Daudson’s bizarre 40mm launchers

Earlier we covered the DS Trushot made by Pakistani arms company Daudson, based in Peshawar. In addition to firearms, the┬ásame company makes a 40mm high velocity grenade launcher as well. It comes in a standalone variant, as well as a UBGL version to be affixed to an AKM via a set of Philips screws clamping the launcher to the barrel. The UBGL version looks awfully low on the rifle, much lower than many Russian GP30s or even an M203 when mounted to the rifle. Unfortunately the specifications don’t list the weight of the device but looking at the bulk associated with it, in addition to the statement that they are made of steel, I would imagine very heavy compared to European or American grenade launchers. Operation consists of unlatching the breech, pushing it forward, inserted a grenade, closing it, engaging the safety lever that rotates almost 180 degrees to fire, aiming in on the quadrant sight, and firing via a trigger similar to the GP30 design. The company has stated that the launchers have been used in “Anti-terrorist operations” but I can’t find any photographs of use by the Pakistani police or military forces supporting this.

4562376_orig 4118402_orig 9965398_orig

From the company-

Ideal weapon for close quarter combat against soft targets and in anti-personnel role. Extremely successful in anti-terrorist operations and low intensity conflicts. Uses NATO standard low velocity 40mm x 46mm ammunition. Can use all configurations of 40mm x 46mm (HE, HEDP, AP and TP).

Made of specified steel on state-of-the art CNC machines. Bright front bead and graduations of the aperture sight. Availability of spares is guaranteed. Available in both Fixed and Extendable Stock options.


Calibre; 40 x 46mm
Operation Break open – Single shot
Feeding System Manual loading
Rifling Right hand – 6 grooves
Barrel length 350mm approximately
Range 400m (depending upon the ammunition)
Muzzle velocity As per the ammunition specifications
Sights Aperture sight graduated in 50m increments
Length 710mm approximately Safety Manual safety

The standalone versions come in either a fixed or extended stock made out of wood. The older versions of the standalone incorporated an external hammer for cocking the launcher. Newer versions have a charger on the left side, in addition to iron sights.

hhglfolding hhglfolding2

And the modern version-

6744243_orig 8696152_orig 8208848_orig 5676752_orig


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  • Raginzerker

    I love the m16 carry handle and the ak stock, but I guess if it’s functional…

  • Nebelwerfer

    I thought the Daudsons were a Finnish stunt comedy act…

  • hikerguy

    Well….It just looks like something you would see coming out of Pakistan. The models with the sporting stock are a hoot. It’s not something I’d want on the end of my AK.

  • Kyle Blaylock

    Lmao, the carry handle and rails. My sides.

  • d_grey

    Well it’s a start.

  • Major Tom

    Suddenly the M79 doesn’t seem so silly anymore.

    And neither does the M203 kitbash on an AKM in Rambo 3.

    Although this does make the M320 standalone module look silly.

  • chris

    40 x 46mm is medium not high velocity

  • Jeff Smith

    Is it even possible to get a magazine into AK with the under barrel launcher? I imagine rocking the mag into place is a tight squeeze.

  • CrankyFool

    “Ideal weapon for close quarter combat”

    No. Really not.

    • Wetcoaster

      Given their list of users, it might be.

  • Jake


  • jamezb

    I kind of like the wood stocked version, I’m reminded of the 37mm Federal Gas Gun. It should be a good design for riot control launching gas and bouncing rubber buck shot. A lot of grenadiers preferred a M79 and a M16 shorty to the mounted 203, which, to me anyway, is like shouldering a 2″X 8″..

    • Gunner4guy

      I used the top version for several riots. I think I used just about all the rounds available for this including the pyro and non-pyro versions for CN and smoke. I’ve used what we called ‘knee-knockers’ skip-shot off the asphalt in front of inmates(worked every time, too). Originally this was the Lake Erie Chemicals Model 101 until Federal Labs bought them out and made them a subsidiary. Like the M-79 ‘Blooper’ I first carried, it worked first time, every time.

  • jamezb

    In a quick search for ‘Federal Gas Gun”, I found this and had to share. This was a “situational” case intended for the trunk of FBI and police cars. To misquote Slim Pickins, “A feller could have one helluva weekend in Vegas with all that junk!” LOL


    • Old Vet

      We had the old military foot locker for our exotic’s in the rear of station wagon cars that the corporal’s drove. One on the north side and one on the south side of a large metro area. They were worth drooling over the contents. The fun guns were from the Bonnie and Clyde collection, obtained, but not sure how, and were later traded for M-16’s. What a loss!!

  • jono102

    Can’t tell if the 2nd to 4th pics are of a 40mm launcher attached to an AK or an AK attached to a 40mm launcher

  • Halz

    40 mm under barrel grenade launchers aren’t very popular in the Pakistani police or military. Many Pakistani military or LE carry either Chinese AKs or POF G-3s, and neither are ideal platforms for underbarrel grenade launchers.

  • VietVet67

    Until now, I never thought an AK could be uglier, but this seems to have accomplished that. The stand-alone version is ugly all by itself. These make the M79 and M209 look good, and that isn’t easy. UBGL? Should be changed to BUGLY. I thought the French and the Brits made some ugly guns, but the Pakistanis – I mean – DAMN!

  • disqus_PDmXLtTxJj

    AR Iron sights on grenade launcher, rag bag tacticool.

  • chino

    Why do you need to mount a GL on a rifle? It compromises the handling of the rifle as well as the GL.