Here is a photo of my friend Brian M. at the recent 2016 FN 3Gun Match. He made the muzzle brake himself. I just happened to capture the right moment and the muzzle flash. He is engaging some paper targets at about 20 yards using a Sig Romeo 3 red dot sight.



  • Henry Reed

    So you can legally make a muzzle device that is loud, blinding, concussive and generally obnoxious…. But you can’t make one that reduces report, flash and recoil? The genius of legislation never stops.

    • BillC

      Guns are for bad guys and only the realiest of bad guys use silencers. So if you “need” a silencer, you’re the badderist of all the bad guys. May the state have mercy on your evil soul.

    • Rooftop Voter

      Pffft. My 50 cal brake singes shooters on the left and right of me.