SIG SAUER Electro-Optic Chosen by Fort Collins PD

It’s a fantastic endorsement for any optics line, and it’s being given to SIG SAUER Electro-Optics: the Fort Collins, Colorado Police Department has chosen the company’s ROMEO4 for use on their duty weapons. SIG SAUER officially launched their Electro-Optics line at SHOT Show 2016 starting with a hands-on look at the optics at the start of that week during their invitation-only event during Industry Day at the Range. Having attended the event myself and also having had other opportunities with the optics I can attest to the fact that SIG SAUER made a solid leap into the optics world – something  the gun world at large is well aware of at this point.

The Fort Collins PD selected the ROMEO4 after what is described as “extensive” testing and evaluation. Opinions of the officers themselves were taken into consideration as well. At this point the standard 30-day transition period for officers utilizing the ROMEO4 has been completed and the optic is now being used in the field. Officers using the optic have commented on its low-light application capabilities and fast target acquisition among other things.


“Unlike holographic aiming systems, the ROMEO4 utilizes a proprietary ultra-efficient red LED illumination system for superior daylight visibility with extended run times. The extremely strong and lightweight aircraft-grade CNC aluminum housing ensures a lifetime of reliable service. The SIG SAUER ROMEO4 red dot is designed to remain parallel to the bore of the firearm regardless of the viewing angle. This intuitive design also allows users to keep both eyes open during operation.

For extended use, the ROMEO4 features the SIG SAUER Motion Activated Illumination System (MOTAC™). This unique system activates through motion-sensing technology, powering up illumination when the unit senses motion and powering down when the red-dot is not in use to extend battery life. Additional features available on the ROMEO4 include a dual reticle option, allowing officers to toggle between a 2 MOA red dot and a circle dot (2 MOA Circle-Dot/65 MOA).

Each ROMEO4 is fully supported by the company’s Infinite Guarantee™”

If you’re interested in taking a look at SIG SAUER’s Electro-Optics line, visit



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  • Hellbilly

    Chinese-made optics have come a long way over the past few years. However, if I was a Chief, I would still probably go with something like an Aimpoint – they have a proven track record and they aren’t made in China.

    • Ryan Snow

      My thoughts exactly. I’ve seen acog clones made in Korea that wouldn’t last a day on the battlefield. I’d still buy an EOtech over a Vortex, Di Optic, or these new sig optics

      • Harry’s Holsters

        I’ve seen fake acogs that didn’t last 10 rounds on a 22. They started losing zero after 3 and were dead by 10. I was literally more accurate not using the sights. Thank goodness I didn’t buy them but the guy who did unfortunately bought 10 and they couldn’t be returned.

    • Joe

      I was in this same position a month ago trying to choose between a Romeo 4 and Aimpoint Pro for my MCX. I loved how compact the Romeo is, with the QD mount, light weight, ability to choose between reticles, and solar power capability. I really wanted to keep my MCX as light as possible, and the SIG optic had the Aimpoint beat. However, the Aimpoint was roughly the same price, and they are built to last. I couldn’t justify the SIG unknown. Maybe on my next rifle…

    • Drew Coleman

      They seem to be very, very similar to the Primary Arms microdots. They (the PA microdots) are very good optics, but I wouldn’t subject them to hard use like I would an Aimpoint.

  • Gus Butts

    I have a feeling that a lot of companies are stepping up in light of the L3 / EoTech fiasco.

    • iksnilol

      Free market share is free market share.

  • Lol

    So is this a rebadged holosun?

    • Harry’s Holsters

      If it is they are asking to much money.

      • UWOTM8

        If you have these Sig-designed and branded red dots (that people have tested thoroughly on camera and are actually marketed towards professionals) confused with unmarked ACOG clones on eBay, you probably shouldn’t be commenting.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          If you have the unmarked ACOGs and confused with Aimpoint T1 inspired Holosun I could say the same about you.

          Also this day in age a lot of companies work together to make products and bring them to market. Sig may have brought engineers on board or they may have hired a consulting firm or better yet hired a company already doing it to act as an OEM.

          • UWOTM8

            I think you may have some typos in your response.
            Actually, Holosun has been gaining a reputation for being pretty durable and has graced the guns of numerous famous gear snobs and Youtubers who we all know wouldn’t settle. I obviously wouldn’t equate Holosuns to AimPoints, but the Sig optics are meant to be a cut above the budget optics. They would likely be more than adequate for a police force and Sig has made a point of marketing their optics as such.
            Time will tell.

          • Sunshine_Shooter

            I believe that Sig is having Holosun make these in their manufacturing dept. to Sig’s specs. Considering that Holosun on it’s own makes pretty decent stuff, and Sig’s optics are engineered by Sig, I would assume that they will do well. Assumptions don’t equate to quality, of course, but they have a lot going for them.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            I do have a typo and I never said Holosun doesn’t make a good product. But if the new sig is a rebranded Holosun why would I or you pay roughly $100 more? It comes between the price of a Trijicon MRO/Aimpoint Pro and Holosun. So an unknown or save or spend $100 and you know what you’re getting.

            We also have to remember Sig is a name brand and with their firearms they can bundle a package for LE Agencies. They can also demand more for a rebranded product. Their is no telling if Sig is doing everything or having another existing manufacturer make tweaks to their product. But the reality is that there aren’t long term tests yet. That’s the only reason I haven’t picked up an MRO although I trust trijicon who have make optics for years more than Sig by leaps and bounds.

          • Oldtrader3

            Since all of the other Sig products are ISO 9000 certified or 9001 for those which they manufacture, I would guess that Sig has Sigma 3 qualified these Red Dot sights and probably done CpK (Process Capability) testing on them to assure that they function per and meet all of Sig’s Product Specs on incoming inspection. That being the case, I would not worry about who made them, as long as they meet Sig’s spec? I just bought a Sig Romeo 5 Red Dot and have not shot it yet, so I will not comment but I expect it will be worthy of wearing their logo?

          • Harry’s Holsters

            I’m not worried they won’t live up to sig’s internal spec. I’m worried they won’t live up to my spec for the price point.

            I’m sure it’s a decent product but it is aimpoint tough for $100 cheaper and a smaller package or is it holosun tough for $100 more? Is it somewhere in-between? For some the look, brand, and size will justify the price, for myself not to buy an aimpoint or trijicon the Sig has to have their toughness. That’s just me personally.

      • nova3930

        It wouldn’t shock me if they were made by Holosun, but at the end of the day the front end engineering and back end QC determines if you have a quality product more so that who does the actual production. That said, for real deal life or death stuff, I’m still stuck to Aimpoint/Trijicon until some of the other options get more of a real world track record.
        I do have a Sig P320RX on lay-away I hope to get home soon so I can do some eval on their Romeo 1 micro RDS….

        • Harry’s Holsters

          Agreed. I’m glad to see all these new optics come to market the only problem is it’ll take a couple years to see what will last the test of time.

    • Looks more like the new Vortex AR red dot than a holosun

  • Russ Kell

    Do we know if this was an actual purchase order, or if this was a ‘you can have this for free if you let us use your Dept. as promotional material’?

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      Considering that is Glock’s business model to a T, does it matter?

      • Some Guy

        Seeing as glock apparently gets away with using their LE customers to beta test new products I’d say yes it does matter.

        Willingness to invest on the part of the PD would indicate more confidence in the product than: ‘well they were free’

  • Dougscamo

    As a retired cop, I can with great confidence say…’re probably right….

  • Bill

    I wish gun companies would stick to guns – I can’t gamble on something like a duty sight, and neither AimPoint nor Leupold have found it necessary to make guns. I’ll wait a decade or so and so what FCPD has to report.

    • Some Guy

      ….I’d buy an Aimpoint gun

      jus’ sayin’

  • Sasquatch

    Welcome to the church of Aimpiont! Were there is only Aimpiont and all others are burn at the stake for their transgression.

  • ReadyorNot

    It’s likely all these new micro-dots on the market these days (Holosun, Primary Arms, SIG, Lucid, etc) are made in the same factory in China, but “designed’ somewhere else.