICH

        I honestly wouldn’t hold ATF to look at anything with consideration to ‘side blast’ . IMHO.

  • guest

    Lengthwise slots in the sides? No baffles? Negligible surface area–no more than the cuts at the front of the slots–against which high-pressure gases coming out of the muzzle can push?

    That doesn’t look like a brake. It sure looks like a flash suppressor to me. I suppose it was nice of them to leave the bottom uncut so it doesn’t kick up dust, just like an A2 flash suppressor from 30+ years ago.

    It does look longer than an A2. Maybe it’s long enough to pin and weld to a 14.5″ barrel to bring it up to 16″. I wonder if the extra length makes it any more effective at flash reduction than an A2, especially in 7.62mm. Aesthetically speaking, it’s purposeful-looking without all the goofy spikes and prongs and crenellations that are featured on devices designed by people who never owned a soft rifle case.

    But I suppose with moronic laws against flash suppressors in places like the DPRK they want to be able to market it as a brake in order sell it there. “No, really, it’s a muzzle brake. See how we made the cuts at the front of the slots 90 degrees, so that expanding gases can push forward on them to counteract recoil?” Nice try.

  • iksnilol

    Oh God, they’ve run out of cheap guns to overprice, now they’re going over to accessories.


    • USMC03Vet

      The price being so low I think it’s a trap.

  • Cymond

    Where’s Andrew Tuohy when we need him? He’s the only person I know of who has objectively tested muzzle devices, especially in comparison.

    • gordon

      You don’t think Jeremy S. did so too?

  • Billy Jack

    So what happens to those who buy products like this and they’re later shut down or made stamp worthy?

  • Frank Stratton

    After having owned several Wilson 1911s and seeing an AR purchased by another person I will not own another. Due to the shooting quality of the guns and his experience with thier customer service.
    You don’t put used parts in a new gun, especially if they were returned out of spec.

    • Minuteman

      Just wow, man…. I really wouldn’t expect that from a highly reputable company like WC. Did they fix it?

      • Frank Stratton

        In their own time. They did at least admit to putting a used out of speck bolt in the new gun originally.
        BTW in order to have a private conversation one must allow replies.

        I don’t want to start any pi$$ing contest. Don’t have the time. Will give opinions of my experiences on occasion. Hard learned in 50 yrs of shooting and making guns.
        No worries:)

        • Minuteman

          ‘Allow replies’? What do you mean?

  • OBlamo Binlyen

    Well, I had a muzzle brake that was like that described, L O U D, I checked the db level against several others and it beat them by 15 db, over 5x as loud. Am I glad I got rid of it. This thing…meh…have something similar and it’s less expensive and actualy pretty quiet.

    • Minuteman

      PWS by any chance? Try Lantac.

  • RICH

    You have to wonder if ATF is going to classify this as a ‘suppressor’…. ! !

  • Minuteman

    Lantac makes the best brakes for both ARs and AKs hands down.

    • Nicholas C

      VG6 are very good too.

      • jng1226

        I’ll vouch for the VG6 Gamma as well. Shocked at how good this relatively short comp is at recoil mitigation and compensation mounted on my Adams Arms 16″ carbine. I’ve run the Miculek comp on DI guns and that is about the best (loudest too) but this VG6 Gamma is pretty amazing on the generally harder-recoiling piston gun.

  • NDS

    Compensator scientists? That a TFB term or that direct from Wilson?