Singapore Army Battle Inoculation Course

Here is a video posted on Facebook. It shows a 5 level course.

Stage 1: Crawl through sand and tunnel

Stage 2. Take cover and fire at target

Stage 3. Clear the room

Stage 4. Take cover behind vehicle

Stage 5. Reload weapon and clear targets

The Singapore Army uses the SAR21 bullpup. In the video it looks like there is some sort of blank firing adapter with some sort of laser system. Perhaps similar to the US MILES system. I am not sure how the targets are registering hits from a laser system but it seems to work.


Nicholas C

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  • 11b

    Can’t they just use a vaccine to get ‘inoculated’ against battle?

    • iksnilol

      Nah, you need to shoot yourself with small caliber bullets to build up immunity to big ones.

      • jono102

        Don’t let the anti vaccination fraternity here that. They’ll protest and recommend you go straight to full caliber “green” environmentally friendly ammo so your body can fight off “Infection” by projectiles naturally with homeopathic remedies and positive thinking.

  • jono102

    A lot of the retaliatory target systems in use these days can be adapted for use with TESS/MILES systems with the sensor being able to be plugged into the target. It allows the target to react to hits by laser as it would for live munitions.

    • AK

      We rigged a tank with a MILES already 15 years ago, hit from the right kind of laser (=AT weapon) would trigger a flare to signal a hit. The main rig was a funny looking thing, almost like a disco ball with inverted mirrors.
      Overall, MILES works OK, but the biggest drawback is unrealistic simulation of cover. Best application in my experience is for built-up areas like industrial sites. And plenty of referees to keep it fair.

      • jono102

        Our TESS system, (like MILES but just a couple wireless sensors and a control box) works pretty well. Our older IWESS was about the same as MILES. The TESS god guns are good because as EXCON you can kill off guys who aren’t doing their drills correctly. We find you have to keep the god guns secure or soldiers will “Borrow” them to deactivate their harnesses (be invincible) and set their rifles lasers set to 84mm HE for each shot.

  • iksnilol

    No, you don’t have any .22 LR scars because .22 LR is extinct in North America.

    • Zachary marrs

      I once picked up a .22lr shell casing.

      I clenched it in my fist, and when i opened my hand, it was gone.

      I want to believe
      I want to believe

  • The_Champ

    Sure don’t hear much about that particular rifle.

  • jam

    miles gear never works, it just beeps until you turn it off…at least that was my experience in the Marines ymmv.

  • To Tin Fung

    I served in the Singapore Armed Forces. During the battle innoculation course we were firing blanks. The front is a blank firing attachment with a mtac system attached to the barrel. It’s activated by the recoil of the rifle sending a beam with the receiver on the target.

    • AK

      Yeah, kinda hard to find the space for that kind of drills in Singapore with live ammo. And too dangerous for fresh conscripts. I suppose this video was shot at Tekong? Nice looking facilities.

      • noob

        well, there are numerous partnerships with places that have a lot of jungle where the NS men can train.

        • AK

          Don’t look like jungle to me, and these guys are conscripts having their first taste.

          • To Tin Fung

            yes this was a purpose built course.

        • To Tin Fung

          it’s not exactly a “partnership” per se..

      • To Tin Fung

        Actually, if you noticed in the video, the BIC involves recruits completing the course while their sergeants is on the opposite end firing the machine gun at them over their heads with live ammunition (safe height of course). But yes, this is in tekong part of the basic military training.

  • iksnilol

    When you finish ot, please make a guest post about it on TFB.

    • roguetechie

      I kinda hope it does turn out that well. I’ve managed a couple unique and interesting twists in the design.

      If it survives birth I’d really like to get it out there and show people that telescoped bolt blowback guns don’t have to be boring.

  • The_Champ

    Thanks, I think I watched this when Ian posted it, nice little overview.

    Funny this rifle usually gets forgotten in bullpup discussions that tend to center around the Tavor, Aug, Fs2000, and to a lesser extent the SA80 and Famas.

    Ian seemed fairly impressed with it.

    There is no civilian variant available, correct? That is kind of a shame.

    • Irfan Zain

      That’s correct , there isn’t any civilian models for this rifle. I think they’re only currently fielded by the singapore armed forces and brunei. i think that they shouldn’t have made it use that proprietary magazine tho.

      • Owl

        They probably were not thinking of foreign sales, the weapons industry is in a way an offshoot of the armed forces so if they wanted to locally change all their mags, it isn’t a problem because Singapore is a small country, change is easier there.

        I found some advantages and disadvantages to the new mags, like always. The curved “banana” shape is easier on the hand and unloading the magazine is a lot smoother than on an M-16 system since they use a mag catch similar to the AK on the rifle so you can unload with one hand, grab the mag, thumb the latch and slide out the mag as opposed to the M-16’s index finger press the release then use other hand to pull out mag. Making it out of plastic also makes it a lot more rigid than the old aluminum mags that always gave no feeding when the feed lips were bent.

        Bad points? Hard to slot into your rig, the “banana” shape doesn’t slide in or out easily and takes up a bit more space than the M-16 mags since it is curved.

        SAR-21 is a decent weapon and I like it, just don’t have too high expectations of it and it works fine. If you want a God gun though, you’re shopping in the wrong store. It’s a decent workhorse, nothing more.

        The god-gun’s next door under the label Ultimax. Just joking. 🙂 A little. Try it if you get the chance.

  • jay

    Pictures when finished please!

    • roguetechie

      Yeah, I’m of course gonna provide pics of this one. Honestly if it works well enough I’ll also be posting a bill of materials, build log, and fully dimensioned parts drawings.

      I have a feeling there’s going to be some people freaking out when they see the alternative uses I will be putting aftermarket AR15 parts to!

      In so many ways this little gun will be an abomination among the abominations that are scrap yard builds in general. But the general idea of the whole thing is to create something fun, unique, and unapologetically eccentric.

      Sort of my own personal reaction to a firearms world steeped in too much seriousness.