Steyr Mannlicher HS50M1 .50BMG

Thanks to Dickson L. for sharing these pics with us. North Sylva, a Canadian firearms importer got this Steyr .50BMG in stock. According to Steyr’s website the HS .50 retails for $5795.




5rd side ways magazine allows the OAL to be shorter and the fire control is underneath the magazine.


Notice the angled Aimpoint. Probably zeroed for closer range.

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Here is a photo of Dickson L. posing with the Steyr HS50. He is 6’2″ tall.


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  • Schnee

    Best BMG out there, IMHO. The barrel is a work of art. Cold Hammer Forged and fluted. It’s just heavy–feels like you pulled the barrel off an Apache chain gun. It’s sub-MOA way out there and the muzzle brake is shockingly effective.

    The only downside to the rifle is that periodically you see photos like the one below. Steyr sold a bunch of these to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, which means they were shot against us in Iraq, and they have found their way into Syria. Steyr should have gotten in more trouble than they did, but they did the Swiss-Banker-I-Know-Nothink-About-Nazi-Gold thing. It does give the rifle some street cred, though.

    • Vitor Roma

      Well, Im glad the Iran sent them to Syria to be used againt isis guys.

    • iksnilol

      So the Iranians fought y’all in Iraq?

      Now I am confused.

      • AMX

        They didn’t, and the guns they sent to Iraq weren’t actually Steyrs…

      • Schnee

        Look up Quds Force in wikipedia. Of course Iran was sending EFPs and arms to Iraqi insurgents, but they were also sending special forces and advisors to help with the insurgency.

    • Tater22

      Had a reply but it doesn’t seem to be showing up so I will repost. The picture shows a AM-50 Sayyad which is an Iranian copy of the Steyr. Iran bought about 800 Steyr HS .50 rifles in the mid-2000s but started producing an unlicensed copy (the AM-50) soon after. The AM-50 is what is showing up mostly in other areas.

    • Halz

      I have to disagree with you on the statement about Iraq. There were only rumors that Iranian made Steyr .50 caliber rifles were in the hands of Iraqi insurgents that was reported by The Telegraph. No other sources went on to claim this, and the US military never released any pictures or an official statement that Steyr .50 rifles were indeed being used by the insurgents.

  • Mmmtacos

    On topic: that is a beautiful rifle… one of these days I’ll have a .50, and on another day before or after that day I’ll have enough land to shoot it (and maybe some unfortunate, broken washing machines or something to shoot at).

    Off topic: does anyone else pronounce is “Styer Man licker”? If so, does it weird you out too every time you read it?

    • It sounds much better when an Austrian says it. Then it sounds like “Sh-tire Mahn-Lee-chher” With the ch like how the Scots say Loch.

  • kingghidorah

    Nice, but I’ll keep my State Arms .50

  • iksnilol

    Why ID the guy then block his face?

    • H Panni

      I would be embarrassed too if the world saw my smug face holding my woolly mammoth hunting rifle.

    • Core

      Could be a pseudonym.

      • El Duderino

        Dickson Longjohnson? No, that sounds legit.

  • Martin M

    They sold me at the side feeding magazine.

  • DanGoodShot

    Shes perty.

  • Scoad

    If the price is quoted in Canadian dollars of $5795., then this is rally a good deal in US funds of $4385. ……..sign me up. Scoadly

  • cwolf

    Now if somebody would invent a ground anchor system to replace the bipod and eliminate the arrowhead compensator.

    Does anyone make a .50 suppressor?

  • vbull accuracy

    I think the Steyr is a flawed design when it comes to taking it down. the barrel is held on by 2 small allen key screws, which are prone to get lost and are not captive.

    • Schnee

      They are captive on mine

  • jonp

    Could someone tell the manu’s they can stop with “Ride of The Valkyries” music already? What the hell…

  • Halz

    If the Iranians are capable enough to make ballistic missiles and other ordinance that flies over a thousand miles, I’m sure they can make a semi decent .50 caliber rifle.