Inforce releases Gen2 WML lights

Inforce, a manufacturer of high quality picatinny mounted weapon lights has upgraded their WML line with their new Gen2 WML series of lights. The Gen2 has a redesigned body, along with the switch that operates the lights momentary on or constant on feature. Bear in mind these changes are to be implemented with four different systems the company has, the WML White, WMLx White, WML White/IR, WMLx White/IR. The “x” connotation is longer and takes up two 123A Lithium batteries than the non “x” version. Not included in this article but I’ve heard rumors of a variant of the WML with Keymod attachments instead of picatinny…

As of now there is no mention of price for the Gen2s. From the report at Soldier Systems Daily

The WML White and WML White/IR products offer many functional enhancements including:


  • Increased lumens from 200 to 400, at just 3 ounces
  • High efficiency emitter provides up to 1.5 hours of runtime in white mode, or 4 hours in infrared mode from a single 123A Lithium battery
  • Concentrated, high-intensity beam fills the field of view for close to mid-range target identification
  • Re-engineered cam lever and lockout bale with constant tension to maximize ease of switching between white or infrared mode (IR model only) and full function/momentary mode (white model only)


The WMLx White and WMLx White/IR models offer many functional enhancements including:


  • Increased lumens from 500 to 800 (White version) and from 400 to 700 (IR version), at just 4 ounces
  • High efficiency emitter provides up to 2 hours of runtime in white mode, or 4 hours in infrared mode from two 123A Lithium battery
  • Concentrated spot and far-reaching, high-intensity beam provides significant light for situational awareness and long-distance target identification
  • Re-engineered cam lever and lockout bale with constant tension to maximize ease of switching between white or infrared mode (IR model only) and full function/momentary mode (white model only)



I first encountered the Inforce light a while back, and thought it was the oddest looking picatinny mounted light I’d ever seen. I still think the handgun intended product only has Glocks weapon light beat in the ugly department. But then one day my buddy turned his on at night, and I didn’t care how ugly that thing was, the sheer amount of light coming from it pretty much matched a PEQ16’s white light. Since then I’ve purchased two of the non “x” models for my rifles, and am almost pushing myself to buy a third for cycling at night. The light itself is durable, lightweight, very small in rail estate, has an excellent hook that keeps the finger pad from being accidentally pressed.


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  • BattleshipGrey

    I’ve read mixed reviews on the gen1s but I’ve wanted to try one out anyway. The contours are just right for my slim AR rail. (Not my upper but I’ve got one just like it)

  • Some Dude

    Do they still easily break/crack when I screw the cap/ bulb back on?

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      I’m hoping that they fixed that issue, and are introducing the Gen2 because of the fix.

      • Billy Jack

        I was wondering that too but in the upgrade list in the article there’s nothing about different design or new materials being used. I’m happy with mine and I’m sure they don’t all break down or the LE/Mil contracts would be dead (I’ve seen them on US military rifles abroad) but they’re a question mark to me now. I can’t tell if this is just well publicized failures or faulty design. Even Surefire products go bad but we don’t see Youtube vids on the failures.

        I originally disliked strapping a regular flashlight to a rifle but after seeing the failures I’ve been planning to swap these out for Surefire lights with mounts and transfer the WMLs to non-Goto weapons or just sell them.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Have doubts.

    I liked my WML but lumens wasn’t the issue. The lens / light throw was. During a low light carbine event I straight up COULD NOT see steel ISPCs at 150y with my WML. But could with my handheld Surefire G2. Surefire just has a better “hotspot” lens and I don’t know why but it just projects better.

    Learned to use a carbine and handheld light that night.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      The press release mentions concentrated, far-reaching beams. Maybe they addressed that issue?

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Maybe. I remember a couple year ago Haley had a video talking about the low brightspot as a plus, how it wouldn’t blind you indoors. I knew that was crap, but got a WML for other reasons.

        I’m interested in the new one, but I have an X300 on the carbine now and that’s working alright. Unity apparently has a cover to make that more protected. I’ll probably go to that. If the x300 broke I’d give the new WML a try I guess.

        It was just SUCH a huge contrast to seeing NOTHING and seeing the target well enough to engage at 150y.

        • nova3930

          I could swear I’ve seen where Inforce has said they intended the beam to be more evenly distributed with more peripheral light and less of a hotspot. I can’t remember what the reason was though. I do remember seeing the same difference between the WMLx I had and my G2X tactical though….

          • JumpIf NotZero

            I think that was total marketing coverup for “we know out light doesn’t throw well”.

          • nova3930

            Could very well be. On the other hand, I’m just a paper pushing engineer in a cube not some door kicker, I could imagine making some design tradeoffs to create better flood and less throw using the fixed number of lumens available. Don’t think you’d be blinded with more hotspot like Haley suggests but maybe with more flood you get more light in the off entry axis dark corner where Mr. Gang Banger is waiting to shoot you.
            I noticed the difference like I say, but I never personally had any issues with it. I was using it on a HD carbine so throw wasn’t much of an issue. I just never could get it to work ergonomically for me…

  • Henry Reed

    Elzetta is still better.

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    As long as they corrected their case cracking issue, I’m all about it.

    • Reef Blastbody

      Is that what happens when that fluted bezel (the piece that vaguely resembles an M16 “birdcage” flash hider) comes loose?

      I mounted a new-in-box Inforce on a WASR-10/63, and after one trip to the range, putting ~250 rounds through it, I noticed the bezel had separated from the rest of the light.

      I admit, the suckers are *bright*, but pieces falling off like that are totally unacceptable.

  • Greg Anderson

    Does inforce still expect individuals to unscrew the thing prior to storage for fear of draining the battery? That was my biggest barrier to getting one.

    • Squirreltakular

      I’ve left mine in for months and the batteries are still fine. Was that a widespread issue?

      • Greg Anderson

        Yeah, it was. Lots of reports of people putting their rifles away for a month and finding a dead torch when they pulled it out. Inforce acknowledged the problem and stated that the fix was to unscrew it so as to disengage the battery. It seems like the Haley model didn’t exhibit this behavior, but not sure about that.

        • Squirreltakular

          That explains it. I have the Haley version.

  • nova3930

    I had a WMLX for a while and I wanted so badly to like it. In the end though I never could get it in a position where it was really comfortable for me. Overall I think they’re good lights, scout style lights just seem to work better for me.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I have yet to break, or see a seriously broken Surefire in any class, competition, or event. It’s not just you.

  • mig1nc

    Does anybody know if the controls are the same on the Gen-2? Specifically the White/IR one. I have the Gen-2 white/IR WML but hate the controls. Otherwise it’s a great light.

    • Billy Jack

      There is a variant with more simple controls. Can’t remember the specifics but you aren’t the only person who didn’t like them.

  • DanGoodShot

    I’m still running an old surefire incandescent and have been looking to upgrade lately. I have been interested in these. I see them everywhere. The only thing that has prevented me from taking the plunge is the amount of cracke bezels I’ve read about. If they ever make an aluminum one I’d jump or if I don’t see any new instances of cracks.

  • Billy Jack

    HOSS USMC had some bad experiences with Insights too. I don’t have the same models as Hoss and the guy in this vid and I can’t tell which models are more prone to the case cracking.

  • ReadyorNot

    I mounted a Gen1 on an AK pistol and broke it 15 rounds into a magazine dump. The bulb/battery housing spectacularly came apart, it was quite embarrassing. I truly hope they improved the quality of the plastics they used in the Gen 2 model otherwise I’d stay away from it.

  • Cymond

    It seems like it would be so easy to make a WML variant that is High/Low instead of White/IR.

    I wish someone would offer a weapon light with an easy access High/Low switch. I don’t want 400 lumens when something goes “CrAsH!” downstairs at 3 AM. My eyes aren’t adjusted to the light.

    • Blake

      They do have that (unless I’m mixing it up with another light). I have the IR version.
      It has a cam switch that selects between IR and regular light. Then the button is press and hold for momentary, press once for constant, press twice for strobe, and press thrice for low (I might be mixing this up with my Streamlight, as three presses seems excessive).

      I love mine though, I ran it on a Haley offset rail mount and now a BCM keymod offset mount and it puts the light at the perfect position.